The End-time servant

If you are anything like me, you used to skip over the chapters in the Book of Mormon that quoted Isaiah. I always did. Then, I bought a copy of Avraham Gileadi’s translation of the Book of Isaiah, and I could finally see what Isaiah was talking about. I think it was Chapter 49 I was reading when I realized: he’s talking about some kind of special “servant”. Then I found other chapters talking about a servant. Is it the same servant or different servants? I have read from other people talking about end-time servants. And, there are people from time to time claiming to be that servant.

I finally decided to dig into this issue for myself. Gileadi is the ultimate resource. I have taken the chapters from his translation of Isaiah that specifically have to do with the end-time servant and listed them together with a condensed version of his commentary.


Gospel of Abraham


What did Elias restore to Joseph Smith? Book of Abraham thoughts from the Old Testament, Pearl of Great Price, and The Writings of Abraham

The LDS church is not following its own revelations

This document came about because of a Facebook post I read that stated that the current LDS church is following, obeying, and operating by every section of the Doctrine & Covenants. I knew this wasn’t the case, so I took it upon myself to locate only one point in each section that the church was not following or teaching to the letter, and without revelation commanding them to do or teach otherwise. I don’t like being in the position of being an accuser, but somebody needs to point these out.


D&C Thoughts


In this book I will cover the revelations given to Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery (Yes, you heard me right.) and others in the early part of the restoration, together with explanations and insights which I have received by revelation. I will also discuss how to receive your own personal revelation. To learn how to do this, the best teacher is the Lord, and the way He teaches is learning by doing, beginning with the small things, and leading to greater things. The revelations, themselves, will teach you how to receive revelation.

I will present nothing in this book which not practical and doable. I will not teach anything which I have not tried and proven in my life over the years. The Gospel is very simple and down-to-earth. It is rooted in the basics, and we must master those basics, which are meant to connect us to the Lord, so that He can be our teacher and guide. You will then be able to progress from being His servant to His friend, and beyond. The Two Great Commandments take in all else. But the rock bottom basic is faith. Without faith you can do nothing. Intention is everything, and faith in Jesus Christ should be the basis of that intention.

Here is a brief summary of revisions made in November 2021


  • Section 1 – Introduction and additional notes throughout the section
  • Section 18:2 – Oliver Cowdery
  • Section 20:34 – Grace
  • Section 22 – Baptisms in other faiths
  • Section 35 – Sidney Rigdon notes throughout
  • Section 45:30 – Times of the Gentiles be Fulfilled
  • Section 50:40 – Grace
  • Section 64:21 – 5-year window of safety for Kirtland
  • Section 71:8 – Don’t be afraid to reason with apostates
  • Section 72:8-9 – Ordination of Bishop Newel K. Whitney, 72:24 travel to Zion
  • Section 75:10 = Receiving the Comforter
  • Section 76 – Minor modifications to introduction
  • Section 77 – Discussion about dispensations
  • Section 78 – Previously unpublished revelation about bishops, added to the end of Section 78
  • Section 82 – Misc notes throughout the section
  • Section 88:84 – Discussion about binding and sealing
  • Section 93:13 – Grace
  • Section 107:17 – High Priest Aaronic and Melchizedek
  • Section 132 – Introduction – Problems with this section


  • New – Additional Sections added by Orson Pratt
  • New – Unpublished Revelation to Church Leadership – 5 December, 1834
  • New – Apostles prior to 1835
  • Additions – Sections 103, 105 – Additions related to First and Second Commissions
  • New – Unauthorized changes to Section 110
  • New – Unauthorized additions to Official Declaration 1, Declaring Prophet to be infallible

The Foundation of Zion Volume 2


The true history of God’s dealings with man goes all the way back to Adam and the line of patriarchs which descended from him. They held God’s Priesthood by covenant. Adam said that this same Priesthood that was in the beginning of the world will be in the end of the world, also. The Restoration, begun by Joseph Smith will not be complete until we have recovered this ancient religion and used its principles  to build the Zion, which will then be joined with Enoch’s Zion of old, prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is what is meant by the coming of Elijah to plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers. We need to become acquainted with those fathers and continue the work they began.

Hidden Treasures & Promises (1990 Edition) (Foundation of Zion Volume 1)


This is a modern testament of Jesus Christ. It is a latter-day equivalent of a “Doctrine & Covenants”. It describes one community’s search for a knowledge of who they are and how they fit into God’s plans. In response, the Lord gave them instruction and knowledge which applies not only to them, but applies to all peoples and to all parts of the Restoration. Indeed, the Restoration embraces ALL peoples, not just the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints.

But, like the Book of Mormon, this book documents the downfall of a people who let their pride and love of power and office get the best of them. Nevertheless, the original ideas upon which this book was revealed and compiled are still relevant today, some 25 years later.

Joseph Smith: Lectures on Faith


Lectures delivered to early church authorities on the subject of faith. One of the best dissertations on the subject of faith ever given. Originally, the “doctrine” portion of the Doctrine & Covenants. Some argue that the Lectures were not written or reviewed by Joseph Smith, and not an important part of the doctrine of the restored church. This flies in the face of the Preface to the 1835 edition of the Doctrine & Covenants. These Lectures are called “the leading items of [this] religion” and “important doctrines of salvation”. It is signed by Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams, the First Presidency.

Revelations to John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff


Yes, the presidents of the LDS church have received revelation. At least they used to receive revelations. Mormon fundamentalists cite these revelations to support their belief in polygamy, but in reality these revelations teach a much greater subject: The New and Everlasting Covenant, which takes in much more than just plural marriage. These revelations also make clear the distinction beetween the church and the Kingdom of God, and explain their relationship to one another.

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