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Introduction — The Fiercely Independent Team Player
Small Town Boy — White Salmon — Guaranteed not to Turn Pink in the Can
What Attracted Me to the Church — Making Sense through Music
Vision, Cowboys, Space, and Christmas
Leave it to Beaver(ton)

Who Wrote the Book of Love? — Seeking Knowledge
The Youth of Zion — Trying Hard not to Falter
I See a Goal — Sweden or Bust
Messing with the Missionary Man — Starting to Rebuild my Self-Image
Swedish Culture Meets American Culture — Head On

Goin’ to the Temple and We’re Gonna Get Married
Trial Separation
Excommunication — Trial by Love, Trial by Fire
Coming Out to My Parents
Seeking the Relationship I Never Knew I Wanted

Introducing My Brothers
Reconciling with My Parents
Turning Point in Los Angeles
The Church of Jesus Christ of ALL Latter-Day Saints
Looking for Love — The Dreamers Awake

Family Acceptance, Marriage, Happily Ever After
“The tale of their long waiting and labours was come to fulfillment.”