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"I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron: And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:2-3.)

A Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the Twentieth Century, that He loves all men and women and is no respector of persons, for His promises are sure and He is willing to reveal Himself and the hidden treasures of eternity unto every soul that is perpared to meet Him. A Witness of the literal fulfillment of the prophecy delivered by the ancient prophet Joel (2:28-31) and reaffirmed by the Angel Moroni to the Prophet Joseph Smith (J.S. 2:41) that the Lord would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.


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John R. Crane


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1. We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

2. We believe that men [and women] will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam's transgression.

3. We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.

4. We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

5. We believe that a man [or woman] must be called of God, by prophecy, and by the laying on of hands of those who are in authority, to preach the Gospel and administer in the ordinances thereof.

6. We believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church: i.e. apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, etc.

7. We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth.

8. We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

9. We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

10. We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.

11. We clain the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all people the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

12. We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.

13. We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all people; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul - We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

-- Joseph Smith



I, <full name>, do solemnly covenant and promise before God and these witnesses that I am willing to bear one anothers' burdens, that they may be light; to mourn with those that mourn; to comfort those that stand in need of comfort; to stand as a witness of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that I may be in, even until death, that I may be redeemed of God. Amen.

See: Hidden Treasures and Promises
See: Book of Mormon, Mosiah 18:8-10


<full name>, having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

See: Doctrine & Covenants, 20:73



O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it, that they may eat in remembrance of the body of Thy Son, and witness unto Thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they are willing to take upon them the Name of Thy Son, and always remember Him and keep His commandments which He has given them; that they may always have His Spirit to be with them. Amen.

O God, the Eternal Father, we ask thee in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, to bless and sanctify this wine [or juice or water] to the souls of all those who drink of it, that they may do it in remembrance of the blood of Thy Son, which was shed for them; that they may witness unto Thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they do always remember Him, that they may have His Spirit to be with them. Amen.

See: Doctrine & Covenants, 20:77,79
See: Book of Mormon, Moroni 4:3, 5:2



WE BELIEVE and we accept as binding on us, as a church, The Articles of Faith as written by The Prophet Joseph Smith. As such, we do solemnly proclaim and testify:

OUR MISSION IS: To provide an opportunity for spiritual growth for
          estranged Latter-day Saints, regardless of their original
          L.D.S. church affiliation.

OUR MISSION IS: To fulfill the divine mission to preach the everlasting
          or "fullness" of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to "every
          ... people" in all the world, including the gay and lesbian
          communities worldwide.

OUR MISSION IS: To promote the knowledge of God's love for each and all
          of humanity.  We are witnesses that the Almighty creates unity
          out of diversity by revealing Himself to persons of all
          nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples according to their own
          understanding, culture, time, and society.

OUR MISSION IS: To extend the blessings of The Holy Priesthood,
          according to the inspirations of Almighty God, to all who are
          called of God to the saving work of The Holy Priesthood,
          including women.

OUR MISSION IS: To allow revelation in all its forms, to work in the
          calling of and in the duration of priesthood callings and
          church offices, for we testify that God is the Head of this
          work and not man.

OUR MISSION IS: To use the sacred Sealing Power of The Holy Priesthood
          of God to bind all loving relationships for time and eternity
          as the inspirations of God may direct.

OUR MISSION IS: To foster a positive and healthy attitude among
          Latter-day Saints about their individual human expressions of
          affection toward one another so that each may be free from
          false guilt so that personal faith might grow without

OUR MISSION IS: To "...bear one another's burdens, that they may be
          light...mourn with those that mourn...comfort those that stand
          in need of comfort, and to stand as witnesses of God at all
          times, and in all things, and in all places...even until


I - Unto All Peoples

God doth grant unto all nations and all peoples of the earth 
Wisdom, truth, and revelations, showing human souls their worth. 
Deep His counsels, though not hidden, speaking wisdom, just and true, 
Touching tender hearts when bidden, gently as the heaven's dew. 

"Come", He calls, "unto My table. See the regal banquet spread. 
Come ye rich, ye wise, ye able. Come and share the Master's bread. 
Come and feed upon My Spirit. Come and taste eternal joy. 
Word of life, oh come and hear it, and My peace and rest enjoy." 

"Come ye poor." the Lord entreats us. "Come lost sheep unto my board." 
At the door He stands and greets us as we meet our God and Lord. 
We, the poor, have come in meekness, while the Lord most Tenderly
Builds our faith and strength from weakness, and each wandering soul sets free. 

Growing up as saints together, sharing love with arms entwined, 
Forging bonds which last forever, seeking after our own kind. 
Heavenly Father builds His Kingdom, (Why should mankind think it odd?) 
Of all nations, tongues, and peoples. Saints unto the Most High God. 

Text: John R. Crane
Music: John R. Crane

II - Power in the Priesthood

Power in the Priesthood is a gift from God above, 
Exercised in Mighty Faith and ministered in love. 
Given unto Eve and Adam at the dawn of time. 
Lost, and then Restored again by instruments divine. 

Lord, how long can rolling, restless waters stay impure? 
How long can the powers and the promises so sure, 
Given to enlighten and exalt the human race, 
Be denied to some of us who seek to know thy face? 

"Peace", the Spirit whispers, "let thy fearful heart be still. 
Priesthood power I will extend to all who week My will. 
Servants, by My Spirit, will I call and set apart. 
Sent to gather all My sheep, and kindle every heart." 

Men and women with desire are called of God to be 
Ordained to this Priesthood by the power which sets them free. 
Going forth and thrusting in their sickle with their might. 
Labor while the day is new and harvest ere the night. 

Text: John R. Crane
Music: John R. Crane

III - A Hymn of Zion

The Zion you are seeking has its sure but gentle start 
In the silent, secret longings of the lonely human heart. 
Longing for the Gift of Love as promised by the Son, 
Longing for the day of peace when saints will live as one. 
Listening to the Spirit from the Father up above, 
As body, spirit, heart, and mind each answer back in love. 

Then one soul takes another to be one in heart and mind, 
Trusting God who surely promised saying: "Seek and Ye shall find." 
Bound by love and Priesthood power, this union conquers death, 
Growing, struggling daily, sharing life, and food, and breath. 
Zion comes when kindred souls in unity agree 
And bid the Lord into their homes, into their family. 

When families then unite as Saints unto the Most High God, 
And take the Spirit for their Light, their Guide, their Iron Rod,
And care for one another, giving freely unto all, 
And preach the Heavenly Gospel, and do magnify their call, 
This people, then the God of Heaven is pleased to call His own, 
His Zion, even the Pure in Heart. With them He'll make His home. 

Text: John R. Crane
Music: John R. Crane

IV - Additional Verses to the Hymn "O My Father"

Hear your Father and your Mother. We together are your God. 
It has been so from the beginning. We are Elohim, your God. 
And together, We created all the worlds, through Jesus, our Son. 
And together, when you seek us, We will hear and speak as One. 

Now We teach you of your Mother. She is My Eternal Bride. 
She is beautiful and radiant and is always at My side. 
As a child, you've often wondered how to know your Mother above. 
If you seek Her, you will find Her, and will know Her grace and love. 

Jesus taught you: Pray to Father; Learn His wisdom and His grace.
Yet, from Mother, learned He justice and endurance in the race. 
Separate beings, grown together. Our desire has made us one. 
And We bid you, dearest children, come return unto our home. 

Text: John R. Crane (insert as verses 4 - 6)
Music: James McGranahan

V - Come All Ye Saints of Latter Days

Come all ye saints of latter days, 
Unite your hearts and join our praise 
In songs of restoration. 
For God again, as anciently, 
Revealed to men in purity 
The Way to exaltation. 

Come, let us seek the Heavenly Light, 
And finding favor in His sight, 
Rejoice in Him, our Savior. 
And take upon ourselves His Name, 
And to the world His love proclaim, 
Let each man warn his neighbor. 

Then let us grow from grace to grace, 
Obey His laws and seek His Face, 
To His ways be committed, 
That we be sealed as living stones 
Unto our Rock and Cornerstone, 
And unto Christ be fitted. 

Let Zion in her beauty rise, 
As joyous anthems fill the skies, 
And love in hearts engender. 
And let the New Jerusalem 
Long sought by Saints and holy men, 
Descend to earth in splendor. 

Text:  John R. Crane 
Music: Nathan Söderblom

VI - I Have Sought for a Land

I have sought for a land, for a free place to stand, 
Free to live, free to love, free to be. 
As these hopes sweetly start, from the depths of my heart, 
How I've longed to your bosom to flee! 
O Zion! Dear Zion! Land of the free, 
And this land, now my home, unto you I have come, 
All my fond hopes are centered in thee. 

Though the great and the wise all thy beauties despise, 
To the humble and pure thou art dear; 
Though the haughty may smile and the wicked revile, 
Yet we love thy glad tidings to bear. 
O Zion! Dear Zion! Home of the free, 
Though thou wert forced to fly to thy chambers on high, 
Yet we'll share joy and sorrow with thee. 

With a Oneness and Love, blessed by Light from above, 
We will gather the wheat from the tare; 
While the Poor and the Meek, unto Zion shall seek, 
And shall gain an inheritance there. 
O Zion! Dear Zion! Home of the free, 
Soon thy towers shall shine with a splendor divine, 
And eternal thy glory shall be. 

Here our voices we'll raise, and we'll sing to thy praise, 
Joining hands with the angels of God; 
And the Kingdom on High, unto earth shall draw nigh, 
And thy land shall be heaven's abode. 
O Zion! Dear Zion! Land of the free, 
In thy temples we'll bend, all thy rights we'll defend; 
And our home shall be ever with thee. 

Text:  Charles W. Penrose and John R. Crane 
Music: H.S. Thompson 

VII - Hidden Treasures and Promises

Fear not, Faithful Little Flock,
Build upon my Kingdom rock.
All My Sheep shall hear My Voice,
See their Shepherd and rejoice.

All my vessels must be pure,
Pain and sacrifice endure.
Marvel not at such, My son,
All who know My power are one.

Verily, I say be one,
As the Father and the Son.
Teach this Gospel to the meek.
It is ZION that ye seek.

Courage, brethren, have good cheer;
You are God's, and He is near.
See Him standing at the door.
Open unto Him once more.

Seek ye, children, to be whole.
Seek the treasures of the soul.
How I long to speak to thee,
Promise of Eternity.

Text: John R. Crane (Based on Hidden Treasures and Promises.)
Music: John R. Crane


On October 4, 1985, the Lord made known through Elder Antonio A. Feliz the answers to several questions which the Temporary Presidency were asking of the Lord. In response to their humble prayers, the Lord also gave some revealed concepts which have been deemed appropriate to enter as the first of this compilation:

1. Thus saith the Lord, the Mighty One of Israel, even the Bridegroom who waiteth upon His Bride: Behold, by these sayings ye may know that the end is nigh at hand.

2. Verily, these sayings are given unto My Servants who magnify their priesthood unto the renewing of their souls. Wherefore, I speak and My Voice is unto the ends of the earth through the mouths of My Servants in these last days. And whether it is by Mine own Voice of the Voice of My Servants, it is the same; and thus, there is none who shall not hear, for I have spoken it!

3. For I have restored to the earth for the last time all that was and shall be necessary for those who believe on My Name that they may be saved in the Kingdom of My Father.

4. Yea, even have I caused the fullness of Mine Holy Priesthood with all its keys to be restored again through My Servant Joseph Smith, Jun. and, even now, do I cause this very priesthood to be extended unto all peoples of the earth; yea, even all peoples.

5. And this I do through My Servants whom I have called to establish this portion of My Kingdom - even The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-day Saints.

6. This Priesthood, which is without beginning of days nor end of years, is within your midst for the blessing of whomsoever hath faith on My Holy Name, repenteth, and receiveth the Holy Ghost for their guide and, thus, cometh unto Me.

7. For, verily, all who do so and diligently obey My Great Commandments shall be blessed of My Father; for, I am The Way and through Me, they shall be redeemed of The Father and they shall be fruitful heirs of all that The Father hath - yea, even joint-heirs with Me - for, I am The Son, the Firstborn of The Father.

8. Yea, unto those who have received of Mine Holy Priesthood I say: Magnify thine office and calling; and in this way shalt thou magnify The Holy Priesthood which ye hold.

9. Yea, My Voice is unto the lost and downtrodden of the earth as well as unto the mighty. What I have spoken in days past shall, even now, be fulfilled. For, whether it is by My Servants, or by earthquakes, or by these words, it is the same.

10. There is no eye that shall not see, nor ear that shall not hear, and no heart that shall not be penetrated. For, I am God, and My Gospel shall be preached in all the world in every nation, unto every kindred, tongue, and people for a sign and then the end shall come.

11. A promise I now give unto all who will earnestly seek to know if these sayings are of man or whether they are of Me:

12. Verily, thus saith the Lord - it shall come to pass that all who shall ask The Father in My Name if these sayings are given of His Spirit shall know by the Power of The Holy Ghost that they are just and true.

13. Yea, they shall know with a surety of heart that they must, from that day forward, continue to seek diligently to live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God, or be damned.

14. Ask and ye shall be answered; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened up unto you. For, what doth it profit to be offered a gift if ye do not receive it?

15. For, verily, I am the Good Shepherd and I know My sheep, and My sheep hear My Voice; yea, if ye are of My sheep, ye know even now that it is My Voice which speaketh unto you - for by My Holy Spirit ye do receive it!

16. Hear now, O Israel, and reap salvation unto your souls. It behooveth all who have been warned to warn their neighbors. Yea, thrust in your sickle with your might and bless others that ye may stand blameless at the last day - yea, reap blessings unto yourselves. For, verily, diligence shall be rewarded with endowments from on High for I am a goodly Lord.

17. Look not upon thy guilt but, rather, open the door - for I await. Come unto Me all ye that are heavy laden and I shall give you rest. Feed My sheep and I shall reward you with forgiveness of sins.

18. O, My Children - My love for you is as wide as eternity and where others despise, I - even God - condemn you not!

19. O, My Saints! Remember, sacrifice bringeth forth the blessings of heaven. Thus, where much is consecrated unto the fulfillment of a diligent work, I shall reward with a multiplicity of blessings - yea, even unto the knowledge of God!

20. Come out of Babylon, O Zion; make way for the coming of the Lord; put on thy beautiful garments for the Bridegroom cometh. Evenso, amen.


A general epistle to all Latter-Day Saints regarding the Holy Priesthood of God, by Antonio A. Feliz.

1. My Dear Fellow Saints - The Prophet Joseph Smith stated that he received the priesthood under the hands of John, the Baptist and also of Peter, James, and John, the ancient three "chief" apostles of the Lord. He said this took place in the Spring of 1829. This was eleven months before the organization of the institutional Church which came out of the already established priesthood.

2. On the sixth day of April 1830, that institution was "...organized and established agreeable to the laws" (Doctrine and Covenants 20:1) of the State of New York and was called simply "Church of Christ".

3. The two are separate entities. The first is without beginning or end and comes from God; the second comes out of the first and is recognized by the law of the land.

4. Indeed, priesthood is conferred from Above and churches merely agree to recognize that power within their organizations; they do not control it - they cannot!

5. This Priesthood is far more than most leaders of the world's religions even can imagine. It is the power by which the worlds have been, are, and shall yet be created! It is that which gives life to any and all churches that can be called a part of the Church of Christ. (see Doctrine and Covenants 10:66-67)

6. When Joseph and Hyrum were martyred on June 27, 1844, The Twelve Apostles, by right, stood in position as the presiding quorum of the Church; the Twelve are a quorum equal in authority to the Quorum of The First Presidency of the Church. (see Doctrine and Covenants 107:23-24)

7. Brigham Young was then the President of the Quorum of The Twelve Apostles and, as such, was rightfully sustained as "...the president of the Twelve Apostles, a member of the Twelve and of the First Presidency of the Church...". This took place in 1844 in Nauvoo, only weeks after the death of the two Presidents, the death which dissolved the former First Presidency.

8. However, the Prophet Joseph Smith had already followed the direction of the Lord and had appointed his successor. The Twelve, being a quorum equal in authority to the First Presidency, were to lead the Church until such time as the already designated successor to the President of the Church could be prepared, called, sustained, and ordained to the office and calling which was his by revelation through Joseph Smith, Jun.

9. The instructions in the revelations had been clear - the incumbent President was to select his successor by revelation - that was the manner in which succession in the Presidency of the Church was to take place:

10. "And this ye shall know assuredly - that there is none other appointed unto you to receive commandments and revelations until he be taken, if he abide in me.

11. "But verily, verily, I say unto you, that none else shall be appointed unto this gift except it be through him; for if it be taken from him he shall not have power except to appoint another in his stead." (Doctrine and Covenants 43:2-4, 64:5.)

12. To be sure, Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration, bestowed upon the Twelve (in the upper room which was part of the red brick store in Nauvoo) all the keys, powers, and authorities which he himself had received. The Lord knew that they were to carry the burden of presiding over the Church after Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith were taken by death from the Presidency of the Church.

13. While the Prophet had given these twelve men authority to temporarily carry on the duties of presidency over the Church, he had also provided for his permanent successor, as already indicated.

14. In the Liberty Jail, Joseph Smith, Jun. designated his son, Joseph Smith III, to be his successor as prophet-president of the Church. The journals and dairies of the early saints mattest to that fact and are consistent and true testimonies to that fact. On another occasion, the Prophet presented his son to the Saints as his successor in the grove next to the Nauvoo Temple. (See RLDS Church History.)

15. Joseph Smith, Jun. was the Lord's prophet unto the Church when he pronounced blessings upon the head of his son, Joseph Smith III. As such, he was acting in full accord with the instructions on succession in the Presidency, as already indicated.

16. Joseph Smith III lived a very long life, and he was literally a strength both spiritually and temporally to his brethren. He was a great comfort to his mother because she was in hopes that he would accept the call and some day become the first President of the Reorganization, as it was called in those days.

17. His personal memoirs attest to the fulfillment of prophecy regarding angels being ministers unto him. And he was lifted-up (wafted) in the eyes of those whom he led as their prophet, seer, and revelator. He proved to be very wise during his very skillful administration of Church duties in light of the various extreme factions which came together to form the Reorganization.

18. Probably the most significant development which literally fulfilled "...the promises made to (his) fathers..." was the fact that Joseph Smith III led the saints who remained in Nauvoo back to Jackson County, Missouri and established the headquarters of the Church as was prophesied in the revelations to his father!

19. Meanwhile, the Church in Utah under the leadership of the Twelve (for the President of that Church is automatically called by virtue of the fact that he is the incumbent president of the Quorum of the Twelve) were awaiting to be able to return back to Missouri also. However, Joseph Smith III was the President who, in fact, fulfilled those promises and prophecies!

20. Of significance to you, my dear fellow Saints of God, is how this all took place; for in that understanding lie the principles upon which are based the establishment of The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-day Saints (The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ).

21. Let us recognize several important facts: a. Many members of the Church in Nauvoo did not follow Brigham Young and the Twelve but chose to remain in Nauvoo and wait for "Young Joseph" to be made the future president of the Church because they remembered the Prophet's announcement to them that his son would be his successor;

22. b. The President of the Nauvoo Stake was one of those who remained in Nauvoo along with others who had been ordained to various offices in the priesthood while the Prophet was still alive;

23. c. They continued to function in their office and calling as elders in the Holy Priesthood and began to receive revelations;

24. d. The highest ranking priesthood authority in their midst, their Presiding High Priest, the Stake President was one who received revelation instructing them to wait for Joseph Smith III to accept his calling;

25. e. They continued to preach the gospel, ordain, and otherwise act as they had been taught;

26. f. When the appropriate time arrived, they reorganized the Church BY REVELATION with the fulfillment of the promises regarding Joseph Smith III becoming their President.

27. Brigham Young said: "Whoever is ordained to the office of an elder in the Holy Priesthood possesses the keys of the Melchizedek Priesthood to a certain degree and, if only one elder should be somehow left on the earth, he could go and set in order the Kingdom of God through REVELATION."

28. Elder John A. Widstoe in his book A Rational Theology on page 103 wrote of this proposition: "As an illustration of the great power, authority, and duty carried by the Priesthood, it may be recalled that, if by any chance every man holding the Priesthood in the Church should be destroyed, save one elder, it would be the duty and right of that one elder, UNDER DIVINE REVELATION, to reorganize the whole church with all the grades of the Priesthood and its offices."

29. This is, in essence, what took place in Nauvoo when the leadership of the Church left and took the majority of the Saints west. These people were left alone; they were out of contact with the leaders in Utah for years at a time.

30. And, when they saw that Brigham Young had taken it upon himself to reorganize the First Presidency without waiting for "Young Joseph" to be able to succeed his father, they sought the Lord's direction and the response was a series of revelations instructing them to wait until Joseph Smith III was ready.

31. This is also what has taken place with us. The Churches of the Restoration Movement have forgotten the peoples of the world who are not heterosexual and they do not actively proselytize them in their taking of the Gospel of the Restoration to the nations of the earth. Indeed, when the elders of the Utah Church discover that they are teaching people who are gay or lesbian, they are instructed to avoid them and not continue to preach the gospel to them.

32. No, these other churches are not taking the Restored Gospel yet to every nation, kindred, tongue, and PEOPLE! However, it is not God that is keeping the Restored Gospel from the homosexual communities of the world.

33. Experience has also taught that it is not God who wishes to see gay and lesbian Latter-day Saints stop functioning faithfully on behalf of others simply because sincere and honest leaders of Restoration Churches act as they believe is right.

34. Very much like the Saints who were left in Nauvoo when they were faithfully waiting for Joseph Smith III to become the next President of the Church, we who are not heterosexual were left by those who presided over the Church we loved when they chose to turn their backs on us and when they chose not to send the Restored Gospel to our people - to the gay and lesbian communities of the world.

35. Yes, it was in the same spirit of humbly seeking after God's will that we also waited for Divine guidance very much as the Nauvoo Saints also waited to have God give them another prophet to lead them as had been the case and had been promised them.

36. Following the process which always has been used by God when the Holy Priesthood was been on the earth, Almighty God chose to use the holders of his priesthood once again; BY REVELATION through the highest ranking priesthood holder, God once again gave direction regarding the reorganization of the Priesthood and a church within which the Priesthood could function.

37. This time, there was no stake president; there was only a high priest, who had been a bishop and a sealer in God's holy temple. Nonetheless, the same process was followed as with the Reorganization of 1860: This time:

38. a. Many members of the church were left unto themselves, still holding priesthood, but without a church which recognized its power;

39. b. There were many holders of the Melchizedek Priesthood who remained within the gay communities of the world; one was a high priest who had been given other presiding and sealing powers, while there were also a few other high priests, elders, and seventy;

40. c. As these began to function in their priesthood office and calling as elders, they began to receive revelations from God;

41. d. The highest ranking priesthood authority in their midst, their Presiding High Priest, was the one who received revelation (See Section 6.) instructing them to organize a temporary presidency (consisting of the presidents over the three orders of Priesthood which function within the church) and wait for further light and knowledge ... and so on. This action was further confirmed by the Lord in a separate revelation to a second witness. (See Section 7.)

