8 February 2020 02:48:03

I dreamt, I was standing at attention in a courtyard on a sunny day. I heard the ringing in my ears calling me to attention, to listen, to witness as the Lord called his servants together and apportioned to each man and women his calling. And these are the words I heard whispered in my ears, followed by the ringing of bells, three times:

Tell it out.
It is no longer a dark secret,
For the Lord God hath begin his work.
Tell it out.
Tell it out.

I was awakened.
I wrote this down,
And, as I wrote, I heard more,
Line by line, it was given.

I will cry unto thee by the dark of morning.
And speak it from the shady place of the Day.
A voice, awakened, saying,
Hear O Israel
Come forth from your secret places
The voice of the Lord is heard again in your lands,
And in all the earth.
And He is calling you forth to gather.
Who can forbear?
Who can hold back?
For the the voice of the Lord hath spoken it.

He will make manifest his arm, and his armies.
He will call forth his mighty men and women,
His valiant ones,
They, whom He hath called in their secret places,
They, shall now work openly.
They, who were esteemed as naught
Will now come forth.
They shall go out from His holy mountains
And gather the weak, the frail, and the despised
From the four corners of the earth.
Hurt not the trees, not the grass
Until we have sealed the servants of our Lord in their foreheads.
Thus saith the eternal God.
We stood in ranks in the courtyard of the Lord
We heard the bells in our ears
Calling us to order.
To each, his portion of the word.
To each, his calling.

Zion is Coming

Notes from My Journal

10/22/2003 8:57PM (written that evening)

A couple of nights ago, I was praying about what I was supposed to be doing. Christ said: “I want you to … write. Don’t worry about what you will write about. Just sit down and write I will tell you what to write about.” The above document is what has come out of this effort. I consider it to be the finest and most inspired piece of writing I have even written, or at least that came from my hand.

10/22/2003 3:16AM (written that morning)

Re Priesthood authority and Zion.

Here are some principles to keep in mind:

  • If ye have desires, ye are called to the work.
  • You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.

Where is there room to sit around and wait for a prophet to appear? Do the work you feel called to do now. Be your own prophet. Follow the light that is given you. And it may be that God will show you a greater vision of the work you could perform, and the vision he shows you will be according to your desires and your faith. Jesus said: “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” Another translation of this is “You have not chosen me SAVE I have chosen you.” In other words, he is saying that we could not be able to choose him unless he chose us first.

If God gives you a vision of a great undertaking or work, and if you begin to serve and perform the work which God has shown you, and if you perform it under the influence of the Holy Spirit, you will be a prophet to the degree that your followers sustain you as such and God will place as much authority in your hands as is necessary in order to accomplish the work you are called to do. When you have exhausted your personal reserves of knowledge and your personal mental capacity, and if you seek God in humility, you will have the added endowment of light which you need in order to accomplish the task.

This is how Enoch, Moses, and Joseph received their callings. This is how Abraham obtained his priesthood. This is how Peter obtained the promise that he could quickly join Christ in his kingdom, and how John obtained the promise that he could remain in mortality and bring souls to Christ until His kingdom came to earth. This is how the promises of God are sought for and obtained.

The day will come when one or more people have such an overwhelming desire to establish Zion and such a sense of mission that they will have the desire above all else to see it accomplished and presented to the Lord as his Bride that they will work to that end, and God will bless them jointly with a greater vision of the work and provide whatever authority they need to accomplish the task. And the light which they generate will attract other lights. And the lights which are gathered will sustain each other in their endeavors. And because of their desires they will have the ability to call down the resources of heaven and obtain whatever revelation is necessary to complete and perfect the work.

God already has people in mind who will perform this work. But they need first to choose themselves and to find themselves. Then God will take over and supply whatever else is lacking. And all this will happen because God has already ordained and set in place a covenant which will allow this to happen. This is the covenant which God made with our fathers when he told them that when men look upward, then will the Kingdom of Heaven look downward, and the day will come that those of the Kingdom of Heaven, Enoch and his family will come down and dwell in our midst.

It is well-said that Zion cannot be built up on any other principles but those of the Celestial Kingdom, and the Celestial principle which rules in this case is this: If we are willing to consecrate all that we have to the building of up Zion, then God is willing to consecrate all that He has to the same effort. We have the opportunity, even in this life, to enter into the same Celestial order which God belongs to. It’s an order of equals, each giving their all for the good of all.

The questions we need to answer are these: Is the time right? Are enough people prepared? Are we prepared to sacrifice all that we have in order to obtain something better? Until we can answer yes to all of these questions, then more preparation is in order.

11/30/2003 7:10PM

God does not have to wait for Zion to be established. If one or two people are ready now, he will abide with them, and they will have a little Zion.

Follow-up to Witness and Forgiveness

I am going to start posting about my experiences in seeking the Lord and receiving the Second Comforter. I don’t know exactly where I am going or what form this is going to take. We’ll have to see what happens. I am still trying to discover what I already know, what I need to learn, how much to share, and how to share. I wrote a post called “Witness and Forgiveness”. It was a revelation. Here is some more of the backstory, and the aftermath of that experience.

I have so much to share. I had an incredible experience night before last, but I was up all night and only got a couple hours’ sleep. I will post it later today, but first, I have to bear my witness and share the following. I posted this to the Pure Revelations Group on Facebook, and when I refer to “this blog”, I am referring to https://purerevelations.wordpress.com/. This is an incredible blog, and I intend to refer to it much more, and I follow through on the practical suggestions he offers.

If you don’t feel like reading the rest of this post , I wouldn’t blame you, but there might be something in here that somebody can use.

