2 thoughts on “The Church of the Firstborn”

  1. I hadn’t read much of Denver’s writings. I found this riveting. The bottom section of pg 4 really brings home why THIS life is the time to repent and come to the Lord, and what is said about Sidney made sense. I mean, obviously he’s no slouch, but I tended to discount him. I hereby repent. In fact, I have repented of a lot of those “traditional” thoughts, but still finding myself thinking that way sometimes. ¶ I always wondered why Alma was teaching such deep stuff to the Zoramites. I like the answer in here. ¶ Also, love this quote: “[Zion] is a byproduct of there being citizens of heaven living here.” Overall great read, thanks!!

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  2. John, thank you for sharing your study and efforts. Studied it yesterday and today. Do you have any other insights, thoughts, opinions, or feelings you would like to add to this document? I am studying this topic right now and will search PR’s books to see what more i can glean. Again, thank you.


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