42. There was no "regularly organized branch" of the Church within the gay and lesbian communities of the world to sustain the work of these humble elders who have led out in this work. Thus, the Lord commanded, BY REVELATION, that a church be set-up which can, by common consent, now act as a "regularly organized branch of the same" (see D & C 20:65)

43. The work of ordaining, calling, and setting-apart of missionaries can continue and now it will extend to ALL PEOPLES, including those who have been rejected by the other churches of the Restoration Movement.

44. My fellow Saints, we must now continue to follow in the remaining process and preach the gospel, ordain others, and otherwise act as we have been taught. If we so do, the day will come when the fulfillment of the promises and the prophecies about our work in this part of the Restoration, will be fulfilled before our very eyes.

45. The Holy Priesthood is in our midst! It is the same priesthood which was first held by Father Adam and Mother Eve. (See HT & P 11:2.) It is The Holy Priesthood After The Order of The Son of God and The Holy Order of God.

46. Down through the ages of time, apostasy has usually meant a loss of the fullness of the priesthood while some portion of priesthood was left for the benefit of man. Through apostasy, mankind lost their right to have the fullness of the priesthood in their midst in the days when Enoch and his people were taken up "into heaven" and Noah and his family were left on the earth to fulfill a mission to preach the gospel to those still left on the earth.

47. This same kind of apostasy was the case also in the days of the Lord's original Apostles in the Meridian of Time; when the Twelve Apostles died WITHOUT new revelation instructing existing elders to reorganize the church, the fullness of the priesthood (including the sealing keys of the Patriarchal Priesthood or Holy Order of God) was lost to the Church as members of the Melchizedek Priesthood died off.

48. What remained was that portion of the priesthood which they would accept as their own. Thus the catholic churches of today have bishops, priests, teachers, and deacons, but they do not even claim to have any of the offices of the Melchizedek Priesthood. While they have added offices to their priesthood, these are not (nor are they construed to be) offices of the Melchizedek Order.

49. Thus, there was a need for the Restoration BY REVELATION. My fellow Saints, the key is to understand that the Holy Priesthood is portioned in its various orders: Melchizedek (which includes the Patriarchal), Aaronic, and Levitical.

50. The Aaronic Priesthood is a part (or an order) of the Melchizedek, or The Holy Priesthood. When the ancient people of Israel lost the Melchizedek Priesthood, when they lost the prophets from among their midst, the Lord saw fit to allow them to keep a portion of this priesthood.

51. What they were allowed to retain was the Aaronic Priesthood. However, because they were still under the Old Testament or the Old Covenant, they only used a portion of the Aaronic Priesthood which they were allowed to keep amongst them.

52. That portion (or order) which they used was called the Levitical Priesthood because the men of the Tribe of Levi were the people who were ordained to it. It was the Levitical Priesthood - that is the portion of the Holy Priesthood which then administered the temple ceremonies in the ancient Hebrew Temples and which was the authority given to the ancient peoples to offer blood sacrifices.

53. These blood sacrifices were meant to teach the people about the future sacrifice that Jesus Christ would eventually have to suffer in the Garden of Gethsemane and open the Cross at Calvary generations later.

54. Indeed, that portion of the Holy Priesthood which is received upon your ordination to the Aaronic Priesthood is that same priesthood which governed the ancient ceremonies administered by the Levites. Remember, however, that they only were utilizing a part of its powers.

55. The priesthood of Aaron which we now have in our midst is much greater than the authority the ancient Levite Priests utilized. Today, as in the days of the mortal ministry of John, the Baptist, we are under The New Covenant or The New Testament.

56. Thus, this priesthood, because of its restored keys, today has with it the keys of the preparatory gospel; it holds the authority of preparing for the greater priesthood and its covenants. For those who receive it, it will be like a course at a school to prepare for the higher and more holy portion of priesthood, even the Holy Priesthood called the Melchizedek Priesthood.

57. Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of the Living God! What he did was right and was and is for the betterment of mankind and is for the personal betterment of each and every one of you also.

58. John, the one called the Baptist in the scriptures, returned to earth from where God had blessed him to be in his resurrected state so that he could pass on the keys (the power to pass on priesthood) of the Aaronic Priesthood to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. He did this under the direct supervision of Peter, James, and John.

59. This happened on May 15, 1829 on the banks of the Susquehanna River near Harmony, Pennsylvania. (See D & C Sect. 13 and 27:8.) Just think of it! The man that baptized Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago actually was allowed to be resurrected and sent by Peter, James, and John to this mortal world to ordain two mortal people by the laying on of hands to the same priesthood by which he had baptized the Christ!

60. In like manner, Peter, James, and John also actually laid their resurrected hands on their heads and mortal Apostles once again began to walk upon the earth! (see D & C 27:12-13, 112:32, 128:20.) It is true that the keys of the priesthood are again on the earth, and it is because of that fact that you are able to also receive the same priesthood today.

61. To those who are about to be ordained to some order of priesthood, or who anticipate some future ordination or bestowal of priesthood, my counsel to you at this time of your life is to study very diligently the sections in the Doctrine and Covenants which reveal concepts about the priesthood to the world. Especially, you should try to know and understand the duties of the various offices in the priesthood.

62. This information can be found in Sections 20 and 107. Also, you should become very familiar with Sections 84, 88, 121, and 124, and meditate and ponder the hidden meanings that can be found in the verses about the priesthood; God will bless you with understanding.

63. You should also search the revelations given specifically to The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-day Saints (The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ) and the profoundness of what you are about to receive will be revealed as you prepare for the Holy Ghost to teach you personally.

64. As Saints of God, when you receive even a small portion of priesthood, you are taking a very important responsibility upon yourself. Please understand that this is a somber undertaking and should not be entered into lightly.

65. Indeed, this one action will require:

A. A commitment to the Service of others;

B. An unconditional love For others - a yearning for the endowment of Charity, the Pure Love of Christ; and

C. The development of an intimate and an abiding relationship with the Lord, The Source of All Priesthood Power, worlds without end!

66. This last item includes a familiarity with scripture because all scripture may be used as a medium of revelation - a type of tool which can be used to receive messages from God.

67. As you each work on these basic three, you will grow in goodness, knowledge, faith, and power. Without these three basic factors, you may be ordained to offices in the priesthood, but you will not have power in the Holy Priesthood, and your labors therewith will suffer.

68. It is highly significant, my dear fellow Saints, that all the ordinances of the priesthood require that a person is blessed by another and cannot give himself or herself the priesthood ordinance.

69. In baptism, one cannot baptize himself; another must do the service for him. In confirmation, one cannot lay hands on his own head to receive the Holy Ghost; another must do it for him and (in this one case) even command him to so receive the Holy Ghost - he cannot do it for himself. So it is with all the ordinances of the priesthood: one cannot do any of them for himself; they all require that service is rendered by one holding priesthood on behalf of the person receiving the ordinance! This is symbolic of the work of the priesthood.

70. Remember, in all your labors in this priesthood: NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN DOING THAT THING WHICH YOU ARE DOING WITH LOVE OF SELF AND LOVE OF OTHERS! It is the endowment of Charity which should be the desired goal of all who bear the Holy Priesthood!

71. Why? The reason is that you cannot really serve your fellow men and women well, without having the gift of charity. Until you are blessed with this special gift of pure love toward others, you will be trying to serve others; when the gift finally is yours, then you will truly be serving others and (in that service) serving your God.

72. Now, understand that the Lord is Jesus Christ. He is my Friend and He is your Friend also. If you allow Him to be a rich part of your life, He will lead you unto the God that created us all! The Almighty God has given Him (Jesus Christ) all of us so that HE may help us to return to Their presence: that is Christ's priesthood assignment and calling!

73. Be one with Him, and thus, allow Him to do what He has been called to do! The Holy Priesthood is here and will assist you to do your part. May God bless you all in this great adventure!


Taken from Personal Journal, Antonio A. Feliz, December 1982 through June, 1983, pp 96 to 106.: "Today May 15, 1983, in Parkville, Missouri, another manifestation blessed my life as I was pondering a verse from Doctrine and Covenants 10:67-68. This experience was the cause of much emotion and astonishment for I had never expected such to be my lot in this life. In response to my soul-searching on the above verses, I received the following:"

1. Verily, thus saith the Lord unto thee, My servant Antonio - Thy life heretofore has been a preparation for the mission which has been reserved for thee. The remaining time of thy mortal life is to be used in a marvelous work which I have prepared from before the foundations of the world for thee to do.

2. Thou hast endured great pain and sorrow - and much suffering is yet required of thy daily walk - but, such will, and even now does result in allowing Me, even God to bless thee that thou mayest fulfill the mission of thy foreordination.

3. Now, therefore: give strict heed to the Voice of My Spirit: The time hath come when those of My Saints - who are prepared through the workings of My Spirit that they may understand - should come to know of My Will concerning the rights and powers of Mine Holy Priesthood.

4. My Spirit hath born witness to thee in days past of a truth: Priesthood is Eternal - for it is of Me - churches which I, even God, have suffered to be organized for the benefit of mankind live only because of Mine Holy Priesthood, Churches come from Priesthood; yea, even My churches...

5. Know this My son: Churches, as thou knowest them, shall cease to exist by and by. But, Mine Holy Priesthood is without beginning of days nor end of years!

6. To be sure, priesthood is conferred by many unto many. But I - through the power of My Spirit - alone confer POWER IN THE PRIESTHOOD.

7. My son, when thou sawest that others upon whom I had suffered priesthood to be conferred also, had power in their priesthood, thou wast confused. Thou hast believed that only My Saints headquartered in Salt Lake City could receive such power. Understand that the laws of lands limit not My power!

8. Indeed, My son, thou hast seen this in times past among My Saints with My Servants who hold fast to The Celestial Principle, but thou wast not yet sufficiently prepared to understand.

9. Evenso, three times I did witness unto thy spirit - through the power of My Spirit - that the Presidency of My Saints headquartered in The Center Place also hold keys of Presidency and power in Mine Holy Priesthood.

10. Yea, thou wast shown by My power, even My Unmistakable Power, that priesthood in them has come through the children of My Servant Joseph Smith, Junior. And yet even as I spake unto thy spirit - through the patriarch by whom thy mind was opened - thou wast believing that only My Servants of The Twelve headquartered in Salt Lake City were recognized of Me.

11. Change not, My son, from the witness I caused thee to receive in thy youth of My Servants, The Prophets, headquartered in Salt Lake City. Verily, they serve Me well and are prophets unto the world as few of My Servants have been!

12. But, behold - A Vision I give unto thee of the wondrous unity in all these and, yea, even others; for verily I am God, and I see them all. My son, know that I am pleased with the prophets; yea, even of all My churches!

13. Thou and others with little preparation see only a portion; Know now My son, that I have caused them all to be! For, they each are faithful unto the light which they each do perceive and are rewarded accordingly. So also shall it be with thee through the same such faithfulness.

14. Thou shalt teach and confound the wise through this doctrine: Priesthood is greater than any one church and thy fellow servants limit their power in Mine Holy Priesthood to the degree they create false boundaries to priesthood.

15. Such boundaries to priesthood limit influence and blessing for My Saints in their churches. Verily, these churches exist because of varying limitations men have set on Mine Holy Priesthood.

16. No power or authority can or ought to be maintained by virtue of Mine Holy Priesthood. For Mine Holy Priesthood is inseparably connected with the rights and powers of Heaven. Priesthood power is conferred from Above - churches merely use such, they control not Mine Holy Power!

17. Know this: It is better to have suffered these churches to be created than to allow Mine Holy Priesthood to be taken again from the earth in its fullness.

18. Mine Holy Priesthood is one and is not divided nor limited to any one church or set of churches. Nevertheless, My Saints are members of many and need of the ministry of Mine Holy Priesthood.

19. Verily, again I say: My Spirit speaketh unto all who will hear My Voice. It mattereth not unto which church they come. For all are My children and I am their Father and their God and all churches have received of Mine Holy Priesthood! Yea, they who know My Power are one!

20. And again, as thou hast inquired, I give thee to know that it is not confusion which I have sown in this matter. For I, even God, reveal My words unto My Servants, My Holy Prophets. Do not be confused in that My sayings seem to be differing doctrine through My various Holy Ones.

21. Herein is a mystery revealed unto thee: My Word is given through the vessels whom I have prepared. And, as all vessels are different - one from another - the flavor of their issue differs one from another - notwithstanding its common source.

22. Thus, the flavor of Mine Holy Mind and Will is revealed by and through the make-up of My vessel whom I have chosen for the revelation of My Word unto My Saints. And, My son, I choose whom I will for this purpose; For, unto My Saints headquartered in Salt Lake City, I speak through their President and unto My Saints headquartered in The Center Place, I speak through their President.

23. Verily, evenso, in the days of My servant Ghandi, I chose to reveal Myself through him unto My children of the Nations of India rather than through one whom they could not understand.

24. Yea, even as I speak unto thee, thou art writing through the language, understanding, and circumstances of thine own existence for thou art chosen to be My Vessel; yea, even Mine Holy Vessel unto those of My Saints who are like unto thee! My son, it is ordained thus, so that all will hear My Voice in their own language, according to each particular life and circumstance.

25. Behold, I am not a god of confusion; were it so, I would not reveal My Word unto My Saints according to their understanding. But, verily, I am God, and must needs speak unto all in language and understanding that each will receive.

26. And now, inasmuch as thou hast inquired of Me to know concerning thy state in My Holy Eyes: Behold, I show unto thee the folly of thy thoughts - My son, Antonio - thou art a vessel in Mine Holy Hand; I am God; My Vessels must needs be pure; Verily, thou hast pleased Me in thy pouring for - were it not so, thou couldst no wise do as thou doest - yea, even at this moment! It is for this reason that thou hast been required to sacrifice through thy great pain and much sorrow. Verily, My son, I am thy Father and thy God and I know thy heart and mind.

27. Peace be unto thy soul - thou hast been faithful in those principles which reach into Eternity! Know My son that all powers, priesthoods, and keys formerly conferred upon thee are remaining within thee. Concern not thyself with the condemnation others put upon thee; Whom seekest thou to obey? Am I not alone thine One God? Thy God condemns thee not.

28. Now go - teach these things only as Mine Holy Spirit shall direct; for some will not receive of thee and will, therefore, suffer even as thou hast until they come to know of themselves. I will be with thee and will enlighten thy words according to the faith of others.

29. Avoid contention. Of such springeth impurity. Be not a contender of doctrine. Teach rather that all doctrine that uplifts and leads unto the fulfillment of those principles which reach into Eternity is of Me. Do all that thou doest in love and thou shalt retain My Holy Spirit in this work.

30. Thy ministry is to bless those who are like unto thee; for they are as My Beloved, who is called John.

31. Again, My son, the blessings promised thee through Mine Holy Priesthood shall come to full fruition in this ministry. I, even God, will cause these to bring forth much good for the benefit of My Saints who are like unto thee. For it was for this very purpose that thou wast given the Sealing Power and the High Priesthood. Thou hast been empowered, entrusted, and enlightened. Go thou and do likewise among those who are like unto thee. Evenso, amen.


In Lake Elsinore, CA, on March 9, 1985, having finished the initial draft of a book which he felt direction from God in writing, Elder Antonio A. Feliz recorded in his Journal: "As I pondered the manuscript of the book I have felt impressed and guided of the Lord in writing. I was blessed once again of the Almighty and I did receive the following..."

1. Thus saith the Lord unto you, My servant Antonio - I am well pleased with thy work which thou hast done in the matter of the writings thou hast labored with. Be not discouraged but, be glad! For out of this small beginning shall come a marvelous work which I have prepared from before the foundations of the world for thee to do!

2. Concern thyself with those things I have caused to fill up thy thoughts and act - as thou art doing, even at this moment - yea, act upon those thoughts as they swell-up in thy heart.

3. Be glad that suffering is still thy companion; for thou art not yet sufficiently prepared for the fulfillment of thy mission. Continue to ponder these things in the midst of thy suffering and thou shalt be blessed.

4. And now, behold, as thou hast, even now, inquired about My law called The Law of Adoption, I reveal unto thee the manner in which this law shall be reactivated for the blessing of the righteous who are like unto thee; yea, even for those who are as My Beloved, even My Beloved John...

5. ...now My son, what is herein revealed unto thee is most sacred and must not be seen by any eyes except as I shall show unto thee. And, evenso, thou shalt do so, even as I command thee. For there is much yet to be done in preparation for the day in which this holy law can once again bless My righteous Saints. Be strong; be faithful and trust not in the arm of the flesh. Remember that I am God and thou shalt not fail in this work.

6. My son, as thou art called upon to answer the questions of those who seek light and knowledge, know that that some of these will be curious only, and My Spirit shall not be with them; Yea, even some of these shall be sent in efforts to destroy thy work. Lean upon My Holy Spirit and thou shalt be blessed to discern the spirits of men and women who seek thee out because of thy teachings.

7. Be thou humble and the desires of thy heart will be! For, by and by, from among these shall be revealed unto thee, one who will be like unto thee who shall be thy fellow witness in this work.

8. Now go, trust in My Voice - yea, even My Holy Voice that speaks to thee in the midst of thy suffering! Peace be unto thee for thou hast been entrusted with the seeds of this work. Know thou, My son, that My love for thee hast not changed - am I not thy God? - thy One and True God? Be true and faithful over these and thou shalt be the guardian over many!

9. Satan shall truly not have power over thee, even as thou hast been promised in former days. Fear not! Pray unto Me and unto The Father in My Name and thou shalt be made strong; how strong, thou knowest not. Evenso, amen.


On July 5, 1985, Elder Antonio A. Feliz had determined to approach Elder A. LaMar Hamilton, then a leader of Affirmation, about the possibility of joining with other excommunicated priesthood holders for the purpose of functioning once again in their priesthood since it was still their obligation to so do.

When they met the following week, the idea of establishing a new restoration church was discussed and was dismissed by Elder Feliz as inappropriate. However, Elder Hamilton agreed to present the concept of having the ordinances of the Sacrament in someone's home to other excommunicated priesthood holders to determine their points of view.

Seeking the mind and will of the Lord for himself, Elder Feliz made the proposition of administering the Sacrament for himself and others without the organization of a church a matter of prayer and fasting, and received the following:

1. Come, Listen to the Voice of One That Loveth Thee; yea, even thy Lord and thy God: It is expedient for thee to watch every covenant that thou hast made and conform thereto.

2. Therefore, My son, thou shalt cleanse thyself through prayer and a renewing of the ordinances of My Holy House as I have revealed them unto thee. Do this is private and in all soberness before Me.

3. After thou hast thus renewed thy temple covenants and the other covenants I have caused thee to take upon thyself, thou shalt continue thy writing in The Spirit and thou shalt be blessed.

4. Go now, do as thou hast been commanded and know that I am thy God; thy God that remembereth thee and thou shalt now, indeed, do a marvelous work, yea a marvelous work and a wonder among thine own kind. Evenso, amen.


On August 13, 1985, in Los Angeles, CA, having already determined to participate in the organization of a church and while making preparations for an organizational meeting which was scheduled for August 14, 1985, Elder Antonio A. Feliz was meditating on the callings of high priest, bishop, and patriarch as noted in the Doctrine and Covenants and received the following:

1. My Voice is unto all, yea, all who will harken unto My servants, which servants ye are. Verily, I say unto you My Friends; for, I delight in calling those bearing the burden of Restoration My Friends inasmuch as they remain true to their covenant; therefore, if ye remain united in love, ye are My Friends - yea, even My disciples.

2. Listen, ye that have felt the promptings of My Spirit in fulfilling the promise of taking this work unto all peoples; yea, even all:

3. It is pleasing that ye have chosen to listen unto My Voice in the name of this church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-day Saints, for thy mission is embodied in thy name.

4. Nevertheless, it is expedient that ye continue to seek after My Will in the organizing and setting-forth of this portion of the Restoration of the fullness of My Gospel unto the world. O, Little Flock, do not run faster than ye have been given strength.

5. Trust not in the arm of the flesh in these things. It is not meet that any quorums of the Holy Priesthood nor any other presiding authorities be filled at this time. Ye must wait for a season. For, here is wisdom, I have still others of My church whose names ye know not of at this time, but who shall be revealed unto you each in their own time if they remain faithful unto Me. These shall, together with you, lead out in the work of My ministry wherein others have chosen to despise.

6. For now, it sufficeth that ye shall separate unto Me for a time My servant Antonio as a Presiding High Priest, for in him are all the gifts and keys of this office; also separate unto Me My servant LaMar to be a Presiding Bishop for, indeed, I have blessed him with the gifts and rights of the Presidency of the temporal priesthood in this work; and separate unto Me My servant John to be for Me a Presiding Patriarch, yea even to be a Second Witness, together with the Presiding High Priest, over the spiritual blessings of the Priesthood as an Evangelist to My Saints.

7. These three presiding authorities are to serve as a Temporary Presidency until such time as this work requires a more complete organization, for behold, the day will come when the work shall require the fullness of My Priesthood organization, yea, even a Quorum of Twelve to be Special Witnesses of My Name throughout the earth!

8. Be patient and humble; for, anything in your organizing which is more or less than this cometh of evil and is not of Me. Notwithstanding, your workings unto the law of the land are agreeable unto Me as I shall direct the Temporary Presidency.

9. Verily, I say: Be one. For, if ye are not one, ye are not Mine. Trust not in man, but in God and I, even Jesus Christ, Whose Church ye are, shall be your Guide and your God.

10. See that all decisions which shall be of a permanent nature in the church are sealed upon the church through the Law of Common Consent. Yea, teach this law unto the Saints that they may be true stewards as members of this Church - THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF ALL LATTER-DAY SAINTS. My Friends, teach this it is for them that I have suffered this church to be, and they are My stewards through the Law of Common Consent.

11. Let all be done in wisdom, unity, and love. If such be so, the work shall be blessed before your face as ye go, even as with those who have labored before you - otherwise, ye shall be damned in your efforts as, evenso, others have experienced also.

12. Verily, there is much to be done in preparation for the final establishment of the fullness of My Gospel among all the peoples of the earth and for the establishment of ZION upon the earth.


14. Search the revelations regarding the function of My Holy Priesthood and its ministry. For, verily, I have commanded already in days past upon the manner in which your councils and quorums are to function. Mine Holy Priesthood is the same and My commandments for its function and ministry are upon you in this new work also.

15. Remember, My Little Flock, ye are stewards of a work that is far greater than any of you all together, and it must needs be done in Mine own way. 16. Be not hasty in the cutting-off of a member in this church. For, even this must be done in love and unity before Me. Remember: that judgment with which ye judge shall also judge you at the Final Day!

17. That the work of the Restoration may be hastened in its time, the presiding authorities must take great care not to become overcareful concerning the membership of those who were once of the same such faithfulness. Think not that such will bring in hidden heresies to the overthrowing of the work; for, I am God and will reveal unto you in thine own time and - yea, ye will all know My Will as a united presiding quorum.

18. Therefore, fear not over such possibilities, for verily, there are some who are chosen vessels to do good who shall be estranged by the hindering snares which are in the world and who will in due time return unto Me, only if they be not hindered by the leadership of the church.