About a week ago, I entered an entirely new phase of my journey. I don’t know exactly all it means in terms of the big picture, but here’s what I do know. I had been following a plan of asking the Lord to show or tell me what I needed to do next, then words, thoughts, or suggestions would come into my mind. I thought that was a good plan, and one that I could use for the rest of my life.

Then, the Lord called a screeching halt. I was instructed to do something, and if I didn’t do it, or until I did do it, our communications would come to a halt. I was in spiritual jail, and I needed to get myself out of the jail I had been keeping myself in.

This was what this was all about. I had some experiences several years ago, where I was trying to serve the Lord, but my efforts were not only rejected, I was personally offended and put in legal danger. And, more importantly, the Lord was offended. The Lord’s anger is as piercing and powerful as His love. He wasn’t mad at me; he was mad at these people who rejected His message and turned away His servant.

I could say, “No, I really wasn’t his servant. It was just a big ego trip.” But, I would be wrong to say that. If you reject or doubt your calling, you are, in effect, rejecting Him who called you. “He that receiveth not my servants, receiveth not me”, even if that servant is you. This blog (the Pure Revelations blog) was written to and for 4th estate beings. The Accuser knows who we are, and if he can just discourage you, even if it means using your own virtue and good intentions against you, then he has taken you out.

I recently found forgiveness for these people, and I believe the Lord forgave them, too. But, I was told to record a witness, under inspiration, of what what happened: what the Lord offered to them, and how they treated the Lord and His servant in response. This had to be recorded for this life and the next for a witness so that we could all move on, and our forgiveness could be complete, and so that the offending parties could have a basis for finding repentance. Most of these people, because of their disobedience, contracted deadly diseases and paid with their lives. They are all in the spirit world, and I hope they can see this witness, realize what they did and move on. I forgive them, unconditionally.

This was kind of like my “Letter from Liberty Jail”, but nothing in comparison to what Joseph Smith suffered, or what the Lord suffered, when He reminded Joseph and said “art thou greater than he?” More like a “postcard from Liberty Jail”. But, I think the principle still applies, whether the matter is large or small.

It felt good to finally get this behind me. I look back now and see I have been dragging this burden around with me for years, and not putting it down. And, in receiving and writing this revelation, I realize what the Lord was really showing me all this time, but I was blind to it.

It is said that when you are looking for a husband or wife, you should look not only for somebody you can live with, but also somebody you cannot live without. The Lord is somebody I could not live without.

So, my relationship with the Lord has changed. Learn to trust more. Don’t ask for every little thing. Ask lots of questions; seek revelation; and act on it.

But, in my everyday journey of learning what to do next, just pray for guidance, then act on faith. Also, ask the Lord in humility and boldness. He told me to stop groveling like a beggar, and just say what I wanted.

Joseph Smith was told once to “prophecy his own deliverance”. I thought wow! What a special man to be able to do that. I don’t think that any more.

[Faith is seeking God’s will and learning to act upon it. This requires us to use our visualization skills which are based upon what the temporal body has experienced. Such faith gives us incredible power to create in a higher realm. There is no other way. PR]

In case you haven’t noticed learning how to become like God is not something that occurs in the future. We are in training right now — learning by doing.

We have to walk a thin line — so thin we cannot deviate to the left or the right, nor cast a shadow.We have to cast away our false traditions, become as little children, but we also have to reason with the Lord, hold a conversation, and have faith. Be bold, not afraid. That seems like a lot of plates to juggle, and a lot of contradictory advice.

But, that’s what we have to learn to do. And I know we can do it.

Maybe you already know this, and don’t need to be reminded. This is pretty amazing group of people, as I read the comments here, and the comments on the blog.

Am I out of line to bear witness that I have faith in all of you, who are servants of the Lord? Has anybody ever said that before? Has anybody ever told you that? We are all headed out on this incredible journey, and we will have a part in creating “the great masterpiece that is about to be unveiled to the world”.

Witness and Forgiveness

I woke up this morning with envy of another person on my mind. Since I have been working to pattern my life after how the Lord would live, I instantly began to pray for the person I had envied, and prayed for his continued success. The envy departed instantly, as the Lord promised it would.

My mind went next to people many years ago who supposedly were my brethren, who claimed to know and love the Lord, but turned out to be false brethren.

I thought I had forgiven those people for something that happened over 25 years ago, and I could move on. But I was feeling kind of lost and asked the Lord what I should be doing next. I know the answer came from the Lord and not my ego because what he said really surprised me. I thought I had forgiven these people, and that the Lord had probably also forgiven them, and we could all just move on.

Not so fast. He reminded me, again, that I was one of His servants, and that when we receive His servants, we receive Him, and when we reject His servants, we reject him. He commanded me to write up a testimony of my witness as His servant who ministered among those brethren, and also a witness of their rejection of a servant of the Lord. The phrase “of whom the world wasn’t worthy” (Heb. 11:38) kept coming to mind. In most cases, we should forgive, and the Lord will forgive. But justice must be done, and my testimony must stand as a witness.

I was told that I wasn’t going to receive any more from Him until I did this. I really don’t want to do this, but I will because I was asked to do it. This might be what’s standing in my way and blocking me at this point. I have nothing but forgiveness in my heart for these people. I am not saying I would ever unconditionally trust them again, but the bitterness and desire for revenge is gone. Most of them are dead, but for those still alive, I wish them nothing but the best. This is my “Liberty Jail” moment, and it’s time to end this and let myself out of jail. https://john144restoration.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/witness-and-forgiveness.pdf