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It has been weeks since I transferred this site to a new provider. I won’t mention any names because aside from the problem with security, the former provider gave excellent service at a reasonable price. However, it cost me as much per month for security as it cost to host my website for an entire year, plus the extra overhead and my time. Because of that, I didn’t have any time left to post. The domain has finally transferred to a new provider; domain problems have finally been resolved; the site has a new and evolving look; and I expect to be back posting soon.

I have a backlog of articles which I expect to be posting in the near future.

Author: john144restoration

This is the only significant thing I can say about myself. "Thy servant has sought thee earnestly; now I have found thee;" Abraham. 2:12

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    May 10, 2018

    Sir John R. Crane
    Restoration Church of Jesus Christ

    Dear Sir,
    I’m Joseph Stirling Steinfeld Sykes, leader of an online ministry which I call Commondominion of Christ. I run this online ministry in order to minister to the most needy people and to point them to the best, unique churches that there are. I’m an independent adherent of the teachings of Joseph Smith. I got to come across your work as I’m searching about the churches who invoke the faith of Joseph Smith. I read that you are interested to work with anyone so I decided to write to you and I hope that you would respond at once to me, hoping that you would help me bring forth what I have been planning for so long, that I may fully have a machinery to back up my work. I know that I cannot do this on my own so I need people to get my message across. In other words, this online ministry is a new Christian religion, and I hope people who need it the most may get to join me here, and for that I need your help. I say this is an online ministry by now because I’m the only one who virtually runs all this and so I need people to back me up. I hope that you would be happy therefore to help me on this and I look forward to your precious and invaluable counsel and help.
    I would like to explain some things between us. First, I’m not that for sodomy way back then I realized that at least I can allow this in my new church, but only with dancers who identify themselves as sodomites. Dancers are at the heart of my ministry and religion and I hope that at least I may serve them in the way that I allow them here in my church if they’re sodomite. I would like to clarify though if you would, that I only tolerate sodomy in my church as long as it’s concerning dancers, me being a self-trained dancer myself. I would not allow sodomy here for non-dancers because of course I have my own conservative leanings. I hope that with this I may somehow create a sense of them being ‘chosen’ being the only sodomites that I would allow in my church. I hope that it’s okay with you and that you would help me get my message across to those concerned. I can’t go by myself, even abroad, so I trust that your support to my work would deliver for me even though I can’t wage all of this by my own. We could correspond by mail and you could directly contact those concerned and you can somehow enlarge my online presence.
    I look forward to working with you in the soonest possible time and I hope that I have made you happy with my concern. Should you need to know anything, just tell me. Thank you very much and may graces be upon you and all your loved ones.

    Most respectfully yours,
    Leader, Commondominion of Christ

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