19. Wo unto that person that shall prevent one of these, My little ones, in returning to full fellowship with My Saints; of such it is written: it shall be better that a stone were tied to the neck and be thrown into the sea than how it shall be for that person at the Final Day.

20. My Little Flock, be of good cheer, for I am with you. Ye are My sheep and I am your Shepherd. I know My sheep and they know Me. Ye are of those of whom I said: Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also must I bring and they shall be one fold and one shepherd.

21. O, ye elders of Israel! Seek to bring forth and establish the cause of ZION for it is ZION that ye seek and it is ZION that alone shall bring about the love and unity that your souls cry out for at this time! Ye are stewards of the seeds of this work; labor diligently and your fruits shall feed all of My Saints, yea, even all of them, worldwide! Evenso, Amen.

Presented to the Church for their acceptance or rejection by Antonio A. Feliz on August 14, 1985, and was accepted by The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-Day Saints on August 28, 1985, by unanimous vote of the Church.


On August 7, 1985, following the first organizational meeting for the Church that Elder John R. Crane attended, President Antonio A. Feliz invited Elder Crane to his home and shared with him the revelations President Feliz had received in May 1986, March 1985, and July 1985. (These revelations have been accepted by the Church and designated as Sections 3, 4, and 5.) Upon reading them, Elder Crane prayed for the Witness of the Spirit and received an immediate response that the revelations were indeed from God. (See Moroni 10:4-5.) The following day at work, Elder Crane felt constrained by the Spirit to take pen in hand and record the impressions he received the the previous evening. He did so.

Then, while at his normal daily work duties on August 13, 1985, Elder Crane again felt a sweet spirit overcome him and he understood that something wonderful was happening. He was impressed by the Spirit that the Church would be organized and that he would play a part in that organization. He was further instructed by the Spirit not to fear because the Lord would make him equal to the task and remove all barriers standing in the way of accomplishing that task. He also received some instructions which he was commanded to write down, and he did so. Within a few minutes, Elder Antonio A. Feliz called him by telephone and told him that he had received a revelation regarding the organization of a Church to become another portion of the Restoration.

These two revelations, given through Elder Crane, on August 8, and on August 13, 1986, in confirmation to revelations given through Elder Feliz are herein presented together as a single revelation.

1. It is pleasing and necessary that you (meaning the group now constituted) establish a Church in My Name that My full blessings might flow to all My children, especially those that are being ignored or rejected by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is My Church also.

2. My Spirit is pouring out on all flesh, and since you are receptive to it and desirous to learn and do My Will, and since you are agreed on this one thing - it shall be done.

3. In order to obtain My full blessings for the Church, it is necessary to have a full and complete organization. In time I will call and set-apart apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists, and other stewards over My people. But it must be done according to My commandment, otherwise ye are not My Church.

4. I am preparing brethren and sisters for these very callings. You must earnestly seek them out, and when you find them, ye shall see My anointing already upon them. This anointing shall ye confirm with the outward ordinances of ordination and ratify through the sustaining voice of the body of the Church. Then, will I bear witness through the mighty Voice of My Spirit given freely to the body of the Church and which I delight to bestow on each humble and contrite soul which seeks Me in meekness and sincerity.

5. John, do not suppose that because I speak unto one that I cannot speak unto all that call upon Me in faith. The reason you are receiving this at this time is because you are diligently seeking truth and are willing to act on the light and knowledge which you receive. Also, because you are writing it down and sharing these words with those who will receive it. Prepare thyself to receive of them also.

6. Comfort one another. Exhort one another to be of good cheer saying: "Courage brother (or sister), for the battle is the Lord's. We have placed ourselves in His hands and He is in our midst."

7. I command thee to search the scriptures for, behold, I have spoken again and again and will yet speak to My Chosen Vessels here on this earth, even vessels that you know not of at this time. Yea, search the prophets of Israel and the words given to the modern prophets - even My Servant Joseph Smith, Jun. and all the latter-day prophets, and to My Servant Antonio, and to all good men and women who seek My Face and ponder My Will.

8. Again, search and treasure up those words of eternal life, for in them are the promises and the hopes which pertain to thee and thy kind.

9. Thou shalt say unto thy kind: O, My people - how oft would I have gathered thee as a hen gathereth her chicks, but ye would not - ye knew not your special gifts, and your callings to minister unto the children of men because ye were blinded by Satan and the traditions and craftiness of men. But, behold, I say unto you - ye ARE My people, verily, ye ARE the salt of the earth - ye ARE the leaven which leaveneth the whole loaf.

10. Thus saith the Lord which calleth all, in all places, and at all times, and who is calling you now. Behold, even as in the time of My Beloved Disciple John, I the Lord stand at the door and knock. Unto him that openeth the door will I come in and sup with him and he with Me. Yea, and this promise is not for men only, but for women also. For, I have a special purpose for these, thy sisters, in these last days.

11. Again, My words are not ended for, My Voice will I raise until all who will receive, do receive. For, I am indeed pouring out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your young men shall dream dreams and your young women shall truly testify of the Spirit that they have seen Me and know Me.

12. Again, as I said at the beginning of My Book of Commandments which I gave to My Servant Joseph Smith, Jun., "There is no eye that shall not see; there is no ear that shall not hear; neither heart that shall not be penetrated".

13. Thus shalt thou declare unto this generation until I come. What I say unto one, I say unto all. Evenso, amen.


On August 15, 1985, in Los Angeles, CA, Elder John R. Crane was moved by the Spirit and received a second witness of the veracity of this work which is (along with the work of other churches of the Restoration Movement) a portion of the Restoration of All Things in preparation of the peoples of the earth for the Lord's Second Coming. The Parable of the Vineyard is given to the Church.

1. The Word of The Lord coming to My Servant John. Thou hast done well in this work. Continue as thou hast begun and thou shalt be the means of bringing salvation and eternal life unto many of these, My children.

2. Behold, a certain man was master over the vineyard he had planted. All through the growing season the master sent his servants out to care for the vineyard and nurture the plants. When harvest time came, the master saw that his vineyard had produced much fruit, so he sent his servants out to harvest all the fruit thereof.

3. After much labor, the servants returned bearing much fruit. The master, however, was displeased saying: "I sent you, my servants, out to harvest all the fruit but ye have brought back only part of the fruit. Where is the rest of the fruit I have planted?" But, the servants replied: "Master, there is yet other fruit in thy vineyard, but it is not good fruit."

4. So, the master called other servants to harvest the rest of the fruit of his vineyard. Again, after much labor, the other servants returned to the master bearing yet more fruit. When the master tasted it, he said to the first servants: "What mean ye that this is not good fruit. I know what I have planted. A good vine cannot bear evil fruit. This is some of the best fruit of all."

5. Proclaim my word with boldness. I have prepared the ground. Ye must plant the seeds and My Spirit will nurture the crop to a fullness, for surely this is a choice generation unto me, and they will come to Me and not fall away.

6. Teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, namely: Faith on My Name, Repentance, and Baptism by water, and then Baptism by Fire and with the Holy Ghost. Thou hast said well: Thou canst not teach the sons of men. Thou canst but lead them unto Me and My Spirit will lead them along. The world has erred on this one point wherein men suppose that they can do it themselves. In this way, they deny My power and teach, for commandments, the doctrines of men.

7. But I command thee to teach My doctrine and My commandments: Those which I have caused to be written in the scriptures, those which I have caused to be uttered by the mouth of living prophets, and especially those which I cause to burn in the hearts of men and women who seek Me in meekness.

8. Prepare thyself to be a counsel and guide to My Servant Antonio. He needeth thee more than thou knowest. Be wise and know thy place before him and Me, and fulfill thy duty in all diligence and thou shalt be like unto My Servants of old, since this is the desire of thy heart. Yea, seek to magnify thy calling in all humility before Me and I will magnify thee beyond anything thou knowest. Amen.


During the formative days of the Church, the question regarding the Church's stand on chastity and sexual morality was a constant subject of concern to the leaders. The following revelation was given to Elder Antonio Feliz and to Elder John Crane simultaneously while they were both in the Spirit late in the evening of September 5 & 6, 1985, in Los Angeles, CA.

While Elder Crane was reading and pondering what had been given to him, Elder Feliz was writing that portion given to him, and then Elder Crane would continue to write while Elder Feliz would ponder about what he had received. This continued for several rounds until the entire revelation had been received and written down. These brethren marveled how the Lord had been able to reveal the following to each in a simultaneous fashion.

After the full revelation was given, while they were still in the Spirit, they were both richly endowed with the gift of prophecy regarding the future impact and meaning of this communication from God about this important issue. The Lord's unspeakable love was manifest to them and they were overwhelmed with loving gratitude for the Lord's mercy and goodness in the communication of this very special message to the Church, which later was called by the Lord:


Elder Feliz:

1. THE WORD AND WILL OF THE LORD unto those who seek after the gift of charity, yea, even the Pure Love of Christ; he that hath ears to hear, let him hear, and she that is open to receive, let her now believe...

2. My little ones, yea, My Friends; for ye are My Friends if ye seek to know Me and truly do the will of My Father; yea, even My will concerning the laws and principles which reach unto eternity!

3. Now, therefore, know that when I have heretofore spoken of the need for My Saints to keep My commandments, I have endeavored to speak unto those that have gone before you about the Two Great Commandments upon which hang all the Law and the Prophets.

4. But, My Church (meaning collectively and not individually) has not understood - for they have before supposed that I spake unto them of the minor commandments. Hear now My children: My commandments are but two: Love the Lord thy God with all thy might, mind, and strength; and Love thy neighbor as thyself.

5. Anything more or less than these are meant to provide a schoolmaster for those who are unable to bear the richness and the fullness of these.

6. Yea, I have set the ensample for all to follow. Search the scriptures and know that I am The Way, The Truth, and The Light; yea, he or she that followeth Me shall be blessed of My Father, and I shall know him and she shall see Me and know that I am.

7. Nevertheless, none can fulfill these Two Great Commandments except an endowment is given unto them for the fulfillment of such; for, herein are the principles which reach unto eternity! Behold, I say unto you collectively that ye must individually seek after this endowment; yea, ye must all seek individually so that the body may be endowed collectively with the endowment of charity. For, this is even as My Servant Enoch taught his people diligently so to do!

8. Charity is the Pure Love of Christ - meaning that this charity is typical of Christ; yea, even typical of Me - for I Am The Way! Nevertheless, this Pure Love of Christ is a gift of the Father.

9. This gift is shed forth upon all those who are just and true. And, how are they "just and true"? Yea, it is by their diligently seeking after this gift; even as My Servant James has written, for pure religion is the application of this pure love called charity; and, as I have heretofore stated also: The Pure in Heart shall see God; yea, these are they who overcome because they have practiced pure religion and they are rewarded accordingly; yea, they are endowed with this gift, even the Pure Love of Christ!

10. Therefore, know My Little Flock that these principles which reach unto eternity, even My Two Great Commandments, are those which do empower with purity of heart and lead unto sanctification - which sanctification justifieth redemption in the Celestial Kingdom of God!

11. Yea, My little ones, at the Final Day, those having been endowed with this pure love shall, as My Servant Matthew wrote, will be found at My right hand, for they will have been endowed of My Father with this blessed gift of charity - yea, to inherit all that My Father hath.

12. Now beware: For those found on the opposite side of charity (for there is always an opposite to all things, whatsoever they shall be) shall reap destruction even as the City of Sodom. For My Servant Matthew truly wrote that their nature is typical of that which was written in his gospel, even that of those which will be on My left hand at the Final Day!

13. Verily, I say that even as the City of Enoch is mine ensample unto the children of men of those of My right hand, so is the City of Sodom an ensample unto the children of men of those of My left hand, for verily, I say: She fed Me no meat; she gave Me no drink; she visited Me not; yea, she took Me not in! Even as I was willing to spare her of iniquities, yea, even at that time, she did desire to use Me as she did even the animals for her lusts; and yea, at that time, she followed the Master of her nature, even the Father of Lies.

14. My children, those of this nature despise holiness and purity; yea, they even seek continually the will of their god and their deceiver, even Lucifer, the Master of all that lieth and maketh a lie.

15. Herein is a mystery revealed unto you: Throughout all the ages of time, Babylon has masqueraded as Zion, and yea, this was the case within the gates of Sodom and the other cities of the Plain. For, they chose to follow the Evil One by their hypocrisy and their total rejection of those principles which reach unto eternity.

16. Yea, herein is the grand key: He who rejects those principles which reach unto eternity shall suffer even as Sodom! For, My sons and My daughters: There must needs be an opposite in all things; herein is the mind of God revealed unto you.

17. O My children: This is the key! Upon this hangs all that has heretofore been revealed unto you: Without this understanding, ye shall be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine! Yea, My House is a house of order, and even as I have revealed My will regarding the laws of sexual relations among My saints, even so I say unto you now: Do all that thou doest in love and thou shalt be blessed, yea how blessed ye know not; nay, ye cannot comprehend at this time how great that blessing shall be unto you both individually and collectively!

18. Now give strict heed to My words - yea, prepare thy soul for the sweetness and purity of Eternity; for it is love of which I speak unto you:

Elder Crane:

18a. Verily, it is meet that My Saints be as one with Me, even as I and the Father are one, though the Holy Ghost, and it was for this very purpose that one man or woman be joined to another after the manner of the flesh that it might be a type and a shadow of greater things to come in the spirit.

19. O ye generation of vipers and hypocrites who seek to pollute that which is sacred and cometh from Above. Ye liars who call good evil and evil good. O monstrous commandments and traditions of men who take the love and peace of God and turn it into a lie. Woe unto all such for, verily, I am God, the greatest of all, and I will not be mocked.

20. It is pleasing unto Me, God, that My children should join one to another in the flesh and in the spirit as a foretaste and a type and shadow of what is to come, and it is pleasing for all to so do.

21. However, this must be done in love and perfect brotherhood and in all holiness before Me. If done is this way, they will both of them be blessed; otherwise, they are under condemnation and the fires of hell await them.

22. Unto what shall I liken it? It is like a prayer unto God. Yea, a prayer in faith is pleasing unto God and shall be answered with a blessing, but a prayer without faith availeth nothing and is a mockery and an abomination in My sight.

23. Likewise should be thy communication one with another and thy joining together one with another. Remember, God has created all things for the joy and upbuilding of His children and in nothing doth man offend God except that he confess not His hand in all things. When thou doest all things, yea, do them unto God: yea even the power of God which is in every one of you, My children, yea every one.

24. I caution you to seek not after the lusts of the flesh nor after the beauty of the flesh, but seek ye after the Hidden Treasures of the Spirit: yea, even My Spirit which dwelleth in the heart of every man and woman.

25. Behold, here is wisdom: I deign to reveal unto you and My Saints the Perfect Law, but since ye cannot all abide this Law, ye must teach one another in patience and humility, knowing that all men are beggars before God and all the righteousness of men and women is as filthy rags before Me.

26. Therefore, let every man and woman examine his or her own heart under the promptings of My Spirit and then do what seemeth wisdom to her or her - remembering always to pray for the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

27. Yea, some of you may elect to live singly for a time while others of you will seek after a kindred soul or souls in order to form binding unions blessed of Me and My Spirit. Yea, as in the beginning, it is not good for man to be alone.

28. Therefore, seek ye out of all My children those in whom My Spirit richly abounds and join with them in rejoicing and prayer, remembering that all good things come from God.

29. Ye are all children yet. Ye have much to learn. Let no man condemn or envy his neighbor. Let no man say to his neighbor: "See what thou hast done!" But let every man and every woman esteem his neighbor as himself and say: "What thou doest is between thee and the Lord."

30. Let no man covet that which belongeth to his neighbor. Yea, what I have given to one man, let not his neighbor covet, for I am the Lord who giveth, who taketh away, who giveth again, and who giveth to all in abundance, yea to all who seek My Name. But to him who seeketh to take away from his neighbor or turn the heart of his neighbor's mate, yea I say unto him that his love shall wax cold and there shall not be found place for him or her in My Kingdom at the Last Day, for they will be found on My left hand.

31. Remember, children, do all that thou doest in the name of the Lord, trusting that He will provide and He will answer the righteous desires of thy heart.

32. Unto you, My Church, I say that I love you and want to reveal Myself unto each of you. Be patient and diligent and seek Me even while yet in the world. Behold I come - not to judge the world - for that day surely cometh also, but I come to dwell in every heart that seeks Me and will bear that sweet and unspeakable Witness which I have always promised to give My Saints.

Elder Feliz:

33. Now, Little Flock: there are those of you who cannot support meat at this time - be not ashamed, for My love for you is as wide as eternity. Trust ye therefore upon the counsels of those whom I have set before you that ye may grow from grace to grace; yea, even unto the fulfillment of those principles which reach unto eternity.

34. Those, therefore, who seek to be one and have committed to seek My Face and to live according to My Commandments - which commandments ye know of now - shall look forward to that day when they shall be blessed with a Witness of their acceptance before Me under the Law of Adoption. Indeed, when they shall have taken the Holy Spirit for their Guide, and shall have diligently proven their desire to seek purity of heart by pure religion and undefiled before Me, they shall then be sufficiently prepared to enjoy the Promises of Eternity which I yearn to pronounce upon you all!

35. Therefore, that person in whom is entrusted My Sacred Sealing Power shall, by My Voice, and by the confirmation of the Holy Spirit, seal one to another for Time and All Eternity those of the righteous, who are as My Servant John, and they shall become lawful heirs of The Covenant through the Law of Adoption.

36. This Law is now revealed unto you for the blessing and endowment of My Saints who desire to seek for the establishment of ZION. Herein are revealed unto you the mysteries of eternity! Rejoice and be glad, for ye are blessed to know and understand.

Elder Crane:

37. My Saints, how long have I taught you these principles and yet ye have not heard! O ye dull of hearing! O ye blind of heart! Know ye not that I have suffered Satan to continue in his work for this very purpose that ye might know good from evil and that he exists solely by My will and power?

38. Blessed be they who truly come unto Me, for they come unto Me only by One Gate: Faith on My Name, Repentance, Baptism, and following the Promptings of the Holy Ghost. Unto none other will I open. Can ye not see it now, My Saints? How long will ye be led about by blind guides? When will ye come to Me and harken unto My Spirit?

39. I have spoken these things in former revelations, but ye have not understood them and have supposed that ye could use reason or emotion to persuade men and women to come unto Me. Can ye not now see that ye must teach the basic principles which lead all men and women unto Me - The Fountain of All Truth and All Righteousness. Verily, there is no other way. Therefore, enter ye in at The Gate.

Elder Feliz:

40. A warning, nevertheless, is now given unto you - for there is an opposite in all things; yea, as all blessings are bestowed upon the obedience of those laws upon which they are predicated, so are all cursings placed because of the disobedience of those laws upon which they are predicated!

41. My sons and My daughters: ye have been blessed with knowledge and understanding and ye have been released unto the freedom of your very natures! Go now and seek My Face; live so as to be endowed of My Father and I shall yet reveal Myself unto you, both individually and collectively; even so, Amen and amen.


On September 10, 1985, Elder Antonio A. Feliz approached the Lord in response to concerns, expressed in a meeting of the Temporary Presidency. The Law of The Gospel had been given to the Temporary Presidency by the Lord earlier, and they asked: "What shall we do as a Presidency if the Church rejects what has been revealed regarding Thy Law?" In answer, the Lord gave, through Elder Feliz the following:

1. Listen to the Voice of He Who Was Crucified for your sins, even as many as will walk through The Gate that they may become the sons and daughters of God that they may be one in Me as I am one in the Father, as the Father is one in Me, that we may all be one - Behold, I say - Listen to the Bridegroom that waiteth upon His Bride:

2. Verily, I say unto the Church: I am God and I change not. That which has been revealed unto you through My Servants is drawn from the midst of eternity and is The Perfect Law; yea, it is The Covenant of which I have heretofore spoken, even The Law of The Gospel. Yea, it is My Law and My Commandments unto the least of those who may be called Saints.

3. Nevertheless, as all have not faith, teach one another of My word until sufficient hope abounds for the development of faith. For, unless there is hope, faith sufficient for the application of this Law - even My Law, The Law of The Gospel - cannot be given.

4. Therefore, ye shall respond to the limitations of the body of the Church in this manner: Though ye keep strictly the Law of Chastity and have not charity, ye are nothing!

5. Hear now, O Israel: Touching upon the commandments given in all former days about adultery, fornication, and chastity - these are but schoolmasters leading unto The Law of The Gospel or The Perfect Law, for they are as The Law of Obedience and Sacrifice.

6. Thus, until such time as My Saints can live this New Covenant, they shall keep all my former commandments and statutes given through My Servant Joseph Smith, Jun., until they yearn for the endowment of the gift of charity! (See D & C 41:3, 42:11-15, 42:19-61, 43:2. The Prophet designates this revelation as "The Law of the Church.")

7. Teach the principles unto the body: Yea, instruction which has been given unto you is applicable in principle for and unto all that may or can be called Saints. Those who are able to abide by The Law of The Gospel shall so do.

8. Nevertheless, the sins of those who keep not My Perfect Law must be borne by the body of the Church because, as all have not sufficient faith, my former commandments are remaining as binding upon them.

9. For, narrow is The Gate and strait is The Way that leadeth unto Eternal Lives and those only who have taken the Holy Spirit for their Guide will be able to go through thereat. Thus, my former commandments - the carnal commandments of the flesh - are given until hope in their hearts is sufficient unto faith in My word.

10. I am well pleased with those of My Saints who are prepared to keep The Law of The Gospel, for there are those who are (even now) abiding by this, My Perfect Law. Others, My Friends, are still steeped in their hypocrisy and this Law shall be a stumbling block sealing upon them their condemnation for, they are yet prepared to abide by The Law of Obedience and Sacrifice only.

11. Now, trouble Me no more concerning this matter. I have spoken what I have spoken and I change not. Ye have received sufficient instruction to enable the faithful to reach unto eternity; trifle not with that which is holy and cometh from Above.

12. Seek Me while I am near, lest ye be overcome by The Evil One because of your unfaithfulness. For verily, I am The Bridegroom and ye are My Bride; put on your beautiful garments and prepare to meet Me! Yea, ye must choose for yourselves; otherwise, ye are fornicators and adulterers before me. Evenso, amen.


On September 29, 1985, Sister Pamela Calkins was ordained an Elder when Elder Antonio A. Feliz conferred upon her the Melchizedek Priesthood. While the leaders of the Church had felt strongly that this was right and good, Elder Feliz sought the Lord's confirmation of the correctness of this action and also inquired of the Lord on the appropriateness of officiating in the ordinances of The Temple. In answer to his prayerful inquiry, the Lord, on October 4, 1985 gave the following:

1. Now, give strict heed to the Voice of My Spirit: Ye have done well in the ordination of My Servant Pamela. For, in her are the gifts of the office and calling unto which ye have ordained her. It is for a wise and holy purpose that she is now among those of My children whom the Father has given Me to lead out in the work of Restoration.

