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Pillar of Fire

This document is about some things I discovered as a result of reading some of PR’s writings, some scientific findings that I ran across, and some additional things which were revealed to me. I have long been interested in the nature of intelligences, (which we are), and how we came to be. I am also interested in astronomy. I want to tie the two subjects together and add some new insights about how the people and this planet will be quickened when the Savior returns.

I have studied D&C Sections 88 and 93 and the Book of Abraham many times. I have read PR’s description of how intelligences came to be and the roles of our Heavenly Father and Mother in bringing us about. I have recently come across some scientific theories about electrified plasma and the role it plays in creating and regulating stars and planets. This information is presented simply and graphically in a video, which ties these scientific theories in with the Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon. In the Gospel, we often liken the planets to individual people. PR describes eternal progression and estates for both people and planets.

Don’t worry. This is not going to be some scientific discourse that nobody understands. I am going to present things as simply as I can. When we make connections between previously unrelated pieces of data, we create knowledge – a masculine attribute of God. When we apply that knowledge to understand reality and our relationship to God, we understand wisdom – a feminine attribute of God. Pillar of Fire

Keys of Knowledge to be Learned from the Endowment

The first thing that you should know about the endowment is that everything is not a literal, but a symbolic representation. The endowment is not a saving ordinance, but it is a symbolic depiction of a saving ordinance which should take place throughout your life as you come to Christ. I pray that as I present some of those symbols and what the Lord has taught me about them that you will see these representations, not as beliefs, but as ways of understanding the symbols. You can understand them on many levels, and there are many ways to interpret them. Use these ideas as suggestions that the Lord can show you the true principles behind them, that you may use them in your life.

We are forced to labor under very difficult circumstances. We are taught by fallible men. We have poorly translated and incomplete scriptures. We have to contend with the vagaries of our language. And, last of all, we are bound by false traditions promoted by false, apostate religions. And yet, the Lord tells us that we have sufficient to enable us to lay hold of the iron rod and walk the path back to Him. Given all this, why should we expect our temple ordinances to be pure and uncorrupted? It’s a measure of our faith that even when given insufficient information, we can still step forward and act boldly and valiantly. None of this is a barrier to the Lord. By His grace, He will compensate for our lack of pure knowledge by giving us pure revelation. The Endowment


I wrote a paper on what keys are. I discuss every reference to keys in the scriptures and in the speeches of Joseph Smith, and some quotes from contemporary authors. This paper also deals with the Mormon succession crisis, and who, if anybody, has inherited the right to run the modern corporation. Power in the Priesthood.

The Redemption of Zion   Download

The Restoration is far from complete. Joseph Smith was not the first, and he was not the last of the many messengers who will be sent from God to bring about the Restoration and prepare the world for the coming of Christ and for a golden age of peace and goodwill toward all mankind. This treatise explains what had happened up to this point, and what will yet happen before the coming “Great Day of the Lord”. This treatise takes the many diverse and confusing prophecies about the future, explains them, and puts them into a meaningful perspective.

Is the Book of Mormon True?   Download

Is the Book of Mormon true? What does it mean, anyway, to say that a book of “true”? How is the Book of Mormon true? How may the Book of Mormon not be true? 

Come and See   Download

A modern-day disciple revisits the life of the Apostle John using a little “divine imagination”. Or, If the Apostle John could have written a modern novel, here’s how it might have read.

Articles of Faith Countdown Download

Considering the Articles of Faith in reverse order. Moving from concrete to abstract.

Be Still and Know Download

Do you really know God, or just know about God?

The Meaning of Holiness Download

We are commanded to be holy, even as God is holy, and perfect even as our Father in Heaven, or Jesus is perfect. God gives no commandments that He doesn’t expect us to obey, and provide a way for us to obey them. But, do we? Maybe the problem is not an obedience problem, but an understanding problem.

The Holy Relationship Download

The Gospel is all about relationships. We are defined by our relationships. What is a “holy relationship”, and how do you create one.

Try the Spirits Download

How can you detect true messengers sent from Father?

Psalms of the Restoration Download

We talk about “praising the Lord”, but do we actually do it? Praising the Lord gets you a jump-start on getting close to Him. But, it’s impossible to praise the Lord without Him greatly blessing you in return. So, it’s a win-win for everybody.

Same-sex Relationships Download

We know how the Lord feels about adultery and fornication. Do you think there are any exceptions? Do you think you know everything the Lord has had to say about same-sex relationships? Have you asked him? The Lord will answer our questions with personal revelation if we kneel before Him, consider ourselves fools before God, ask good questions, listen for the answer, and commit ourselves to obeying what He says.

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