Writings by John144

The Redemption of Zion   Download

The Restoration is far from complete. Joseph Smith was not the first, and he was not the last of the many messengers who will be sent from God to bring about the Restoration and prepare the world for the coming of Christ and for a golden age of peace and goodwill toward all mankind. This treatise explains what had happened up to this point, and what will yet happen before the coming “Great Day of the Lord”. This treatise takes the many diverse and confusing prophecies about the future, explains them, and puts them into a meaningful perspective.

Eternal Lives Revisited   Download

There have been many exclusive claims made about Joseph Smith, which properly can be made of others as well. Joseph Smith is not the only messenger of God who will come down and work with mankind in the last days. This document take the form of a debate between an author, JJ Dewey, who is attempting to convince traditional Mormons of the doctrine of reincarnation and is using the life of Joseph Smith, and the promises made to him as proof. However, he also makes many claims about Joseph Smith, which the Mormons believe are exclusive to Joseph Smith. I respond to these arguments by demonstrating that these claims do not exclusively belong to Joseph Smith, but that there are others who wil also participate in this work.

Is the Book of Mormon True?   Download

Is the Book of Mormon true? What does it mean, anyway, to say that a book of “true”? How is the Book of Mormon true? How may the Book of Mormon not be true?

Come and See   Download

If the Apostle John could have written a modern novel, here’s how it might have read.