2. Yea, Mother Eve was of that same special calling and was the first woman on this earth to hold the Holy Priesthood. Yea, were it not so, she could in no wise fulfill her mission as a Second Witness together with Father Adam in the work of establishment of the Kingdom of God upon the earth in the beginning.

3. And not Eve only, for there have been many other righteous women throughout the generations of time, who have held this priesthood. Their names have been hidden unto the world because of the insecurities, weaknesses, and unrighteousness of men as they have fallen into the cunning and craftiness of the Evil One; notwithstanding their high and holy callings.

4. Know My children that there is much which I have desired to reveal unto My Church through My Servant Joseph Smith, Jun. which was not accepted by the Church; for, verily, that which was revealed unto the Church is only that which they would collectively receive after much suffering on the part of My Servant Joseph. Yea, know that Joseph was a faithful Servant unto Me and he is in no wise to be faulted for that which is upon the heads of those whom he sought to lead unto Me.

5. Now behold, ye are My children and I am your God; My purpose is to bring you unto the Father. I stand at the door and knock; as ye open, I am allowed to enter. Know this one thing: the agency of man is sacred unto Me and unto the Father. Ye had to go on your own hope, understanding, and knowledge until ye all had sufficient faith to open the door in the matter of the ordination of women.

6. As I have said in days past, ye shall not be blessed until after the trial of your faith; therefore, ye had to be tried in your faith before I - even God - should confirm unto you about the rightness of that which ye have done. Go now; know that ye have done well in My sight and ye have opened the door for the mysteries of eternity to distill upon your heads.

7. For, even the glories of eternity are wrapped-up in this one thing that ye have done; for, without this one step, ye could in no wise understand what I design to yet reveal unto My Church.

8. For now, teach your neighbor and send where ye cannot go yourselves; only remember to do all things in wisdom and order and beware that ye not run faster than ye have strength. Nevertheless, My soul delighteth in the runner in the race who taketh upon himself the mission with all energy of heart!

9. Now, My Friends: Inasmuch as ye have asked of Me, thou shalt all do every needful thing to prepare for the blessings which the Father desires to bestow on those who are ready to receive.

10. It is therefore pleasing that ye be baptized - as many as will - for an outward sign of your renewed covenant with the Father in the manner of My burial and resurrection. Yea, and this outward sign shall be sealed by the laying on of hands as My Spirit shall give utterance.

11. It is also pleasing unto Me that those of My Church who have taken upon themselves the additional covenants of My Holy House, shall renew their covenants from time to time in the same manner as is commonly done in the ordinances of the emblems of My Sacrifice. See that these ordinances are confirmed upon My Saints in all soberness of heart and in the deepest of humility.

12. Verily as ye do these things, My Spirit shall attend and ye shall bear witness that I am in your midst; yea, angels shall attend your washings and your anointings and these ordinances shall prepare for the strength of Zion to shine forth as a city set upon a hill.

13. And this is the preparation with which I prepare you: My Servant Antonio and My Servant John and My Servant Pamela shall join with My Holy Spirit, and I shall reveal through My Servant holding the keys of this ministry those additions which may now be made to the ordinance of My Holy House.

14. For, as has been set upon your hearts: Mine Holy Priesthood is necessary for the daughters of Eve to be allowed to lift their veils in My Holy Presence. Nevertheless, know that - there is an opposite in all things - with this outward ordinance will also come the need for her daughters to acknowledge their equality with the sons of Adam in their fallen natures.

15. All this is to be done for the glory, honor, and majesty of God; for, unless ye are equal in these things of the outward ordinances of My Holy House, ye cannot become equal in the realities of eternity. Yea, Mother Eve was an Equal with Father Adam and all her daughters may lay claim on that thing, according to their individual faithfulness.

16. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear; and she that hath eyes to see, now let her see! For, verily, I Am one in the Father and He is one in Me; evenso, ye must all be one and as one so that ye may become one with Me - otherwise, ye can in no wise become The Bride!

17. My Children, continue to seek Me while I am near and ye shall not falter in this work. There is much that must be accomplished and ye are still but few. Again, do not seek to run faster than ye collectively have strength. Nevertheless, My grace shall attend the faithfulness of My Saints both collectively and individually.

18. Yea, those that are diligent in the keeping of My commandments through the preaching of the everlasting Gospel and through their care of one another, shall attain Zion in their hearts for, verily - ye have been told already - Zion is no closer nor any further away than the spiritual condition of My Saints justifies.

19. Unto whosoever serveth diligently, I reward in like manner; when ye do what I say, I - even God - am bound; the prize is unto those who are in the race unto the end!

20. For, My children, ye labor not in a fruitless cause! Yea, ye have been charged with the occupation of one of the last strongholds of The Enemy! For, verily, that Imposter has reigned his reign, and I am even now nigh unto the fulfilling the promises of the ages!

21. As revealed unto My servants in days past, ye fight not against flesh and blood, be ye wrestle against thrones, principalities, powers, dominions, wickedness in high places, and against the legion of the Father of Lies; Yea, the battle is against those who have taken good and called it evil; they have taken right and called it wrong.

22. Now, therefore: Put on the whole armor of God and seek now to gain the victory; yea, fill thy whole souls with those principles which abound as ye endeavor to reach unto eternity and ye shall not fail!

23. For the Spirit now beareth record that I am in your midst and I shall be with you; yea, ye have been enlightened and ye shall be empowered from on High for this last work yet to do upon the earth for a sign before the end shall come.

24. Now, be one. For, if ye are not one, ye are not mine. Bear one another's burdens as ye have covenanted so to do. Prepare yourselves to mourn with one another, for ye must mourn with those that have cause to mourn. Trust in My Spirit and ye shall be comforted; yea, it is for a wise and holy purpose that suffering shall be your companion. My Saints, I shall not leave you comfortless; I shall not leave you; for ye are My Church, and I am your Lord and your God. Evenso, amen.


On October 22, 1985, while earnestly inquiring of the Lord about the revelations received by members of the Church who were not in any presiding quorum or presidency, the following was given to Elder Antonio A. Feliz. During the beginning weeks of the Church, the Temporary Presidency had encouraged Church members to seek revelation from God; the Temporary Presidency had been instructed to wait on organizing any further than their Presidency insofar as presiding quorums or authorities are concerned. Because of the obvious need for the development for long-range curriculum plans, Elder Mark D. Bluto had been set-apart to prepare such curriculum for the Presidency to review for the Church. The need for further organization in missionary endeavors and in welfare was evident to the Temporary Presidency. The Lord's direction was given in this:

1. Behold, the time is coming when it shall be expedient that the Temporary Presidency shall proceed to more fully organize the work in this portion of the Restoration, yea, even that of The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-day Saints. Nevertheless, it is necessary to wait yet for a little season, that those whom I have chosen may be readied for the call which awaits them.

2. Give ear now unto the Voice of your Lord and your Savior, even Jesus Christ; for, verily, I am the Head of this Church and none other shalt thou call The Head. Yea, ye are the Body and I am The Head thereof.

3. Verily, verily, let him who hath eyes to see and she that hath ears to hear now behold and listen: The vision of the unity of the saints of God is as a multitude of angels, clothed in white robes or tunics and bearing the sacred robes of the Holy Priesthood of God with the golden crowns of glory upon their heads.

4. These are before the Lord and His Company casting their crowns of glory at His feet. These, the Voice declares are: "Just and True Heirs of The Covenant Through Adoption and have become possessors of all that The Father hath and Joint Heirs of Jesus Christ, The Son".

5. I seemed to see these many hosts of beings in great lines being drawn upward to the great throne of God. I was taken downward and beheld that there were others set in order along the way.

6. "These are the ones who preside", the Voice declared, and I understood that these are they who have at some time been set in the Kingdom as High Priests, Elders, and Presidents presiding over the Saints in the work of the Kingdom while in mortality.

7. These who had presided, were those who insured that those in the multitudes were together as they once had been set. For, I seemed to see that some were in couples while others were not nevertheless, these were equally clothed and adorned as the rest.

8. And, as I asked in my heart, I understood: "These are not eternal companions, but rather are the Just and True from among the nations of the earth; yea, some of these had before made solemn vow and covenant to assist one another to return to the presence of Eloheim and were thus returning."

9. Then, suddenly, I was taken downward again and I saw many, many others yet in groups being organized by the ones who had been set in order along the way. I was given to understand that these were the congregations of the Saints while in the mortal state and were being guided by the Holy Priesthood of God in the persons of those whom they had accepted as their leaders.

10. I asked in my heart if I would be able to meet the Prophet Joseph Smith and I was given to know that I would not at this time. I was somewhat sad and was suddenly taken to another place where I behold the most glorious sight that I had ever even imagined in my heart: If my heart was to stop and my lungs cease their function, finally, I would be most happy of all people; for, when I was instructed to leave, I desired only to remain. And the Voice declared: "My son, thou knowest in thine heart what thou must do."

11. As the Vision was closed-up to me, again I was reminded that I was to write what I had both seen and heard; yet, those things which are unspeakable are not lawful to utter and must be known as it is known, I was told not to write nor to speak unto any.

12. Now, therefore: Ye shall proceed with the organizing of Families as hath been put upon your hearts; those who shall preside, as I have heretofore stated, are to be set in order that they may be prepared even as thou hast been prepared.

13. Yea, and these together with others shall again be set on order along the way even as thou hast beheld. For these are the sons and daughters of Moses and, together with the children of Aaron, these shall prepare the Saints for that final day!

14. I am well pleased with the beginnings of your collective offerings in the work wherein ye have been called. Prepare now, therefore, every needful thing as ye have already been told. For, until ye shall do so, I cannot provide what I deign to endow upon the heads of My Saints. Indeed, the time is not yet; ye must yet act upon my words.

15. Behold, here is wisdom: ye shall do as I have instructed, and afterward, ye shall be blessed. For, the day shall soon come when the Temporary Presidency must take unto themselves counselors; yea, when My Spirit shall direct, ye shall separate the Presidency of the Melchizedek Priesthood and the Presidency of the Aaronic Priesthood with counselors.

16. These, together with the Patriarch to the Church, shall thus, constitute the beginnings of The Quorum of The Twelve for this portion of the Restoration. For a time, it is wisdom that those of these two grand Presidencies function as members of the Quorum of The Twelve together with those whom I have chosen but shall thereafter be called to be Special Witnesses of My Name unto the ends of the earth.

17. For, as ye have been brought unto the understanding: The Tent of Zion shall be enlarged and, thus, ye shall stretch forth the curtains of thy habitations. Yea, the days shall yet come when thou shalt be counted among the stakes of Zion.

18. Now, My Children: see that all is done is wisdom and order. Ye shall loose the feet of him who has been called unto the work of the preaching of My Gospel from the days gone past; yea, thou shalt call and set-apart my servant Mark to be for you a missionary unto those who have been enlightened by the good and righteous of those other churches who call upon My Name. For, he shall produce much good fruit in this vineyard from among those who accept Me as their personal Savior.

19. Is this same mission, thou shall call him whom thou hast seen in the vision. For, it is for a purpose unto Me that thou art commanded to straightly present the cause of this work before him.

20. Also, that the work of the ministry may go, even the preaching of My Gospel unto those who have been rejected - those who have been ashamed, those who have been found in reproach in their youth - thou shalt call and set-apart my servant Pamela to be a missionary unto all who have been confounded by the traditions and craftiness of men.

21. Verily, I say: "These two are the beginning". For, others shall ye call into this ministry as My Spirit, that is in the councils of the Temporary Presidency shall direct. And, unto these first two as well as unto those yet to be called shall ye provide companions that they may each have second witnesses to bear testimony together with them of the work unto which ye are all called in general. Nevertheless, for these two and their companions - as they shall be required - the call is specific and not general.

22. For, behold: ye are called to the work of the preaching of My Holy Gospel, even the Gospel of the Restoration: yea, as has been given through My Servant David from the days gone past - "EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY" - shall be your banner in your walk and talk that ye spare not, but rather lengthen thy cords for the sake of the future of this portion of Zion.

23. For, verily, it is fitting that ye do as ye have supposed: With an Holy Covenant ye shall now bind yourselves with one another - yea, to be "willing to bear one anothers' burdens, that they may be light; willing to mourn with those that mourn; willing to comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and that ye now stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in, even until death, that ye may be redeemed of God".

24. Therefore, unto the Sons and Daughters of Aaron - or those of the Aaronic Priesthood - I say: Seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion. For, My Saints, I shall cause that ye do more that ye may more perfectly understand the Law of the Celestial World.

25. Yea, My servant LaMar - even the Presiding Bishop of My Church - shall teach, guide, and administer the Saints regarding all those principles which lead unto the fulfillment of My Two Great Commandments. Here is wisdom: He shall prepare every needful thing that they who are of this portion of the Restoration must understand and do to meet The Law of Tithing and The Law of The Fast; for, these are schoolmasters unto the Celestial Law or The Law of Consecration.

26. In all these ministries, remember that ye must not run faster than ye have strength. Nevertheless, the reward is unto the runner who doeth these things with all the energy of heart! Do all things in wisdom and order and ye shall be blessed collectively; as individuals have strength, they shall win the prize in their diligent labors.

27. Now, My son, as thou hast inquired of Me - evenso, I now answer the matter that hath troubled thy mind: Give ear unto My Word; for, it is unto all who will hear. Yea, My Voice in this matter is unto the Church collectively...

28. The Vision of the Unity of the Saints of God is given unto you for a purpose: That you may now understand and know that I, the Lord of the Bride have set in the Church those with the Keys of Presidency; notwithstanding, others in the Church may have gifts of the Spirit which may not be necessary for the work of the Presidents.

29. Know this: Those who are set in order, are to preside and are given the endowment of discernment. Yea, My Servant Antonio was given this gift at the time of his ordination to the office of Bishop.

30. Henceforth, ye shall see that all who are called to any presiding authority in My Church shall be endowed with the gift of discernment under the hands of one in whom it has already been bestowed; which gift is to be used freely within the bounds of their specific office and calling.

31. My Saints: Be ye humble and I, even the Lord thy God shall lead thee each by the hand and give thee answers to thy prayers. Nevertheless, I answer as I will and it is for each to grow from lessons which are given along with the revelation; for, I reveal My words unto you in thine own language according to thine own understanding.

32. Yea, for those who are not yet sufficiently prepared, this is a need for a struggle within their minds as they perceive My words. Yea, teach these that it is necessary for them to work out the message so that it may prove to be for a blessing unto them until such time as they are able and allow revelation to flow freely through them as a vessel poureth out its issue.

33. Call upon My Holy Name unto the Father and I shall answer; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you! For, I would that ye were all prophets; yea, I would that ye were all an Holy Nation - A Royal Priesthood unto Me!

34. Nevertheless, let My words unto those who receive be accepted only within the bounds which I - even God, the Head of The Body have set. I have spoken what I have spoken and I change not. Ye that wish the gift of revelation must search the scriptures and ponder and pray for an understanding of this gift.

35. For, inasmuch as all must be done in unity and order with the binding forces of love and the purity of charity - wherein it is endowed - I have set in the Church some Apostles and some Prophets, some to Presidency and some to Evangelize.

36. Let all work unto prophecy; let all work unto revelation; let all work unto healings; let all work unto every good gift of God. Yea, let all My Saints learn, by their own struggle within their minds - if need be - to magnify that priesthood unto which each has and shall be called. Yea, that the work of the ministry may go forth so that the Kingdom of Heaven may come!

37. Again, I say: Go now, warn thy neighbor; where ye cannot go, send. Be One; care for each within the Body - for ye are all members - and the pleasure of the hand is felt and sensed by the eye and the pain of the foot is felt and sensed by the back evenso, all is felt and sensed by the Head. O, My Children! Work unto these two ends and the Kingdom of God is yours. For, where much is given, much is truly required.

38. Nevertheless, fear not; for I am the Bridegroom and ye are My Bride. My love for you shall not change; I am your Husband and with great mercies will I yet gather you from the ends of the earth unto the stakes of Zion. Yea, yet shall we meet as I have shown this day in the Vision of the Unity of the Saints of God. There is more but, all are not ready to receive.

39. Go now: Do as I have heretofore commanded in thy revelations. For until ye have done that which ye have already been instructed, I shall not reveal more unto you. Yea, search those revelations; for it is I, The Almighty God of Heaven that speaketh unto you again - yea, even unto you who may have been despised and put to shame and rejected.

40. And all this, that I may be one in you and you in Me as I and the Father are One. Therefore, draw ye near unto Me and I shall yet reveal more unto you that the Body may be blessed. Arise, O Israel! Put on thy beautiful garments and the Bridegroom shall come in unto you! You have been enlightened and entrusted; go now and do, that ye may yet be empowered! Evenso, amen.


On Sunday, December 8, 1986, in Los Angeles, CA, while making preparations for a meeting of The Temporary Presidency, President Antonio A. Feliz was praying about several items which were to be considered by the Presidency that day. The first general rebaptism had taken place the day before and several members there had testified that Satan was working at their individual weaknesses in efforts to thwart the work of the Lord. The first general quarterly conference had been set and the agenda for the business session was to be finalized in the Presidency meeting that day also.

Preparations for the administration of Temple ordinances were reaching a finalization stage, and a press release had been distributed to the media about the organization of the Church. While application had been made to the State of California for legal recognition of the new Church, legal objections had been filed by attorneys from Salt Lake City representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The name approved of the Lord through revelation was not accepted by the State of California, and The Lord, in His mercy, gave the following:

1. Behold, thus saith the Lord, the Omnipotent, even the Holy One of Israel: Ye are My Church, and I am thy God; what those of the learned and the mighty of other institutions recognized of the governments of the land say of you, is not of any value to you. Nevertheless, what I - even Jesus Christ, The Head of The Church - say unto you, ye shall do.

2. Therefore, he that hath ears to hear and she that hath eyes to see, let them hear and see as one: What I have said in days gone past, I now say again: "Whosoever repenteth and cometh unto Me, the same is My church. Whosoever declareth more or less than this, the same is not of Me but is against Me."

3. My children, in the days gone past - even at the beginnings of My Church in this Dispensation of the Fullness of Times - the name of My Church was known as CHURCH OF CHRIST with none other name. Many times have my vessels - thy fellow servants - caused that other names be known as for My church in the world of governments.

4. Nevertheless, My Little Flock, it mattereth not which name of you is recognized by the governments of the various lands in which you establish this work among the peoples of the earth. For, here is wisdom, and know that I am God:

5. Ye shall see that all your publications abide by the statutes of the governments of the lands in which they are published. As long as ye yourselves know what Church you are, there is no need for contention of any kind.

6. In your most solemn ordinances ye may use whatever name is recognized of the governments upon certificates and other church documents as long as ye use the name by which ye were first received of Me also in the ordinances.

7. I shall not suffer that the works of any who esteem you to be their enemies to destroy this work. Yea, ye shall see it for a witness unto you - My Little Flock - that the wisdom of Almighty God is greater than the powers of the wise and the learned of those considered the mighty among men.

8. Behold, think upon the times when ye sat in council regarding the future of this portion of the Restoration. Yea, did I not inspire your minds and hearts with prophecies of this very time? Have ye not already known by the power of My Spirit that this day was to come?

9. Be not afraid; take courage and be filled with faith for I am with you. As ye have recognized the futile efforts of the Evil One, even the Accuser - the Father of Lies - know that by this ye see that ye are doing My will.

10. It is pleasing unto Me that ye have joined together with a new covenant as promised. For without this, and the other steps ye have taken in obedience to My Voice, ye could not receive of Me as ye are doing - yea, even at this time. For it is from grace to grace that ye shall receive, and from precept to precept that ye shall teach one another.

11. For, there is much that I stand ready to give unto the Church collectively, but ye must do as ye have covenanted before ye are ready to receive as one. For now, it suffereth that ye accept the revelations upon which ye may all agree and my grace shall attend you all.

12. The principle of agency is one that is given unto man so that the godliness within man might grow. This has been the case since the days of My Servants Joseph and Oliver. My friends, this has caused tension because it is a principle of growth.

13. Nevertheless, it is central to the development of charity as the body learns to apply the principle of agency to the goal of consecration through the Law of Common Consent. For, through this Law, My Voice shall ye hear as if one agent and not many.

14. Therefore, let the body now act in conference assembled as one agent; yea, even as the body of free agents collective which is called The Church. For, verily, the cries of My Saints have come up unto the Throne of Mercy for all the blessings of The Holy Priesthood.

15. Yea, they do continually beseech The Father in My Name for the special blessings administered through the most holy of priesthood keys - even the Holy Sealing Power of the Holy Spirit of Promise.

16. And, inasmuch as God is bound by the faith of the righteous saints, because of their prayers, it is meet to turn the key of the Sealing Power in their behalf.

17. Nevertheless, know now that what I have spoken through My Servant Joseph Smith, Jun. regarding the blessings sought for by the saints is an eternal principle: "Behold, the sealing blessings of My church are lodged in the one on whom is conferred the Sacred Sealing Power.

18. "For, without this holy power, none of the other offices of the Holy Priesthood may seal up the Church unto eternal life only if the Sealing Power hath not been given unto any in that church."

19. Therefore, ye shall receive the blessings of the sealings of My Holy House and the sealings of the Patriarchal Priesthood only from he who has received the Sacred Sealing Power.

20. For, it is by and through this holy power that lineage is declared that the Law of Adoption may be claimed, and also, that the Patriarchal Order may be organized through the sealings of loving relationships in My Holy House. For, these two are rightly administered only through one in whom this power is entrusted.

21. Verily, verily, the time hath come for the endowment of My Saints inasmuch as the faithful have prevailed in their yearnings for the spiritual blessings of the Holy Spirit of Promise; even, the Sealing Power which embodies the Patriarchal Order of The Holy Priesthood.

22. Therefore, I give unto My Servant Antonio to be the Presiding High Priest or the President of The High Priesthood of all My Church and to be a Patriarch unto The Church - for, he alone amongst you holds the Sealing Power of The Holy Priesthood. Yea, ye shall receive him as the President of the Temporary Presidency of The Church.

23. I give unto you my servant LaMar to be the Presiding Bishop; for he shall be ministered to by the holy angels assigned to the ministry of his office. Ye shall receive him as the First Counselor in The Temporary Presidency of The Church.

24. I give unto you My Servant John to be the Presiding Evangelist to The Church and Second Counselor in The Temporary Presidency of The Church. Yea, ye shall receive him also as a Second Witness together with The President; for, he is a faithful witness even from his prior life before this life.

25. These three shall ye receive as The Presidency of The High Priesthood of all The Church; for, what these three say - who are commanded to henceforth pray unto The Father three times in every day - shall be for you as the Word of the Lord, the Will of The Lord, and the Voice of the Lord inasmuch as they speak unitedly as The Presiding Quorum over all the priesthood in this portion of the Restoration.

26. Therefore, even as these three pray thrice daily on your behalf, ye shall henceforth individually sustain them with your prayers of faith. And, inasmuch as ye do this, ye shall all prosper in faith, charity, and might!

27. Remember, My children: Ye are stewards as members and workers in My vineyard. Seek individually to know My Will and act as My Voice bears witness unto you individually. For, in none other way can ye truly do as ye have been commanded of Me in these things.

28. Let everyone work their stewardship that the Kingdom of God may go forth; yea, that the kingdom of Heaven may come! Evenso, amen.


On January 1 and 5, 1986, President Antonio A. Feliz was pondering the scriptures accepted by the First Conference of the Church in Hidden Treasures and Promises. On both occasions, he received answers to questions which arose from the membership during the business session of the Conference. These two communications respond to the resolution from the Conference which directs the Temporary Presidency to seek the Mind and Will of the Lord regarding their being sustained as Prophets, Seers, and Revelators by the Church. A charge was also given by the Lord regarding missionary work among the communities from which the membership had come into The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ (The Church of Jesus Christ of ALL Latter Day Saints).

1. Behold, here is wisdom: Ye shall not suffer that any in the Temporary Presidency shall be ordained to any other office than that which they do each now bear. Nevertheless, ye may set-apart one another to those offices unto which ye have been called and in which ye have been sustained by the Church. Be ye patient and my grace shall attend you but, it must needs be that this shall be done in mine own way.

2. Now, behold, it must needs be that The Twelve be organized, as I have heretofore revealed. Nevertheless, they shall not be set in their place until the offices of prophet, seer, and revelator can be conferred.

3. For verily, the seven previously designated, ye shall call, confirm by the voice of the Church, ordain, set-apart. and anoint with My holiest anointing. When this is done, these shall verily be prophets, seers, and revelators; for, these are offices of the Holy Priesthood and are tied unto the office of Apostle amongst you.

4. A mystery is revealed unto you: Verily, here is wisdom - an Apostle is a Prophet, Seer, and a Revelator by right: whenever any person is ordained unto these high and holy callings, it must needs be that the office of Apostle be conferred - for, ye are in My Holy and Everlasting Covenant - ye are not of the Levitical Law.

5. Know my children that others may function with the gifts of prophecy and visions wherein they may see the past, present, and the future and they may receive revelations. Notwithstanding, an Apostle alone may be ordained unto such by right.

6. There is much more to know and to understand regarding these most holy of callings, but ye must yet wait to receive. For, the time is not yet for these ordinations. See, therefore, that all is done is wisdom and in order that ye may be prepared for the day when Apostles shall mingle with you.

7. Therefore, as ye have asked; go now, prepare every needful thing that the blessings which ye seek may be given unto you. For, My Little Flock, your garments have yet to be washed clean of the blood and sins of this generation; yea, even the generation unto which ye have been called to minister.

8. For, I - even God - have heard the cries of the righteous come up unto Me from within thy cities and these cry unto Me for the ministry of My Saints.

9. That ye may, therefore, be endowed with power from on high and that ye may be prepared for the high and holy callings that do await you, ye shall seek to fulfill my command to feed my lost sheep who need of thy combined witness and fellowship.

10. For, verily, ye shall prepare one another by warning your neighbor and, thus, your garments are washed clean of the blood and sins of this generation.

11. Behold, the field is white and ready to harvest: Therefore, call ye out of Babylon all that are downtrodden and heavy laden that ye may prove yourselves worthy of that which ye are yet to receive. For, others ye must yet invite unto the wedding feast while there remains time unto you.

12. Be ye resourceful and ye shall find many ways to preach My Gospel unto this generation. For, I have brought together in you, all the necessary talents, skills, and abilities to do a marvelous work among those of your kind.

13. Ye shall begin at this place and, as ye are resourceful, My Spirit shall direct you and the way shall be opened-up before your face as ye go.

14. The Gospel of The Kingdom must needs be preached by you, for it is not to be found among those of your kind and it is unto these to which ye have been called.

15. Thrust in your sickle with your might and, thus, wash yourselves clean from the blood and sins of the generation from which you have been set-apart for this work.

16. Verily, I say unto you all: how great is your calling. For, ye are called to be a city set-up on a hill; yea, a light unto this generation. Yea, ye are called to cleanse your hearts and your garments lest the blood of this generation be required at your hands at the Last Day.

17. Behold, thou shalt set-apart he who among you has held the apostolic calling from days before that he may be voice, and under the direction of the Temporary Presidency, ye shall go and dedicate the communities for the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

18. For, the Elders of Israel shall offer up unto the Father their united covenant by magnifying their calling in the Holy Priesthood by the preaching of the Fullness of the Restored Gospel unto this generation.

19. Thou shalt go and My Spirit shall direct the spot upon which ye shall dedicate these communities for the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom; and, this shall be a pattern unto you that henceforth ye shall turn the key that will open the door that the Gospel of the Kingdom may be preached when ye enter in where ye have not been before.

20. Yea, be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord! And, how are ye to be clean? Verily, through the magnification of your calling to preach the Gospel of The Kingdom unto the peoples of the world as a sign, and then the end shall come.

21. For, behold: A day of wrath, a day of earthquakes, a day of famine, a day of burning, a day of desolation and weeping speedily cometh upon all the face of the whole earth, saith the Lord, thy God.

22. And, the voice of warning shall go forth by the mouths of the Saints of God, and thus, they shall lay in store for the blessings which they seek. Arise, O Zion! Let thy light shine bright as the noon day unto this generation that ye may be found clean at the Last Day. For, ye are My Saints and I am your God. Evenso, Amen.


On January 20, 1986, Elder Crane had several questions to put before the Lord. He was concerned because in the revelation dated August 13, 1985, the Lord called him to be "a Presiding Patriarch", whereas in the revelation dated December 8, 1985, the Lord called him to be "the Presiding Evangelist". Supposing the Lord was either displeased with him or thinking that his call had been changed, and also concerned with what the reaction of others might be, he took this question to the Lord.

He was also praying for a confirming witness of the revelation given to President Feliz on January 1 and 5, 1986, and received the following:

1. John, I have somewhat to say unto thee. Thy prayers have been answered and thou shalt be blessed, for behold, I say unto thee that thou wast one of My Saints whose cries have come up before My throne and whom it is my good pleasure to answer with a blessing upon thine head.

2. Thou art yet called to be my Presiding Patriarch/Evangelist (for it is the same office), however thou hast much to learn concerning thy duties and thou art specifically called at this time to function only in the Evangelistic aspects of this office until I speak further regarding this matter.

3. In the meantime, that the prayers of My Saints might be answered, My Servant Antonio, by virtue of the Holy Sealing Power which he alone holds, has the authority to bind and lose both on earth and in heaven.

4. Yea, John, how the Father and I both long to be one with thee and thy brothers and sisters, even as many as will. Yea, even for this cause is the Gospel preached among every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, for my sheep are yet scattered throughout the world and they but await My Voice and they will come into My Fold.

5. Well my Beloved John understood this principle and taught it to the saints anciently. Yet he knew in his heart that this day would not come in his lifetime, only in the latter days. But so great was his desire to preach the Gospel unto all peoples that he asked to remain on the earth to declare the Gospel unto all who would be heirs of salvation, especially among the downtrodden and rejected, who would otherwise not hear it.

6. Know thou that My Beloved John saw this day and dwelt with particular delight that My Everlasting Gospel should come forth unto those like unto him. Yea and again, my Servant Joseph Smith, Jun. also looked forward to this day when a group of My Saints would be prepared to receive and accept many of the principles which he understood in mortality but could not reveal because of the traditions of men.

7. Is anything too great for God? And who is man that he will command God? I will restore My Gospel and Kingdom to the world in mine own due time and in mine own way.

8. I revealed all the powers, keys, truth, and knowledge necessary to establish My Kingdom on the earth forever unto my Servant Joseph, as a witness. Nevertheless he was under a strict charge to impart unto the children of men only that which they were prepared to receive.

9. However, I, God, am no respecter of persons and am willing to make these things known unto all -- all, that is, who purify themselves before me and ask of me in faith.

10. For faith cometh of Me, and it is given unto My Servants by the Spirit what they should ask, that I might reveal My mind and will unto My Saints as soon as they are prepared to receive it.

11. My Servant Antonio has truly done this and because of his faith and the faith of My Saints, it is My good pleasure to make My mind and will known unto him. And thou, John, art called to be My Second Witness, for behold, I, God, send a multitude of witnesses and I prove all my words.

12. And unto him or her that receiveth the greater light and knowledge cometh the greater responsibility and privilege -- and the greater condemnation if they heed not my words.

13. And ye, My Witnesses, will be called upon to judge at the Last Day all those unto whom this word has gone forth. Yea, even the Twelve, whom I will, in time, call and ordain, shall judge those like unto thee who have received these words.

14. And can ye, My Witnesses, at that day truly judge those like unto yourselves when ye yourselves are not clean from the blood and sins of this generation? Yea, and how can ye cleanse yourselves if ye bear not witness of Me unto them?

15. And, John, since thou art called to be My Witness, fear not to raise thy voice at My command in expounding the Scriptures - and more especially those given unto thee and those like unto thee -- and also in bearing solemn witness to what the Spirit lays upon thine heart.

16. Yea, thou shalt testify before the Saints of My Church that I have called my Servant Antonio to be for a prophet unto them. Yea testify that thou knowest that I speak unto him, even as unto Moses.

17. And this is not all, for I have oft whispered to him through My Beloved John and through my Servant Joseph, for they hold the keys to the truths and ordinances which I now reveal unto My Church.

18. Even John, My Beloved, and Joseph, My Prophet, who hold the keys to this final dispensation.

19. Yea, John, this is my Servant Antonio. Him shalt thou hold up before My Saints as My mouthpiece unto them. Him, also shalt thou uphold in thine heart.

20. Him shalt thou seek out to obtain a blessing at his hands - yea even a knowledge of thy standing before me, thy lineage, the calling whereunto I have called thee, and what I shall yet require of thy walk before Me.

21. John, thou shalt also bear witness of Me, their Savior. Tell them of My love for them, how much I expect of them, yet how patient I am with them, how much I want to reveal light and knowledge unto them, and how I long to be with them. Teach them to prepare themselves, for My promises are sure, and I come to every soul that is prepared to receive me. Amen.


Prayer of Dedication given through Elder Mark D. Bluto by the Spirit of Revelation. Elder Bluto was previously delegated this responsibility by revelation. (See Section 14.) It was given at 3:14 A.M., Tuesday, the 28th day of January of 1986. Prior to this time, Elder Bluto had been in a spiritual battle with the forces of Satan. He had, for the preceding three weeks, tried to cause him to falter in the efforts of the Kingdom. During his family night that Monday, the forces of Satan entered in and the spirit of contention prevailed. Elder Bluto, therefore, before retiring that night to his bed, spent an hour in prayer to God to ask for forgiveness for the things that transpired that night. He prayed for the Holy Ghost to give him strength and to give peace to his troubled soul.

In answer to his prayer, the Lord gave Elder Bluto a vision in his dreams of a world united under the leadership of The Holy One of Israel. Elder Bluto awoke and the Lord quickened him and gave unto him this prayer of dedication of the nations for the preaching of the Gospel of The Kingdom to the Gay and Lesbian communities of the world, as had been previously revealed.

The March 1986 Semiannual Conference of The Church resolved to include this document in Hidden Treasures and Promises and to designate it a revelation.


1. O Great Architect of the Universe, Almighty God, The Everlasting Father, who sent the Prince of Peace. Who lives from Eternity Past, through Eternity future, Who rules the heavens above and oversees the affairs of men below.

2. Wilt Thou, O God be favored to incline Thine ear to this Thy servant, whom Thou hast chosen from among Thy children to offer up this prayer to the dedication of Thy work which Thou hast established by Thy revealed word to the communities of Thy special children which Thou hast lovingly called "Thy Little Flock".

3. Thou hast commanded Thy servant to pray before The Holy Throne. Now, Behold, O Holy One, Thy servant hath heard Thy Voice and now obeys Thy command.

4. O Lord God Almighty, we implore Thee to forgive us of all the follies, weaknesses, vanities, and sins of Thy servants. Keep us, O Lord, from the temptations of the world.

5. Give us discernment that we may resist evil, and choose to do good. O Eternal Father, give us strength of mind to bear up under trying circumstances, and grace to endure all things for Thy Name's sake until Thine Anointed One, The Holy One of Israel, returns to this earth and gives all Thy saints peace.

6. Now, Great and Mighty Heavenly Father, we have come to this place which Thou, O God, hast given us to dedicate and consecrate these communities wherein Thy Little Flock hath fled, to the gathering forth of Thy Flock, even Thy special children who, because of their loving relationships toward one another, have been cast out and despised by the nations.

7. Thou hast preserved Thy Gay and Lesbian children to call them forth in this final phase of the Restoration of All Things. Accept, therefore, O Lord, the tribute of Thine unworthy servants, the tribute of grateful hearts for Thy past favors, and if Thou be pleased to continue, for Thy kindness and mercy toward these children of the dust.

8. Thou, O God, hast called us friends; we now call on our Best and Most Holy, Perfect, Loving Friend. Hear, therefore, our prayer!

9. O God, we pray, therefore as Thy Prophet Joseph before us hath prayed: "Put upon Thy Servants the testimony of the covenant, that when they go out and proclaim Thy Word they may seal up the law, and prepare the hearts of Thy Saints for all those judgments Thou art about to send, in Thy wrath, upon the inhabitants of the earth because of their transgressions, that Thy people may not faint in the day of trouble."

10. We ask Thee, Great and Mighty Eloheim, to remember Thy loving sons and daughters who have been driven out because of how they love, from their lands of inheritance, and who have been broken off; O merciful Lord, remove this yoke of affliction that has been unjustly put upon them.

11. Thou knowest, O God, that we have been mightily trodden down and afflicted by the wickedness of men; and our hearts flow out with sorrow because of our oppression.

12. O Mighty and Merciful God, wilt Thou be pleased to raise us up! Make unto Thee a Holy and Royal Priesthood among the nations of the Earth.

13. We, therefore, approach the Mighty Throne of God and unitedly call forth Thy children from the nations. We call first those whom Thou hast foreordained from the foundations of the earth to the work. Let them hear Thy word, O God, and follow Thy Spirit and join in the work of Thy Kingdom.

14. We pray for Thy Holy Spirit to instill in them a burning desire to do Thy will, O God, to magnify their priesthood whithersoever they are called to so do.

15. We call and dedicate unto Thee the communities of the Americas, even the United States, the land of the promised New Jerusalem. We call forth and dedicate her peoples who have been waiting from the preaching of Thy Gospel in its fullness.

16. Let Thy Gospel be proclaimed before them! From her northern most settlement, Point Barrow, to her southernmost Key West. From the westernmost province in American Samoa to her easternmost, the American Virgin Islands.

17. We call forth the brothers and sisters who have been waiting from her largest cities to her smallest settlements. Hear the Word of the Lord:

18. I, your Almighty God, call you forth to be My people and I shall be your God. I will bless you and hold you up. Ye will love one another. Ye shall no longer be trampled down, for I shall do battle for you. Your enemies shall fall at your feet. Yea, ye are small in numbers now, but I will raise you up to be a mighty army. So, therefore, My chosen ones, come forth and embrace Me. Mine arms long for your return.

19. O Great God, Eternal Father, we call forth Thy Little Flock from the great nation to the north,even Canada, from the communities within her borders. Come forth and hear the Word of the Lord:

20. My children, I prepare to gather you in to give you aid in your loneliness. Hear the words of My Servants which ye have been longing for. Embrace Me, for I wait for your love also. I shall bless you and make you whole! Yea, I will raise you up as special servants among the children of men.

21. O Great and Majestic King of the Universe, we call forth the children of the great nations of the Lamanites to the south, from among those nations in South America, Central America, Mexico in all their communities we issue forth Thy Holy Command:

22. Come forth all of you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

23. Thy word we will mightily proclaim to them. And carry forth the Gospel to Thy Gay and Lesbian children in those nations. We call them forth to become a holy part of Thy work and Kingdom and say hear the word of the Lord:

24. My Little Flock, My precious Lamanite children, I your patient Loving Father call you forth to join you for the last time to My Kingdom. Hear My Servants' Voice. Incline Thine ears to them for, My Little Flock, I have heard your cries from among the nations of the earth, and I shall give you bread, even the Bread of Life, which is contained within Mine Everlasting Gospel.

25. Though you are small in number, I shall make you a lion among the nations and set you up as a witness to My people that My love faileth not. Come unto Me, therefore, and take your rightful place among My saints.

26. O Exalted, Mighty Father, we call forth the children of Thy Little Flock from among the nations of Europe, from among the nations of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Iceland, Greenland, the British Empire and all of her commonwealth, all the nations of Europe, we call forth those of Thy Little Flock and say unto them:

27. Hear, therefore, the word of He who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light for, thus saith the Lord unto you: I am the Beginning and the End. I have surely heard your cry!

28. Take heed, therefore, for I shall surely call you forth and unite you with your brothers and sisters of the Kingdom. I will make you strong among them and bless you with knowledge. Come forth unto Me and let Me bless you. Hear My Gospel and receive it and know that you too are numbered among My people.

29. Thy servant, Mark, hears Thy words O God, The Eternal Father and, in obedience, therefore I pray and call forth all Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters from among the great oppressed nations behind the Iron Curtain; even Russia, and all her satellites.

30. Come forth and listen to the Voice of Thy Great Redeemer; He who shall judge the ungodly and set you free. Hear the Mighty Word of your Deliverer, for thus saith the Lord of every nations unto you:

31. My children, I see your oppression. Those of you who are sore oppressed among the nations of the oppressed. I shall shortly break the yoke of the oppressed and you shall surely hear My Gospel and receive that portion of Mine inheritance prepared for you by The Only Begotten. He has surely prepared a mansion for you that where I am, ye may be also. Come unto Me and rejoice for, My banquet is prepared and you shall be a royal guest thereat.

32. O Mighty God, The Alpha and Omega, Thy servant prays unto Thee to call forth the communities of Asia, China, all of Asia Minor, Indo-China, Japan, and we dedicate them unto Thee for the preaching of God's Holy Word, even the Gospel, and call them forth from among the nations of the earth to take their rightful place among their brothers and sisters and say: hear the Voice of the Nations; even He that calls you out; the Eternal Father, even God.

33. For, thus saith the Lord unto you: Come O My Asian children of My Little Flock, children of meditation. Hear My Voice and obey, for My Servants shall visit you and ye shall hear My Gospel and see My Mighty works at their hands.

34. Ye are a pearl of great price unto your God and ye shall be a Mighty People unto me if ye harken to My Servants' Voice and accept the atonement of The Only Begotten, even The Lamb, who was slain for many. Receive My Priesthood and know My power; for I will use you to witness to many that I love you all as equals in My sight.

35. Thy servant calls and dedicates unto Thee, O God of Judgment, the nations of the Middle East: Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, all the Arab nations, and Thy chosen ones. We pray for peace in their lands and call them forth who are of Thy Little Flock, and say unto you: hear the Voice of The God of Peace; for, thus saith the Lord:

36. My chosen ones: I love you and your brothers of the Arab lands. I shall soon return, but the time is not yet. Ye must receive from My Servants, My Gospel, and accept The Son as your True Messiah.

37. I call you forth from your blindness and give unto you the preaching of My Gospel for the last time, for the day of the Lord is at hand. Repent and come forth and receive the great blessings which were promised to thy fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Join yourselves unto My Kingdom. I call thee to Me. Be quick, for I come quickly.

38. Thy servant dedicates unto Thee, O Great Jehovah, the preaching of Thy Gospel to the nations of Africa in their diversity, even our Black brothers from within; we call all loving people of her nations to Thy service.

39. Our brothers and sisters who love as we love: Men with men, Women with women. We dedicate you unto your God and to the preaching of His Gospel and say: Hear your Father, even now He is calling you, for the Lord saith unto you:

40. Come to the marriage of the Lamb, ye who love to worship in dance. Come, be glad, for it is My will that all be equal and ye shall have a place of honor at My feet, for I, your God, am not a recognizer of persons. Come to the feast and make merry for, I have not forgotten you. Thou shalt teach many the joy of the Spirit and bless all My Children.

41. Thy servant hears and obeys and calls forth all the Island nations of the earth whithersoever dispersed and dedicates them unto thee for the building up of the Kingdom. We call them out who are of like mind and affections to hear Thy Voice and obey. For, the Lord saith unto you:

42. My brown and delightsome people: Rejoice, for the day of redemption is before you, and your God shall return and build you up and bless you with peace and prosperity.

43. Wherefore, Little Flock, the servants whom I shall send to you will teach you My Gospel and gather you together and bring you to Zion. With joy in My heart, I will welcome you home.

44. O Great God of the Universe, finally we bind the efforts of the Enemy, Yea, even Satan, the Devil, the Father of Lies, and all his demon hordes. We bind them by the united power of The Holy Priesthood After The Order of The Son of God, that they may not thwart the work of Thy hand and have no power against Thy Church. We bind them that they may not lead those who would accept Thy Gospel astray, and cast them out from among our midst.

45. O, our God, we have done Thy will and have dedicated the communities of all the earth to the preaching of the Gospel to the Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters throughout the earth therein.

46. We now dedicate all Latter-day Saints unto Thee who shall come unto this, Thy Work. Wilt Thou bless us and sustain us, for we are weak, but Thou, O God, art strong. We, therefore, entreat Thee to give us strength in our Priesthood and numbers that Thy work may go forth boldly before Thy Face.

47. Bless the Leaders of Thy Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-day Saints. Guide The Temporary Presidency through the Spirit of revelation. Bless and sustain the Presiding Elders of Thy Church; guide and direct them as they serve their flocks.

48. Uphold us with the right hand of Thy righteousness. Give us the missionary heart to carry out the great task that Thou hast set before us.

49. We commit and dedicate our lives to this end in the Name of Thine Only Begotten Son, The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, The Prince of Peace, The Lamb of God, The Redeemer of Israel, King of all nations, even the Name of Jesus Christ, The Son of The Living God. Amen and Amen.


On February 14, 1986, while pondering the first chapter of Haggai, the prophet of the Old Testament, President Antonio Feliz felt a strong need to pray about the Lord's will concerning the building of a Temple. Revelations had already instructed that preparations should be made for the Holy Endowment to be administered to the worthy of the Church, but no instruction had been given regarding the temple itself. The Temporary Presidency had determined that the Lord would provide, if the leadership of the Church did all within their power to prepare for the time when they could be blessed with a Holy Temple. In His long-suffering and mercy, The Lord gave the following:

1. Behold, thus saith The Lord, thy God - even He who nurtureth such as will be nurtured; for, mine arms are open unto all who will gather in unto Me; verily, I say unto thee, my servant Antonio:

2. Ye shall establish the cause of gathering in a treasury; yea, even The Sacred Treasury for The Holiness Unto The Lord. This, along with the other treasuries shall henceforth be kept within an institution of finance so that the offerings of my Saints may reap an increase, saith the Lord, the God.

3. Nevertheless, even as thou mayest have need for the use of the other treasuries; even the tithes and the offerings of my Saints, ye shall not take of The Sacred Treasury for any such use, only as I shall direct for the establishment of My Holy House among you.

4. For, verily: I am The Lord, Thy God; I cannot endow my Saints unless it is within the Realms of Holiness; yea, even within My Holy House.

5. My Holy Spirit even doth now manifest unto the hearts of My righteous Saints their need for the ordinances of My Holy Temple; for, The Kingdom of God is not complete without the fullness of Mine Holy Priesthood, which fullness is had only within the Realms of Holiness, even The Temple of God.

6. Therefore, let the Presidency continue to direct the affairs of My Church unto the end that all things may be set in order in preparation for My Holy House.

7. In this matter, it is meet that my servant Pamela Calkins be ordained unto the High Priesthood; for, it is the High Priesthood which ruleth in My Holy House. Be ye resourceful and ye shall be directed in your labors that all things may be done in order that Zion may be endowed from above; for, The Lord, your God hath spoken it.

8. Hear now, O Israel: Where much is given, much is required, and if ye seek to have the knowledge of God, ye must first endure the trial of your faith. For, what doeth it profit if I give unto you lands, storehouses, fine furnishings, and a surplus of raiment if ye do not magnify your stewardships in these things?

9. Therefore, ye are called to consecrate of your stewardships within your hearts and, thus, ye shall magnify your stewardships through your faith. And the promise is sure: She that doeth these things shall reap blessings upon his head, which blessings shall reach into eternity!

10. Well hath it been written that "sacrifice bringeth forth the blessing of heaven" for: The Law of Tithing manifesteth your love for the Lord, Thy God. The Law of The Fast manifesteth your love for your neighbor through its attendant offerings.

11. And, as love begets love; evenso, the consecrations of my Saints shall bring upon them blessings so rich that ye shall be unable to receive - for they shall flow unto you - forever and ever!

12. Therefore, those who are able, shall fill the Sacred Treasury from their surplus after they shall have tithed an exact tithing; that they may be blessed according to their faith.

13. Verily, here is wisdom: those of "the widow's mite" shall be resourceful and manifest their faith in this manner and not a single blessing shall be stayed from their heads in life or in eternity!

14. Let My Saints throughout the width and breadth of Zion - from the North and from the South, from the East, and from the West now prove Me herewith in this thing and they shall see the power of their God. For, verily all these things are for the glory, majesty, and endowment of Zion.

15. My sons and my daughters: It is Zion that ye seek; therefore, know that I am calling My Saints in to gather under my wings as a nurturing hen. Yea, warmth and comfort shall be their reward, only if ye come in unto me, saith The Lord, your God.

16. A mystery is now revealed unto you: The Fullness of Mine Holy Priesthood consists in the ordinances of the Sacred Sealing Power. These holy ordinances which belong unto The House of God are not to be found among the communities of thy kind and ye are called to restore this Fullness within their midst.

17. Ye may have all the blessings of the Restored Gospel as brought unto you through my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., but if ye have not the Sealing ordinances of My Holy House, ye have not the Fullness.

18. Other churches have priesthoods and engender faith in the hearts of the people, but ye and ye alone among thy kind have that which bringeth unto the knowledge of God, even The Father of the Son of Man; for, Man of Holiness is His Name.

19. Be somber, for it is sacredness that hath caused thy bosom to burn within thee. Ponder these things in thy heart and, as ye seek in reverence to understand, more shall be revealed unto you. Evenso, amen.


On January 23, 1986, President Antonio Feliz received a vision of such magnitude that he was commanded not to reveal to anyone the content of a portion of it. He was instructed to "...seal-up the revelation until, in the Lord's wisdom, it way serve as instruction unto the church..." Then, on February 28, 1986, after being personally charged by President Feliz regarding her duties as the temporary presiding authority of the Church in Los Angeles during the absence of all members of The Temporary Presidency, Elder Pamela Calkins stated that the Temporary Presidency would soon be reorganized. Days later, on March 3, 1986, in Salt Lake City, Utah, President Feliz was pondering the impact of the labors of Elder Calkins in Los Angeles would have on the Church and the Spirit moved him to break the seal on the envelope in which the January 23rd revelation had been placed.

As he read the revelation which had been sealed-up, he was blessed with additional instructions of the Lord. Then, in confirmation of the combined two revelations, on March 13, 1986, President John Crane submitted to the Temporary Presidency a letter stating what the Lord had manifested to him to be a specialization of his ministry. Both of the revelations given through President Antonio A. Feliz are included (with exceptions of some items which must remain sealed at this time) in the following:

1. Thus saith the Lord unto you, for thou art My Servant Antonio; yea, behold: It is expedient that the Church come to know very shortly of My will as I have made it known unto you in the vision. Verily, the one whom thou hast known in the vision shall be thy successor as the President of The High Priesthood after thee.

2. Therefore, thou shalt say unto My Saints that there is one chosen of Me to stand after thee as the President of The High Priesthood over all the Church and as The President of The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-day Saints - which is known in the world this day as The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ - nevertheless, thou shalt say unto the Church that this shall not be until thou hast finished thy work which I, the Lord their God, have given thee to do...

3. The time soon cometh when thou shalt see that it is wisdom that my servant John Crane be released from his duties as thy Counselor in The Presidency of The High Priesthood and of The Church; yea, even as a member of The Temporary Presidency.

4. I, the Lord, his God, am well pleased with his offering in the work of The Presidency. Let my servant John now continue to act in all diligence as The Second Witness. Him shall the Church continue to sustain as The Evangelist To The Church; for, it is in this that his gifts abound richly.

5. Now, therefore, that the work of the ministry may go forth, I give unto thee my servant Pamela Calkins to fill the vacancy in the Temporary Presidency. Yea, thou shalt present her unto The Church in conference assembled as the Second Counselor and as a member of The Presidency of The High Priesthood of all The Church together with thee and My servant LaMar Hamilton, with whom I am well pleased.

6. Ye three - The Presiding High Priests - shall yet wait for a season for any further ordinations. He that eyes to see, let her now see, and she that hath ears to hear, let him now listen: Mine House is a house of order, saith The Lord your God.

7. I cannot bestow upon thee The Holy Ordination without a place where I may call thee unto My Holy Presence. For, I design to restore - or in other words, to extend - to those of thy kind all the ordinances which are held in trust at this time by The Twelve headquartered in Salt Lake City.

8. Therefore, after the Saints of My Little Flock have been blessed with The Holy Endowment of My Holy House, The President of The High Priesthood shall enter in unto Me alone, saith The Lord, your God.

9. Thus, the memorials of Mine Holy Priesthood shall be offered-up unto the Most High God by the one who presides while standing in the Realms of Holiness. There, The President shall wait upon The Lord, saith the God of Israel. This, my son, shall be the beginning of the Holy Apostleship among you.

10. Until that day - peace be unto thy soul; My Holy Spirit shall guide thy steps and - even as thou canst not see - know that I am with thee all the way; thou art not alone in the darkness. This is the manner of growth, my son.

11. Thou shalt know when the time shall have come for the revelation of these words unto The Church just as much as thou shalt know, by My Holy Spirit, how and what to do with thy few resources that the worthy Church may be able to receive the ordinances of My Holy House. Is anything impossible unto Me? saith The Almighty God. Fear not for, I have spoken it; so shall it be done. Evenso, amen.


On March 27, 1986, President Pamela Calkins indicated to her companion, Lynn LaMaster, that she should be preparing herself to receive the temple ordinances. Lynn's response was: "I really don't know what it is - what should I be preparing myself for?" President Calkins, during her personal prayers, was also directed of God to "teach her (Lynn) of the Endowment, of its beauty and serenity, of the peace and spiritual joy to be received therefrom." After being so directed, President Calkins approached the Lord in fasting and prayer with the question "How and what should I teach Lynn (and others) of the temple?" In answer to this question, the Lord blessed President Calkins with the following:

1. The Endowment is the blessing I give to my children who seek My Face. It is a gift, a strengthening, and a guide to show them the proper path to return to My Presence.

2. All of the blessings given in Mine Holy House are given in an order, as stepping stones, for how can ye come to where I Am. if ye follow not the path I have followed?

3. First, the Initiatory: The BEGINNING. If ye were about to undertake a long journey, would ye not prepare yourselves with food and clothing?

4. So are Mine Initiatory Ordinances: The Spiritual Food and Clothing that ye will need in your long journey back into My Presence. These ordinances serve to give you strength and protection, to let you know you have begun on the right path.

5. The washing is to cleanse you from your past - to remind you that you are clean from it and now have only to discharge those duties which are required of you in the future.

6. The anointings are a sealing and a protection of your physical body - each part is anointed and blessed so that your mind can be freed to deal with the spiritual rather than the physical, for I take the responsibility of the physical into Mine own hands for you. And then, if ye suffer, ye suffer unto Me.

7. The clothing in the Garment of The Holy Priesthood is for a shield and a protection against the power of Satan. He is real, do not be deceived!

8. But I give you an Holy Garment for your protection and as a reminder that I Am with you always. These, then, are the BEGINNING - the initiatory ordinances.

9. Once you have prepared yourselves for your journey, you are ready to commence, but where do you go? This is the purpose of the main body of the Endowment: to take you through the steps and levels of spiritual growth that are necessary to become as I Am.

10. You make covenants, each one building upon the last and forming an arrow, an indicator leading to Me.

11. The path will not be easy, but the signs and indicators are clear, pointing to Me, if you but will listen with spiritual ears and see with spiritual eyes. The body of the Endowment, then, guides you to Me.

12. The sealing ordinances bind you to one another in your love. This is the most important, for that quality which makes a god is not power alone - it is love, pure love. For, pure love is the most powerful of all and so I seal you in your love for one another.

13. For, love is not a solitary thing. It multiplies and grows with each who is added to the circle, and the power of the love of two together is more than the power of two alone. And the power of twelve who love together cannot be stopped in this world nor in the world to come.

14. As ye perceive, this love need not be a love of bodies, but a love of spirits, minds, and hearts. Nevertheless, I delight in the physical unions of My children which lead them to unions of heart, mind, and soul and these I bless with Mine Holy Sealing Ordinances.

15. And those who continue on will receive the second sealing of the Holy Spirit of Promise and will indeed be together forever as partners, companions, and LOVERS throughout all eternity.

16. This, then, is the Endowment - that each who feels so inspired and drawn to Me will be prepared, guided, and fulfilled in the journey which leads to Me and to Eternal Life as I Am. So be it, forever and ever, Amen.


During an emotional meeting of the Temporary Presidency on the evening of April 2, 1986, Elder Pamela Calkins shared a revelation regarding temple ordinances. Because Elder Calkins addressed prayers to her Heavenly Parents, Elder LaMar Hamilton asked skeptically whether the revelation was from Heavenly Father or Heavenly Mother. Elder Calkins then related incidences in the past where she felt that praying to her Father was not enough. She also needed to confer with Mother, but knew nothing about her. Being moved by her response, Elder Hamilton said, "I will teach you about Mother!" During a dream that very night, during which the nature of our Heavenly Parents was made clear to him, Elder Hamilton awoke at 3:15 A.M. April 3rd, and felt impressed to write what he had seen and heard in the dream. The Lord, by revelation, later designated what he wrote as:

1. Hear, O vain man on Earth, here is Eloheim, your Father and your Mother. We are your God. It has been so from the beginning. Together We created the Earth by Our Son, Jesus Christ. Together We hear your prayers and answer as one.

2. At no time have We been separate. We have always been there for you. At times your Father speaks from Heaven and at times your Mother. Yet We speak as one. Think not that your God is alone. It is together We have compassion. It is together We become angry. He is not without Her and She is not without Him.

3. You have been taught to pray to Father. This is no error. Was it not your Brother, Jesus, who taught you to pray to Father? Jesus loved His Father, who taught Him grace and wisdom and compassion. The saints needed to know of His love for them.

4. Did they not know Us as stern, just, and as a task master? Mother taught Him justice, honesty, and to labor diligently in Our work. Yet is not your Father just, honest, and hard working? And is not your Mother full of grace and mercy, and does she not love Her children? Together We are complete and perfect.

5. We are together because of Our desire. Yet We are separate in Our own right and authority as was Adam and Eve, as was Abraham and Sarah, as was Joseph and Emma. Know ye not that Mother is a God, a High Priest, and may stand alone, the same as Father in Heaven.

6. Know ye not that Our desire is to act as one and be as one? It is also Our desire that the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve be one with Us as Christ is also One with Us.

7. We are Family, a Royal Priesthood and Gods or Gods to be. Some children have fallen as have some gods. Your Mother and Father weep over the loss of even one of your sisters or brothers.

8. Now We teach you of Mother. She is my bride, my eternal companion and I love Her. She is strong without bulk and beautiful without adornment. She is soft and supple. Our bodies mesh as do Our spirits. We supplement and compliment each other.

9. Together, We are a continuum of divine characteristics capable of ALL without limit and without regard to Our gender.

10. How many times have I intervened with Her in behalf of mankind. She likewise has intervened with Me.

11. Her desire is to have Her sons and daughters home after their sojourn in the worlds, and then send them away again in exultation. Mother grieves with me at the loss of any of Our children to the realm of Satan, the fallen one.

12. Hear now your Mother in Heaven: My son, you have, as a child wondered about me. Your eyes have been closed to me by the teachings of thy brothers on earth. They thought themselves superior to thy sisters because of their physical strength and created doctrines, laws, and practices both secular and religious to enslave and diminish.

13. At times and places thy sisters triumphed and ruled over families and nations. Many and great are women of the earth who have reigned supreme in their realm and wielded great influence on men and nations.

14. Now love your sisters, heal their hurts and hold them as equals just as sons of loving parents respect their sisters.

15. Was polygamy an abomination? We answer both yes and no. The practice is divine in origin, but women were never meant to be subservient to men. Women were to be equals and were to be sovereign over their families.

16. It was when the man exercised unnecessary dominion and became neglectful that the practice was halted in the main. Woe to them anywhere in the world who subvert Our will regarding this practice.

17. Now, wince so more, My son, and be not embarrassed that my children wish to address me in prayer. You understand Our love for all Our children, especially for Our Little Flock.

18. Did you not approach your earthly mother for solace when your father's was not enough? Deny not my pleasure. Instead, teach My children that I Am and that I am anxious to answer. Amen.


On April 3, President Feliz, Bishop Hamilton, and Elders Crane, Bluto, and Snider were in the home of Elder Crane discussing gifts of the Spirit. Elders Snider and Bluto had recently experienced outpourings of the gift of tongues in their personal prayers and were relating these incidents.

President Feliz then taught the group from the inspired writings of Paul in 1st Corinthians and also of Joseph Smith. The conclusion of the meeting was that we should not deny such gifts, but that they must be exercised in public only when the speaker knows by the Spirit that an interpreter is present. Also, spiritual gifts should be exercised under the direction of the Priesthood. President Feliz especially emphasized the teaching of Paul that, more than the gift of tongues, we should seek after the gift of prophecy, which President Feliz defined as speaking in one's native tongue under the direct inspiration of the Spirit.

During the above events, and after studying what the Scriptures had to say on the subject, Elder Crane was impressed with the fact that the Gifts of the Spirit were so much a part of the Christian experience that the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants each contained a discussion of these gifts. He was also impressed that the Lord desired to include a similar discussion in His written Witness unto This People. On April 4, 1986, after making this a matter of prayer, he received the following:

1. Harken unto the words of God, the Fountain of all Truth and the Source of every good gift.

2. I have taught concerning the signs and gifts of the Spirit which always accompany my Saints and which are always given as a testimonial and witness of faith.

3. Yea, they are given according to the degree of faith present. Read what has already been revealed on this subject at the hands of My servants Paul, Moroni, and Joseph Smith. Yea, read also the words of Alma and Nephi, the son of Nephi.

4. For, the ancient Nephites were a highly favored people of the Lord; yea, favored above every other nation, kindred, tongue, or people at that time. They had all things made known unto them, according to their desires, and their faith and prayers, of that which has been, and which is, and which is to come.

5. Many of them were visited by the Spirit of God, conversed with angels, were spoken unto by the voice of the Lord, had the spirit of prophecy, and the spirit of revelation, and also many gifts -- the gift of speaking with tongues, and the gift of preaching, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and the gift of translation. (Alma 9:20-21)

6. Read these words in faith. Seek the truth with real intent. Pray about these words and I will enlighten thy mind through the gifts of the Spirit. Yea, even the gift of understanding.

7. I say unto the Priesthood of the Church that it should seek these gifts and deny them not, but nevertheless, know that these have their place.

8. Who is man that he should please man? Seek not these gifts that ye may prove your faith or calling to others, or satisfy their curiosity. It is a wicked and adulterous generation that seeketh after a sign. For, verily, if ye do this, ye already have your reward: the praise of men, which is as fickle and changeable as the waves of the sea.

9. Seek rather to please God -- who seeth in secret. For better it is to seek the approval of a just God who changeth not and who rewardeth all those who diligently seek Him, yea with unspeakable gifts.

10. And when ye receive these gifts, pray for the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, that unmistakable Witness which comes only from God (which My Servant Joseph taught that Satan cannot duplicate), so that ye may know of assurity that the gift is good, for every good gift comes from God.

11. Know that faith, hope, and charity are also gifts of the Spirit.

12. Faith, hope, and charity are not always outwardly visible even though the effects of them might be.

13. These gifts are available to all.

14. Seek after these gifts first.

15. Remember that without faith it is impossible to please God.

16. Also, without hope, born of the Spirit, it is impossible to lay hold upon Eternal Life.

17. Again, without charity, ye are as the salt of the earth which has lost its savor.

18. Yea, do all that thou doest in charity and under the direction of My Spirit. Read what is revealed in Section 124 of the Doctrine and Covenants on this subject: For, instead of blessings, ye, BY YOUR OWN WORKS, bring cursings, wrath, indignation, and judgments upon your own heads, by your follies, and by all your abominations, which you practice before me, saith the Lord. (D & C 124:48)

19. And when ye do all things in charity and by the Spirit, God will, in His own time, respond through the Spirit. (Read D & C Section 131 and 2 Peter 1:.) The more sure word of prophecy means a man's KNOWING that he is sealed up unto eternal life, by revelation and the spirit of prophecy, through the power of the Holy Priesthood. It is impossible for a man to be saved in IGNORANCE.

20. I, the Lord, stand ready to give these gifts unto all. And when a man or woman yields his or her heart to God, who can restrain God from being Himself through them? Then, who can restrain the Almighty from bursting forth with these gifts which it is His very nature to bestow, even as a storm cloud be restrained from bursting forth with rain?

21. I have poured out My Spirit upon My Little Flock and blessed My Saints with an abundance of gifts of the Spirit, even to overflowing. Or, in other words, I have called many of My children, whom I will, who are blessed with an abundance of spiritual gifts and talents to lay the foundation of this Church.

22. Scoffers may deride and fools say: "Why does this Church have so many revelations? Can't you think for yourselves or do anything for yourselves." But, if there were no revelation in the Church, these are the same who would say: "How can this be the true Church of Jesus Christ when there is no revelation?".

23. Those whom I have chosen to be Witnesses of My Name unto this generation must be prepared to receive and use these gifts. They must also know why and how these gifts are given as well as received.

24. And this is the pattern: God performs a work in time which reaches unto eternity. Or in other words, God performs a work in this material world which has its counterpart in the spiritual world.

25. God establishes His work with an unbreakable covenant or promise of blessings and increased knowledge and power for obedience and cursings and decreased knowledge and power for disobedience.

26. Then, God calls men and women as witnesses who testify to the world of what they have seen in the flesh and in the Spirit.

27. The man or woman who hears the testimony of the witnesses, believes them, and who then acts on the promises of God IN FAITH, will then receive the promised blessing or reward in this life or in the next, for such acts performed IN FAITH reach unto eternity. (See Romans 9:32, HT & P 45:2-4.)

28. These will also receive the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost that what they have done is true and is according to the will of God.

29. As the Book of Mormon teaches, ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. When this occurs, your faith grows along with your knowledge and power, and ye are ready to take the next leap of faith. And thus ye grow from grace to grace.

30. Again, neglect not the gifts of faith, hope, and charity. For, we are bound together and heaven joins earth when ye perform any act of sacrifice, motivated by charity, based on faith on My promises, looking forward with hope to their fulfillment. Amen.


On Sunday, April 6, 1986, Bishop Hamilton presented a revelation he had received on Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, and President Calkins presented a revelation explaining in simple but beautiful terms the nature and purpose of the Temple Endowment. President Feliz said in Fast and Testimony Meeting that he had prayed for his counselors to receive revelation.

President Feliz mentioned that on April 4, 1986, he, too, had received a revelation which shed even yet additional light on the first two revelations. He was instructed by the Lord to show it only to individuals as they showed themselves prepared to receive it and then, within the House of the Lord. He was then commanded, however, to teach the following two points from the revelation to the Saints at large:

(1) The names "Heavenly Father" and "Heavenly Mother" and all other names for deity are titles or offices and refer not to specific persons of that gender. Thus any couple, without regard to the physical gender of either spouse, who lived the Gospel in this life and was sealed here for Time and All Eternity could thus serve in these functions and thus fulfill all the promises attached to the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood and obtain all the blessings in the hereafter which were pronounced upon them in the Temple.

(2) God designs to reveal great mysteries to the Saints through this knowledge, some of which, never before had been revealed to the church in this dispensation.

After receiving the above revelations and praying about them, Elder Crane received the following witness. This revelation also continues the discussion on gifts of the Spirit as begun in the revelation of April 4, 1986. (See Section 21.)

1. The revelations given to the individual members of the Temporary Presidency, confirm My approval upon the reorganization of that quorum and also upon My Saints, who, as a Church, have received The Law of the Gospel and thus are prepared to receive further light and knowledge.

2. I, the Lord, am well-pleased with the Church, speaking collectively and not individually, for it is seeking after Me and My Spirit. And what is it to the world if I choose to reveal all knowledge unto My Little Flock, as they are prepared to receive it?

3. For there are some of My Little Flock who will, in time, if they continue in all diligence, come to know the mysteries of eternity until they know them in full. Marvel not, for this promise was given by my servant Alma in the Book of Mormon:

4. "It is given unto many to know the mysteries of God; nevertheless they are laid under a strict command that they should not impart only according to the portion of his word which he doth grant unto the children of men, according to the heed and diligence which they give unto him.

5. "And therefore, he that will harden his heart, the same receiveth the lesser portion of the word; and he that will not harden his heart, to him is given the greater portion of the word, until it is given unto him to know the mysteries of God until he know them in full." (Alma 12:9-10)

6. Know, My children, that your fundamental nature is light and truth. Yea, that which is, which has been, and which ever shall be. My Spirit is also light and truth, which searcheth all things, which knoweth all things, and which filleth the immensity of space and dwelleth in all My creations.

7. On this wise, taught I my Twelve in the early days of this Restoration. Read this entire section and the thirteenth chapter of the testimony of John concerning Me:

8. "The light shineth in darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not; nevertheless, the day shall come when ye shall comprehend even God, being quickened in him and by him.

9. "Then shall ye know that ye have seen me, that I am, and that I am the true light that is in you, and that you are in me; otherwise ye could not abound." (D & C 88:49-50)

10. Know that truth cleaveth unto truth and light seeketh its own and forsaketh the evil one.

11. The Glory of God is Intelligence, or in other words Light and Truth. Thus, as Light and Truth come unto their own, so is the Glory of God increased. The power of the Holy Ghost is the binding or sealing power which joins truth to truth, light to light, and spirit to spirit. Or, in other words: line upon line, precept upon precept, and grace upon grace.

12. And when (or by what process) are we bound together? Whenever the Holy Ghost ministers its gifts in any of its manifestations. These are what are termed "gifts of the Spirit". In the Preparatory Gospel, we are bound together when the Holy Ghost bears witness to the truth of words spoken or written under My inspiration.

13. As stated before, we are bound together and heaven joins earth when ye perform any act of sacrifice, motivated by charity, based on faith on My promises, looking forward with hope to their fulfillment.

14. In the Gospel of the Kingdom, we are bound together by the Holy Spirit of Promise which ratifies Priesthood ordinances, and confers power in the Priesthood.

15. The power of godliness is manifest in all the ordinances of the Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God, yea even the ordinances of the Temple of the Most High. For, these ordinances teach how to overcome the world, lay hold upon Eternal Life, and how we become one.

16. These ordinances lead to offices in the Patriarchal Order of Priesthood or the Holy Order of God. The Patriarchal Priesthood is an order of Priesthood having to do with the establishment and continuation of relationships or families both in time and in eternity. It is inextricably connected with the Power of the Holy Ghost, the Sealing Power, and the Holy Spirit of Promise.

17. This (meaning the Holy Spirit of Promise) is the "nail" which ultimately binds the Saints together, by their own free will and choosing, to each other and to God, and -- to those who can bear it -- to the Eloheim.

18. There is much more to know. I, even the Father, will teach you through the Son, by this same Spirit as ye enter Mine House and partake of the ordinances therein and bind yourselves to each other and to Me. Amen.


On May 7, 1986, while viewing L.D.S. General Conference on video tape and while in the spirit of fasting and prayer regarding several items pending which were of importance to the Church, President Antonio Feliz was impressed to retire to his room and sought the Lord for answers to the questions resting heavily upon him. The Lord gave very specific and definite instruction in the following:

1. Hear now the Word and Will of The Lord unto the Temporary Presidency of My Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of All Letter-Day Saints:

2. The time is now come when that Holy Thing which ye have dedicated unto the laying of the foundations of the Holy Apostleship shall be placed in the center of the headquarters of the church wherein I have placed this Holy Office. Yea, my servant Antonio shall take it with him unto that place and there come in unto Me alone; even into My Presence and he shall there wait upon Me and I shall give unto him answer to his prayers.

3. Furthermore, it is expedient that ye tarry yourselves no longer in the matter of placing the Sacred Treasury and the Tithes and the Offerings of My Saints in an institution of finance; be ye not slothful stewards with the consecrations of My Little Flock. Yea, the way is opened-up even now for you to obey and has been for much time; but ye have not acted upon faith.

4. Thus saith the Lord unto the Church by way of wisdom and not by way of commandment nor by way of constraint: Be ye resourceful in the managing of thy stewardships wherein ye have individually been blessed with things material. I am well pleased with some individuals who have so done.

5. Nevertheless, I am not pleased with others who have sought to be as Ananias and Sapphira of old. Verily, I say unto you ye shall reap the harvest of whatsoever ye sow; yea, those of you who have lied, have not lied unto man but unto God.

6. It is pleasing that ye each tithe as my spirit shall and does impress upon thine own mind; yea, do as thou hast been taught - my sons and my daughters - and ye shall not be found without favor in My sight.

7. It is for a wise and fulfilling purpose that ye shall now remember to lay-up in store that which ye consume and now consume that which ye each do lay-up in store.

8. For, as ye have been instructed in days gone past: I give unto you these sayings that the Church may stand independent above all other creatures beneath the celestial world.

9. My children: Herein is your salvation both temporally and spiritually - if any take of the abundance which I have made and impart not their portion according to the revelations, they shall be found with the wicked, being in torment, at the Final Day.

10. Verily, verily, I say unto you all: Ponder the words which I have given in days gone past in the revelations provided for the guidance and salvation of all Saints or who can be called saints of the Latter-days. For, I have already spoken and what I have spoken ye shall do.

11. Meditate upon the book of Doctrine and Covenants in Sections 42, 56, 58, and 104; for, Zion cannot be built-up - even within the heart of two - unless it is according to the principles of the Law of the Celestial Kingdom.

12. Therefore, let the work of taking the message of the restoration of the Fullness of Mine Holy Priesthood be taken by those who have been endowed with blessings of My Holy House unto those people unto which ye have been called. Your faithful labors shall wash your garments clean as promised.

13. Also, that ye may continue in the work of thy sanctification individually, ye shall continue in all things whatsoever ye have been instructed of Me in the days since the establishment of this Church; for, it is for you - The Saints of God - that this Church was suffered to exist.

14. Ye shall not suffer that any further ordinations nor callings in The Holy Priesthood be given until I shall direct; for, there is more. Nevertheless, ye shall wait upon Me through the medium of him whom I have set to preside as the Presiding High Priest; yea, even he that is The Vessel of The Lord unto those of this portion of My Kingdom.

15. For, ye are My Church and ye are not all My Kingdom. Nevertheless, My Kingdom shall yet be established amongst you.

16. Be patient and abide in the callings wherein ye have each been called and I shall reward each according to his faithfulness that she may be taken from grace to grace. Evenso, amen.


On the evening of May 15, 1986, while pondering a revelation given through Wilford Woodruff at Sunset, Arizona in January of 1880, President Antonio Feliz was filled with a "wonderful feeling of warmth and pure joy" when, for about two and one-half hours, he received a vision "...whether in sleep or while still awake, I don't know." He was allowed to see the future progress of the work of The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ and at the close of the vision, the Lord gave him specific instructions in the following:

1. Listen to the Voice of Thy Lord, even the Voice of Jehovah, The Christ and the Head of this Church which is unto the Temporary Presidency: My Children, ye have chosen to walk by the arm of the flesh in the establishment of branches. For, as shown this day in the vision, My Spirit speaketh not of such but, of quorums of My Holy Priesthood.

2. Nevertheless, ye may suffer that branches exist because of the traditions of your fathers. Evenso, know that it is My Kingdom which ye do now build-up and that it is not merely a church that ye do now establish, as others have supposed.

3. Again, I say unto you: Lean not on the arm of the flesh but, rather, lean upon and trust in My Spirit in the work of restoration. Hear now the Word of the Lord unto you my servant, even thou that art My Mouthpiece unto this portion of My Kingdom upon the earth:

4. Thou shalt now go and prepare every needful thing that thou mayest present the names of Robert McIntier, Michael Howard, and David Ewing, if he remain faithful, unto the General Conference of The Church that the Church may function in their priesthood.

5. Thou shalt even now prepare every needful thing that The Presidency of The Church may act as the Presidency of The Quorum of High Priests in My Church; which quorum is now instituted in this portion of My Kingdom for the preparation of all those called into it; that they may be qualified to act in the office into which I, The Lord your God, have called them.

6. Yea, The President of The High Priesthood, shall be The President of the High Priests; for, this is it ordained from all eternity; that he may lead, instruct, and counsel his Brethren - yea, all who are of this High Priesthood, as often as your circumstances will permit.

7. Say unto the Brethren: This, yea even this is the preparation with which I prepare you: That the Kingdom of God may go forth, so that the Kingdom of Heaven may come!

8. Nevertheless, thou shalt not bestow upon any that portion of the sealing power which is most sacred; yea, that which is never in but one in the Church in its fullness at a time with all the attendant keys of this Priesthood which is of The Holy Order of God.

9. Verily, my son, thou must yet carry this burden in this portion of My Kingdom. Did I not say unto my servant John Taylor that such would be so? Have I not spoken plainly in the revelations on this matter?

10. Yea, my son, the day will yet come when The Twelve shall, in this portion of the Restoration, hold every key, right, and authority in this sacred power together with thee that they may act as one and be one; yea even a quorum of Holy Ones unto Me; otherwise, ye are not My Kingdom; he that hath eyes to see, let her now see and rejoice!

11. For, my son, thou art called with a call of Elias, yea, even to be My Messenger unto the saints of the latter-days that they may return unto Me and also that they may lift up their eyes from their downtrodden places and that they may reach up unto The Most High from beneath the shadow of their guilt.

12. In this calling thou art called to work the work of a saviour unto the outcast and the lost; yea, thou art called to lead the imprisoned that they may break forth from out of those things which enslave and do chain them down away from their progress unto My Holy Name.

13. It is the Kingdom of God that thou art building-up upon the earth. Did ye not make holy covenant that this would be your consecration and your stewardship?

14. Hast thou not been directed of me to cause that the saints in this portion of the Restoration covenant in Holy Places that their consecrations are unto The Holy Priesthood of God and not unto the church? For, your work is not in the establishment of a church only.

15. Thou shall also examine the revelations and My spirit shall direct thee as to what thou shalt do to prepare my servant John Crane that he may be prepared for his name to be presented to the Annual Conference of The Church to be ordained unto the office of Priesthood in the Patriarchal Order which was before appointed unto him;

16. That from henceforth, he shall hold the keys of the Patriarchal Blessings upon the heads of all my people together with thee. Yea, that whomsoever either of you bless shall be blessed, and whomsoever either of you curse shall be cursed, saith the Lord.

17. Even thou shalt prepare him as I have shown unto thee in the vision that, if he faileth not, he may pronounce blessings upon the heads of the saints and by revelation declare the lineage of the same that the Law of Adoption may bless those of thy kind in this portion of the Restoration.

18. Know that I Am with thee and thou shalt have sufficient faith unto the task that is before thee; for, thou shalt go unto him whom thou hast seen and declare the word unto him which I have given unto thee. My son, it has been nigh unto one year that thou hast preached My Word without purse or scrip and, in this, thou hast qualified thyself within thy calling and thine election.

19. Thine efforts and thy works have come up unto My Presence and witness of thy promised station within My House wherein I have prepared for thee a place. Therefore, come unto Me.

20. Thereafter, thou shalt continue in thy preaching without purse or scrip; for, so it was with mine apostles of old and of days gone past. Strengthen thy Brethren; say unto them:

21. Remember, ZION is no further away - nor any closer - than the spiritual condition of My people justifies; yea, ye are called unto Holiness;

22. And Holiness is unity and love empowered by My Holy Spirit - yea, even wholeness. For, it is that which is the end and purpose of quorums in My Holy Priesthood.

23. Ponder these things as they are recorded in the revelations that the Kingdom of God may be established among you, and thus, the Kingdom of Heaven will come!

24. When thou hast done all these things, return unto My Holy Place again wherein I will give more for the guidance and direction of the Kingdom of God upon the earth in this portion of the Restoration; which Kingdom is within thee. Evenso, Amen.


On May 6th, 1986 Elder Crane was marveling at the experience which the Saints shared during the first session of the Initiatory Ordinances held in the temporary structure which the Church had built for the purpose of performing the ordinances of the House of the Lord. He was given by the Spirit to rejoice in his heart that the Lord was fulfilling His promises relative to the temple ordinances and that the Saints were being greatly blessed thereby. It was in this spirit that he was blessed with the following witness and:

1. I say unto the Church: Behold the tabernacle which ye have reared up unto me. Yea, ye built it at my command, using the pattern shown you and have built it in faith, under great sacrifice, having a spirit of charity, looking forward with an eye of hope to the promised blessings to be obtained therein. This I, the Lord, remember and accept.

2. For did not My Spirit fill the tabernacle? And did not many testify to the presence of the Holy Spirit? And did not mine angels attend to your washings and your anointings? And were ye, My Saints, not blessed in that ye were bound closer one with another?

3. And this is just the beginning of the blessings that will accrue to the Saints as they fulfill their callings and partake of the ordinances of My House.

4. Behold I, the Lord, teach in all things; and this tabernacle is also a pattern for my Saints in the quorums of the Priesthood and in the Church.

5. Remember, that an act of sacrifice done in faith, motivated by charity, and entered into with hope does bring forth the blessings of heaven, even the gifts of My Spirit, which gifts ye had a foretaste of in your initial temple services and which gifts can make you equal to the tasks to which I have called you and will yet call you.

6. And having seen how My Spirit enhances and edifies a tabernacle (or a temporary building) made of the elements of this earth, how much more will I, the Lord, enhance and edify you, even my living temples?

7. Verily, ye whom I shall name by the mouths of my Two Witnesses, are both called and chosen to this work, and ye shall marvel at this, but I say unto you: I have chosen the weak and simple ones of the earth to bring forth my purposes, that the world may know (if it will) that my work is done by the power of God and not of man.

8. Yea, ye chosen ones are weak and simple as to the things of this world, but I shall make you mighty in the things of the Spirit. If ye trust in me, ye shall work greater works in My Name than those wrought during my earthly ministry or at any time since the beginning of the world. Yea, search the scriptures: read, pray, believe, seek, and receive.

9. Again, this is the final day. I have sent you out as gleaners into my vineyard for the last time, and there are many who will yet listen to My Voice and come unto me. But, ye must call them with My Voice and not your own for my sheep know My Voice and are known of me, and they will come.

10. Ye, My Witnesses are called to establish the righteousness of God, even the Kingdom of God, upon the earth, even My Zion; not the righteousness of man, which bringeth wraths, strivings, cursings, and iniquities after the manner of the flesh.

11. But, ye shall establish my righteousness which comes as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, for verily my work shall be cut short in righteousness, not in wickedness.

12. And by the righteousness of God that is established, shall that wicked one be bound.

13. I say unto those whom I will choose: seek me early that ye find me and faint not. For have I, the Lord, promised and will not fulfill? Have I, the Lord, called and will not answer?

14. Ye shall all be witnesses of My Name, and Witnesses indeed. Ye shall also be my friends, for a friend, unlike a servant, knoweth what his master doeth.

15. And, verily, I say unto you, as I said unto mine ancient Apostles -- and whatsoever I said unto mine apostles in the scriptures at any time, that say I unto you (for I speak unto the office and not unto the man) -- what manner of men ought ye to be? Yea, even as I AM. For the works that ye see me do, in time, that shall ye do also, at my command and by direction of My Spirit.

16. Now, my servant John, by whom ye receive these words is not under direction from me to write by way of calling or commandment, for that is the calling of my servant Antonio, but I command him to write by way of encouragement and admonition and witness unto you, that ye may know that I am here, that ye can find me if you seek me, and that ye may know that my words are true and my promises sure. Amen.


On May 28, 1986, President Antonio A. Feliz had been pondering over several questions which had arisen in his mind as a result of instructions given through him and President John R. Crane in two previous revelations. While reviewing the revelation he had received on May 15, 1986, he approached the Lord about the subject of the organization of the High Priests Quorum, and while thus engaged, his memory flashed several scenes from the vision he had received on the previous May 15th. While meditating on these scenes, he received the following:

1. Behold, listen ye that assemble yourselves as Brethren, even the High Priests of This Church: yea, give ear now unto the Voice of He Who Presides through your collective union in obedience to My Voice.

2. My Brethren - For, ye are My Brethren when ye do what I say. Verily, I AM an High Priest forever after the order which is of Melchizedek; for, I AM The Great High Priest and ye are Mine; even all ye who are after The Holy Priesthood which is After The Order of The Son of God.

3. Verily, I am well pleased in that ye have chosen to follow My Voice. In this thing ye have turned the key and even now do ye unlock the gate which leadeth unto your future missions in this work.

4. Therefore, I now give unto you further light and knowledge regarding the foundations of My Kingdom which ye do now lay: yea, even now.

5. The Temporary Presidency shall no more be. For, in the establishment of Quorums ye do the will of The Fathers and follow in Their footsteps.

6. My Brethren, The Presidency of The Church may act, for a time, as the presidency of The High Priests Quorum, as I have heretofore revealed unto you. Nevertheless, it is such because the President of The High Priesthood is the President of all high priests in this portion of the Restoration.

7. Brethren: Be ye clean that bear the vessels of The Lord; for, ye are not yet holy. Nevertheless, ye shall yet become such through your faithfulness in the magnification of your calling in the High Priesthood.

8. Therefore, ye shall appoint one of you to preside over the affairs of the Elders in such place where elders have been organized into Families.

9. One of the elders shall preside in each Family. He or she shall function under the direction of the high priest set to preside. Thus, ye shall do throughout the width and breadth of this portion of the Restoration; yea, here is wisdom - that each may magnify his calling; yea, that each may come to understand her priesthood.

10. By and by, as ye do magnify your calling, and thus, the elders become sufficiently prepared, these shall be organized in to a quorum of Elders. Yea, even quorums; that they may attain unto that which is most holy also!

11. The temporal foundation has been laid; and My servant LaMar Hamilton is no longer to act as the presiding bishop. Let him now take his place in the quorum of High Priests; for, I have given him another calling; verily, he is a counselor unto the President and of the Presidency of The High Priesthood.

12. Behold: Ye shall not set-apart nor ordain any unto the office of Presiding Bishop over this Church; for, he to whom this calling is given from all Eternity shall yet step forward among you. Until then, let My Servant Antonio now act in the office of Presiding Bishop for a season.

13. There are others unknown to you at this time - these, I have charged My holy angels to prepare to join with you in the leading forth in the work of restoration unto which ye have been called. These, shall hereafter, be revealed through My servants who are now given unto the Church, if they follow My Voice unto them.

14. Thus saith The Lord unto the elders who are called to be missionaries and, thus, witnesses unto the peoples of the world: Ye are elders; yea, even ye are of the same call of the seventy elders of ancient days. Therefore, ye shall be as Brethren unto the Elders in this portion of My Kingdom.

15. That those of the Aaronic Priesthood may also grow in their knowledge and wisdom, let them be unto the Elders as Brethren. Here is wisdom: For, these have no ordained President, other than the President of all the Priesthood in this portion of the Restoration.

16. A promise is now given unto you: What I have spoken, I have spoken and shall yet come to pass: The Sons of Moses together with the Daughters of Moses shall yet prepare the Saints for the Final Day together with the Children of Aaron in this work.

17. The Presiding Elders are given as the shepherds of the flock and, ye - My High Priests - are given to be as shepherds of them all!

18. Be ye filled with singleness of heart; yea, even with a virtuous heart and ye shall be My Stewards and I shall be Your Goodly Lord.

19. Yea, I shall be He Who Rewardeth Justly and In Love; yea, I shall reward even with the Pure Love and this, unto all those who do magnify their calling in this work of the quorums of My Holy Priesthood.

20. For, such is the decree even from before the foundations of this world: Holy covenant was made in council and ye are My Brethren! Evenso, Amen.


On June 6, 1986, while making preparations for the administration of the full Temple Endowment in Salt Lake City, Utah, President Antonio A. Feliz was pondering the several principles relative to man's Free Agency and sought the Lord's will concerning the manner in which the Endowment ceremony was planned to be administered. While in the Temple Enclosure, he was blessed with the following:

1. Peace be unto thy soul, for it is My Spirit which has moved thee to proceed swiftly in the matter of the Endowment. Verily, it is for a wise urpose that ye now move to administer this Holy Ordinance of My Holy House; yea, the purpose of which ye shall see, by and by.

2. For now, understand that it is meet that the person receiving the Endowment not see that which is written; for, ye must endow who have so been endowed. Therefore, see that ye do administer the Endowment as I have manifested it unto you this day.

3. Without doing so, ye fail to observe the principle of agency. For, how is agency to exist if there be no teacher? Yea, also how can there be a teacher in truth without there be a second witness? Verily, all these must be represented in the Ordinances of My Holy House; for, herein is the power of Godliness manifest unto you:

4. Thus saith the Lord unto those who choose to listen and heed My Word; yea, give ear unto My Voice ye that exercise the agency which is within all who shall receive these words -

5. The Agency of Man is sacred unto the Fathers; yea, it is sacred unto Me. And, why is it sacred? Verily, it is even that which is; it is that which empowers; it is that which creates -

6. For, ye must be endowed with Charity of My Father through the agency which is, that ye may be able to abide the Presence of Eloheim. Without this agency ye can in no wise have sufficient hope unto faith; for, it is through agency that hope is made.

7. Can ye say that sacrifice is, where there is no agency? Verily, no! Can you say that consecration is, where there is no agency? Again, ye must say, No! And, without the ability to sacrifice unto hope which leadeth unto the ability to consecrate unto faith, ye cannot become as One. For, this ability is the Agency of Man; yea even your own Free Agency!

8. It has been written of Me: My ways are not your ways, and so it is. For, verily, ye must come unto Me by your faith because of your agency; otherwise, I cannot lead you unto the Father. Verily, ye must do even as I have done; for, it is agency which rules from all eternity to all eternity.

9. Goodness is free -- it floweth without constraint nor without obstruction to itself. Light attracts light: yea, darkness cleaveth unto darkness and so it is from all Eternity. It is in the Agency of Man that Goodness is brought forth; for, it is not restrained nor coerced.

10. All intelligence is light. Therefore, with agency, light floweth freely unto light and, by and by, darkness is overcome. Without agency, constraint and obstruction would cause darkness to overcome the light and it would prevail.

11. I say unto you who desire to become One; yea, even One within your love one with another: How can you choose to love or how can you choose to be as One without agency? Verily, it is because of your agency that ye are able to exercise any level of unity unto wholeness.

12. That which is not free or blessed with this agency, cannot become holy; for, holiness is attained through light adding itself to light. Know that ye are agents unto yourselves and, thus, ye may be Holy!

13. Herein is the Key: Verily, this is the truth and, thus, ye are free! And your whole body shall be filled with light; for, all intelligence is light and I AM the Light and Life of the world and she that cometh unto Me and calleth on My Name and -- through agency -- obeyeth My Voice, shall be sufficiently endowed that he may become light and truth also.

14. Therefore, ye shall hold your free agency as a sacred trust; yea, even if it allows for darkness to come in. For, only in this way can ye become as I AM. Cleave unto light and I, even the Light of the World, shall cleave you unto Myself; for, it is agency that allows it. Evenso, amen.


In the early morning hours of July 1, 1986, President Antonio A. Feliz was pondering the scriptures in the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon and felt the need to ask the Lord about the need for greater unity within the entire High Priests Quorum of the Church and inquired as to what could be done about a particular challenge that had surfaced. The Lord, while answering his humble plea, in His boundless mercy gave precious treasures of knowledge in His response which is recorded for the Church in the following:

1. My son, peace be unto thy soul. Thou hast found favor in Mine Eyes and thou shalt yet succeed in this work; for, it is the work of righteousness in which thou hast been engaged. Therefore, be not troubled regarding the actions of thy Brethren; verily, they each have their individual agency. Some shall fall along the way, but the work shall go forth boldly and nobly as heretofore promised.

2. Verily, the time has come when thou shalt do as I revealed unto thee when thou didst come in unto Me. Yea, thou shalt take my servant John Crane and teach him the manner of how he may obtain answer to prayers even as thou hast been taught.

3. For, behold, thou shalt say unto him that he is the Second President or the Second Witness in this dispensation of priesthood. For did I not teach thee in the beginning of My revelations unto thee that the time had fully come for thee to do a marvelous work and for thee to teach somewhat concerning the Holy Priesthood? And, did I not promise thee My Second Witness?

4. Therefore, thou shalt be called in the Church the First Apostle and he shall be called the Second Apostle; for, ye are both My Witnesses, even Special Witnesses of My Name unto thy people. Be not troubled...

5. Those of The Twelve in Salt Lake City have their agency. In due time, if they choose, they may yet join in the extension of the Restoration unto thy people also. Nevertheless, ye are both now called with that same calling and authority and ye shall so be presented unto the Annual General Conference of The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ -- even The Church of Jesus Christ of All Latter-day Saints, which church is of Me.

6. Thou shalt not suffer that the complete Endowment in the tabernacle be administered without an holy dedication and consecration of the Temple Enclosure and all its furnishings unto My Holy Name. For, verily, how can I endow you with blessings that require this ordinance without there be the ordinance?

7. Therefore, thou shalt take John together with thee and ye shall both ponder upon the words which shall be used in the dedicatory prayer of the Tabernacle and he shall be voice; yea, I shall reveal the prayer of dedication through my servant John.

8. Thou shalt preside at the dedication and see that all is done according to any dedication of any of the Houses of The Lord and as I have shown unto thee. Teach thy fellow saints that the shout of My saints in an holy Shout unto Me that they shall shout with all the angels and just ones made perfect on that day as ye sing and praise My Holy Name within the Realms of Holiness.

9. Thus saith the Lord unto My Two Witnesses, the Quorum of High Priests, the Elders and Members of My Church and Kingdom in this portion of the Restoration: gather ye together into My Holy House -- even into My Tabernacle -- that I may give unto you that which has been promised; yea, give ear now and listen ye together to the Word of The Lord:

10. Upon My Two Witnesses I have placed My Holy Name, even The Holy Priesthood of The Fathers; for herein I design to restore all things unto you who have been rejected of others. Verily, it must needs be so; for, in this I give unto you a new Dispensation; yea, even a dispensation of Priesthood!

11. For, verily, Noah was a son of the City of Enoch and I, even Jehovah, placed mine own hands upon his head and set him apart for the mission unto which he was called that those of his people might receive Me while it was yet day unto them. Nevertheless, they heeded not his words and, thus, they perished in the sins of their lives in the great flood.

12. Ye must all prepare yourselves to also be chosen, called-up, and anointed; for, ye are also called unto holiness. And how can ye be holy if ye are not cleansed? Therefore, when you are cleansed through the magnification of your mission, ye may, thus, be chosen, called-up, and anointed and not until then.

13. A mystery is now revealed unto you: The Keys of The Holy Priesthood consist in the obtaining of the Voice of Jehovah. Ye who have truly obtained My Voice have, in this, manifest in you The Keys of the Holy Priesthood. For, all of My Holy Priesthood have these keys in trust within them.

14. The Twelve in Salt Lake City together hold all the keys of this Priesthood in trust. Others are prophets, others are seers, others are revelators, but, these alone hold all the keys in trust -- even those which administer the power that is even now in your midst.

15. It was for this reason that my servant Antonio was called unto their midst, that he might fulfill all righteousness in the administration of this sacred power. As the agency of man is sacred unto The Fathers, so now My Servant is free to preside in this power within this portion of My Church and Kingdom. Behold, this is a new priesthood dispensation which I have given unto you...

16. The time has now come for the revelation of my former words unto you: Hear now, O Israel -- My Servant, Antonio Feliz, has received an holy calling and he has received this dispensation within this holy place even as Abraham. It is for this cause, that he has been able to be even as Moses unto you.

17. Again, I say unto You: O My People -- Ye are all called to be messengers of The Father even as others were so called in the days of Enos and the Ancients of Israel; for, out of you shall prophets and seers be called who shall be as revelators unto My People. These shall stand as Brethren with My Two Witnesses, even My Servants Antonio and John.

18. For Alma was called with this same calling; and, evenso, you also are called by revelation, by the Spirit of Prophecy, by the Testimony of Christ within you and because of the Holy Order of God which you have received in the Temple -- for, it is found in none other place but in The House of the Lord.

19. Unto My Servants Antonio and John I say: Ye are My Witnesses and even ye are Apostles or Special Witness of My Name and are now called unto my other sheep as I have said unto many; yea as I said unto the Nephites of old.

20. And, why are ye both called? Verily, it is because of the Law of Witnesses and that also ye have both chosen to repent and to work righteousness rather than perish. For, if ye had not so done, ye both would have perished in the sins of your lives.

21. Therefore, ye all are called this day to study the words of Alma that ye may also not perish, but through your individual repentance and your works of righteousness, that ye may be worthy of the call which is unto you; for, the call is unto all My Brethren of the High Priests Quorum of the Church -- even My Brethren.

22. Yea, ponder ye the works of Melchizedek and strive to become as he! Indeed, Melchizedek was an humble man in all his days and, thus, he led his people in great faith. For, he was filled with light and as light cleaveth unto light, his people followed and became One with him because of his great example.

23. Melchizedek was a King of Righteousness, a King of Salem, a King of Peace; even a King of ZION. For, through his example, his people obtained the Presence of God, and thus, he was a great high priest. Ye have also been anointed to become hereafter as he!

24. Behold, Melchizedek was blessed in all his labors with his people because he did obtain the Voice of Jehovah; he did receive The Law of Chastity together with The Law of The Gospel and diligently kept himself on the path of their precepts until he was blessed with power in his priesthood.

25. Ye have also -- every one -- bound yourselves to keep The Law of the Gospel as it has been explained to you, together with The Law of Chastity. Without these two, as now administered, in this Holy Place, ye can in no wise obtain that which was given unto Melchizedek and unto Enos, Alma and all those of this same calling.

26. For, My Brethren of The High Priests Quorum: Ye must be single-hearted in all thy ways in these two Laws. Anything less that this, for you who have taken upon yourselves these covenants, is an adulterous thing; for, only in your singleness of heart in these two Laws are you virtuous and holy before Me.

27. Therefore, be ye not as those unto whom ye are called to save from the sins of their lives.

28. Come unto Me as often as ye sense My Spirit and I shall come unto you. Ye shall also come often unto My Holy House and I shall teach you more from time to time on these things. Be one; be not slothful but, be diligent in this work; even this -- the work of being saviors by precept and also by example.

29. The call is unto many. Few shall be chosen and called-up. For, few do the works of righteousness. Ye who have been called have the ability within you to do even as Noah; be ye therefore even as he! There is more but, for now, do as I have commanded and return unto Me. Evenso, amen.


On July 8, 1986, President Antonio A. Feliz felt impressed to go out of his way, while returning home from work, and visit at the home of Elder Eduardo Muldong. President Feliz had received a verbal resignation from LaMar Hamilton from his calling in the Presidency of The High Priesthood of The Church. President Feliz had not accepted the resignation, since President Hamilton had been called by revelation, and only revelation could also release him from the call.

A special fast day was appointed for the high priests on July 6, 1986, and some even fasted on other days on behalf of President Hamilton. Elder Muldong was serving as an agent of the Presiding Bishop and was previously the Executive Secretary to the President of The Church. The high priests and the President were involved in interviews with their members, preparing for the Endowment Service in the Temple on July 12, 1986. There was much reflection on the part of the membership with regard to their personal worthiness for true Temple worship.

President Feliz was in the spirit of fasting and prayer in the home of Elder Muldong and was given the answer to his plea for direction on what to do in light of President Hamilton's resignation in the following:

1. Thus saith the Lord: Harken ye who suppose to call yourselves after My Holy Name and listen to The Head of this church, even Jesus Christ and thus, be ye this day witnesses of the long-suffering of the Lord -

2. With some, I am well-pleased; for, those of you who strive after My Spirit, have received an endowment of the Holy Ghost as a witness of this work. Be ye now constant in this witness.

3. Nevertheless, those who seek not after Me, have no oil in their lamps and gross darkness covereth their way while it is noon-day unto them! With these, I am not pleased. These are they that are become as the elder sons of Aaron; for, they act without Me and, thus, do pollute Mine Holy Places. This because of their faithlessness and hypocrisy; for, they do transgress the covenants they have made.

4. Verily, the covenants they have made, they have made before My Presence and, unless these of whom I now speak do speedily repent, they shall fall by the way into the deep and others shall be given their place; for, I shall not be mocked by those who esteem not my covenants.

5. Behold, desolation shall follow any who forsake covenants which they make before Me; for, they shall perish in the sins of their lives unless they speedily repent.

6. Unto you - ye who strive unto holiness, I say: Be of good cheer! For, ye have the blessing which is meet unto you. Yea, the sweetness of eternity doth even now fill you up and ye are content therein. Blessed are ye, for a multiplicity of blessings shall be yours. Verily, exactness and honor in your covenants shall bring unto you much honor and goodness.

7. If my servant Eduardo keeps the covenants which he has formerly made, that he may be lifted from under the yoke that oppresses him, he shall be appointed that call with the President of The High Priesthood which was formerly given unto him. Nevertheless, it is given unto him to choose.

8. Let others be placed as agents of the Presiding Bishop; for, I have released those who have acted in this call. These shall be called according to the whisperings of My Spirit in both places wherein this church is established at this time. These shall be given through the high priests who preside and through the Presiding Bishop of the Church. This is the pattern.

9. Unto the Presidency of The High Priesthood, I say: How can one preside where he goeth not? Therefore, in that LaMar Hamilton has, thus, exercised his agency, he is released from the Presidency of The High Priesthood of The Church. Thou shalt not have him as thy counselor henceforth.

10. Nevertheless, he is not released from the high priests quorum; for, he is an high priest. Unless he altogether turneth therefrom, this remaineth as a call unto him. Nevertheless, it is given unto him; if he keep not the promise, he it is that has chosen.

11. My son, see that none other is placed in the Presidency of The High Priesthood at this time. For, in due time, one whose anointing is even now known unto him, shall be thy counselor. For now, that the laws of the land may be met, thou shalt appoint one to act as thy counselor and as of the Presidency of The High Priesthood of The Church.

12. Peace be unto thy soul; fear not the Agency of Man. Remember, it is that which is. Verily, thou shalt esteem it even as I - The Almighty God - do render honor unto the Agency of Man. Learn from this; for, this is the manner of growth, my son. Even this is the way of the Fathers.

13. Verily, verily - this is not the work of man; yea, if it were such, it would even now have come to naught. Watch and be constant and thou shalt see the salvation of the Lord. Unto those who are Mine - even the peaceable followers of Christ - Mine Arm in this work shall be revealed as it has already been so revealed unto some. Evenso, amen.


While reading Section 109 of the LDS Doctrine and Covenants, the Dedicatory Prayer for the Kirtland Temple, revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Pres. John R. Crane was very impressed with the prayer and suggested to Elder Feliz that parts of it be used in the dedication of the first tabernacle of the Church. On July 1, a revelation given to President Antonio A. Feliz instructed that Elder Crane be voice in the dedicatory prayer, and that he should receive the words of the prayer by revelation. (See Section 28.)

On July 4, 1986, Pres. Crane was given the following prayer by revelation. This prayer follows the overall pattern of Section 109 but adapts parts of it in accordance with the unique needs of this people. The prayer was given at the dedication of the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, UT, on July 12, 1986.


1. Holy Father and Holy Mother, who are in Heaven, from all eternity to all eternity, hallowed be Thy Name.

2. Father and Mother, we are one when Thy Spirit touches us; we are born anew and our voices are added to those of all eternity who know and acknowledge Thee as God.

3. Let heaven and earth now join together in this holy place that we may draw nigh unto each other and unto You, our Heavenly Parents, that we may have joy and rejoicing in each other.

4. Let us harken unto the Lord our God and call upon His Name forever; for Endless is His Name, yea Eternal is His Name, even The Man of Holiness, and again, Man of Counsel is His Name.

5. Therefore, harken ye, all eternity, unto the Lord of Hosts, even the Lord of All.

6. Blessed unto all eternity are they who take upon them His Name, for verily they have not chosen Him, but He has chosen them and it is He, Himself, who does place His Name upon them.

7. Therefore, harken ye, all eternity, unto His Name, that His kingdom may come, and His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

8. Thanks be, to Thy Name, O Lord God of Israel, who keepest covenant and showest mercy unto Thy servants who walk uprightly before thee, with all their hearts--

9. Thou who hast commanded Thy servants to build a house to Thy Name and to carry it to this place, even this Valley of Promise in the Tops of the Mountains where Thy servants Isaiah and Micah foretold that the House of the Lord would be established and ALL nations would flow unto it, that all people may walk in the Name of our God.

10. May it be even as thou, O Lord, hast promised, that: in this day thou wilt assemble her that halteth, and thou wilt gather her that is driven out, and her that thou hast afflicted.

11. Yea, make her that halted a remnant, and her that was cast far off a strong nation and the Lord shall reign over them in mount Zion forever and ever.

12. And, now thou beholdest, O Lord, that Thy servants have done according to Thy commandment.

13. And now we ask Thee, Holy Father and Holy Mother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of Thy bosom, in whose Name alone salvation can be administered to the children of men, we ask thee, O Lord to accept of this house, the workmanship of the hands of us, Thy servants which Thou didst command us to build.

14. For Thou knowest that we have done this work through great tribulation; and out of our poverty we have given of our substance to build a house to Thy Name, that the Son of Man might have a place to manifest himself to his people.

15. And as Thou hast said in a revelation, given to us, calling us Thy friends, saying -- Call your solemn assembly, as I have commanded you;

16. And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom, seek learning even by study and also by faith;

17. Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing, and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God;

18. That your incomings may be in the Name of the Lord, that your outgoings may be in the Name of the Lord, that all your salutations may be in the Name of the Lord, with uplifted hands unto the Most High--

19. And again, in another revelation, Thou hast commanded us to build this structure that Thou mayest have a place to call us into Thy Presence that Thou mayest have a place to lay the foundation of the Apostleship in this portion of Thy Kingdom.

20. And now, Holy Father and Holy Mother, we ask Thee to assist us, Thy people with Thy grace in calling our solemn assembly, that it may be done to Thine honor and to Thy divine acceptance;

21. And, in a manner that we may be found worthy, in Thy sight, to secure a fulfillment of the promises which Thou hast made unto us, Thy people, in the revelations given unto us;

22. That Thy glory may rest down upon Thy Little Flock and upon this Thine House, which we now dedicate to Thee, that it may now be sanctified and consecrated to be holy, and that Thy Holy Presence may be continually in this house;

23. And that all people who shall enter upon the threshold of the Lord's house may feel Thy power, and be constrained to acknowledge that Thou hast sanctified it, and this is Thine House, a place of Thine holiness.

24. And grant, Holy Father and Holy Mother, that all those who shall worship in this house may be taught words of wisdom out of the best books, and that they may seek learning even by study and also by faith, as Thou hast said;

25. And that they may grow up in Thee, and receive a fullness of the Holy Ghost, and be organized according to Thy laws, and be prepared to obtain every needful thing;

26. And that this house may be a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of glory and of God, even Thine House;

27. That all the incomings of this people, into this house, may be in the Name of the Lord;

28. That all the outgoings from this house may be in the Name of the Lord;

29. And that all their salutations may be in the Name of the Lord, with holy hands, uplifted to the Most High;

30. And that no unclean thing shall be permitted to come into Thine House to pollute it;

31. And when Thy people transgress, any of them, they may speedily repent and return unto Thee, and find favor in Thy sight, and be restored to the blessings which Thou hast ordained to be poured out upon those who shall reverence Thee in Thine House.

32. And we ask Thee, Holy Father and Holy Mother, that Thy servants may go forth from this house armed with Thy power and that Thy Name may be upon them, and Thy glory be round about them, and Thine angels have charge over them;

33. And from this place they may bear exceedingly great and glorious tidings, in truth, unto the ends of the earth, that they may know that this is Thy Work, and that Thou hast put forth Thine Hand, to fulfill that which Thou hast spoken by the mouths of the prophets, concerning the last days.

34. We ask Thee, Holy Father and Holy Mother, to establish the people that shall worship, and honorably hold a name and standing in this Thine House, to all generations and for eternity;

35. That no weapon formed against them shall prosper; that he who diggeth a pit for them shall fall into the same himself;

36. That no combination of wickedness shall have power to rise up and prevail over Thy people upon whom Thy Name shall be put in this house;

37. And if any people shall rise against this people, that Thine anger be kindled against them;

38. And if they shall smite this people, Thou wilt smite them; Thou wilt fight for Thy people as Thou didst in the day of battle that they may be delivered from the hands of all their enemies.

39. We ask Thee, Holy Father and Holy Mother, to confound, and astonish, and to bring to shame, and confusion, all those who have spread lying reports abroad, over the world, against Thy servants, if they will not repent, when the everlasting gospel shall be proclaimed in their ears;

40. And that all their works may be brought to naught and be swept away by the hail, and by the judgments which Thou wilt send upon them in Thine anger, that there may be an end to lyings and slanders against Thy people.

41. For thou knowest, O Lord, that Thy servants have been innocent before thee in bearing record of Thy Name, for which they have suffered these things.

42. Therefore we plead before thee for a full and complete deliverance from under this yoke;

43. Break it off, O Lord; break it off from the necks of Thy servants, by Thy power, that we may rise up in the midst of this generation and do Thy work.

44. O Jehovah, have mercy upon this people, and as all men sin, forgive the transgressions of Thy people, and let them be blotted out forever.

45. Let the anointing of Thy ministers be sealed upon with power from on high.

46. Let it be fulfilled upon them, as upon those on the day of Pentecost; let the gift of tongues be poured out upon Thy people, even cloven tongues as of fire, and the interpretation thereof.

47. And let Thine House be filled as with a rushing mighty wind, with Thy glory.

48. Put upon Thy servants the testimony of Thy covenant, that when they go out and proclaim Thy word they may seal up the law, and prepare the hearts of Thy saints for all those judgments thou art about to send, in Thy wrath upon the inhabitants of the earth, because of their transgressions, that Thy people may not faint in the day of trouble.

49. And whatsoever city Thy servants shall enter, and the people of that city receive their testimony, let Thy peace and Thy salvation be upon that city; that they may gather out of that city the righteous, that they may come forth to Zion, or to her stakes, the places of Thine appointment, with songs of everlasting joy;

50. And until this be accomplished, let not Thy judgments fall upon that city.

51. And whatsoever city Thy servants shall enter, and the people of that city receive not the testimony of Thy servants, and Thy servants warn them to save themselves from this untoward generation, let it be upon that city according to that which thou hast spoken by the mouths of Thy prophets.

52. But deliver thou, O Jehovah, we beseech thee, Thy servants from their hands, and cleanse them from their blood.

53. O Lord, we delight not in the destruction of our fellow men; their souls are precious before thee;

54. But Thy word must be fulfilled. Help Thy servants to say, with Thy grace assisting them: Thy will be done, O Lord, and not ours.

55. We know that thou hast spoken by the mouth of Thy prophets terrible things concerning the wicked, in the last days -- that thou wilt pour out Thy judgments without measure;

56. Yea, thou hast decreed that these judgments shall begin at Thine House and go forth from there.

57. Therefore, O Lord, deliver Thy people from the calamity of the wicked; enable Thy servants to seal up the law, and bind up the testimony, that they may be prepared against the day of burning.

58. We ask Thee, Holy Father and Holy Mother, to remember those who have been despised and rejected and made to feel ashamed because of the love in their hearts which they bear to those of their own kind. Yea these have been cast out of their homes, driven from their families, and estranged from their churches -- yea even the church which calls itself after Thy name. These have been declared sinners where they have not sinned save out of ignorance of the Law of Thy Gospel, cut off from the blessings of Thine House, and hindered from fulfilling the covenants they have made unto Thee.

59. Father and Mother, many of these are choice souls unto Thee and would come unto Thy Kingdom with all their hearts were they not prevented from doing so. Yea, many of them are chosen from all eternity to be rulers in Thy Kingdom and build up Zion before the Great and Final Day.

60. Thou knowest that these have been greatly oppressed and afflicted by those who teach for doctrine the commandments of men; and our hearts flow out with sorrow because of their grievous burdens.

61. O Lord, we know that for this cause, thou hast called forth and established this church in this portion of the Restoration.

62. Father and Mother, we ask that Thou wilt hear our petition and bring these, the afflicted and the rejected, unto this Church that we, as Thy servants after Thine own heart, may minister comfort and salvation unto them. And for those who do not come, may we, Thy servants, go forth as hunters and fishers and bring them to Zion, one of a city, and two of a family.

63. Father and Mother, we long for the day foretold by Thy servant Jeremiah, when the people shall say not the Lord God who parted the Red Sea and gathered the Children of Israel up out of Egypt unto the land of their inheritance, yea we long for the day when men say the Lord God who hath gathered his people unto Zion and hath established her out of all the creations which He hath made.

64. Have mercy, O Lord, upon those who afflict and distress this people that they may cease to spoil, that they may repent of their sins, if they will.

65. But if they will not, make bare Thine arm, O Lord and redeem that which thou didst appoint a Zion unto Thy people.

66. And if it cannot be otherwise, that the cause of Thy people may not fail before thee, may Thine anger be kindled, and Thine indignation fall upon them, that they be wasted away, both root and branch, from under heaven;

67. But inasmuch as they will repent, thou art gracious and merciful, and wilt turn away Thy wrath when thou lookest upon the face of Thine Anointed.

68. Have mercy, O Lord, upon all the nations of the earth; have mercy upon the rulers of our land; may those principles which were so honorable and nobly defended, namely, the Constitution of our land, by our fathers, be established forever.

69. Remember the kings, the princes, the nobles, and the great ones of the earth, and all people, and the churches, and the poor, the needy, and the afflicted ones of the earth;

70. That their hearts may be softened when Thy servants shall go out from Thy house, O Jehovah, to bear testimony of Thy Name; that their prejudices may give way before the truth, and Thy people may obtain favor in the sight of all;

71. That all the ends of the earth may know that we, Thy servants, have heard Thy voice and that thou hast sent us;

72. That from among all these, Thy servants, the sons of Jacob, may gather out the righteous to build a holy city to Thy Name, as thou hast commanded them.

73. Holy Father and Holy Mother, remember Thy Servant Antonio A. Feliz and all his afflictions and persecutions -- how he has covenanted with Jehovah, and vowed to Thee, O Mighty God of Jacob -- and the commandments which Thou hast given unto him, and that he hath sincerely striven to do Thy Will. May we, as a people, honor and sustain him as Thy Mouthpiece unto this generation.

74. Have mercy, O Lord, upon his children that they may be exalted in Thy presence and preserved by Thy fostering hand.

75. Have mercy upon all his immediate connections, that their prejudices may be broken up and swept away as with a flood.

76. Remember, O Lord, the presidents, even all the presidents of this Thy Church, that Thy right hand may exalt them with all their families and their immediate connections, that their names may be perpetuated and had in everlasting remembrance from generation to generation.

77. Remember, O Lord, the presiding quorum of high priests in this Thy church that they may be Brethren unto thee and prepare themselves for the high and holy callings which do await them.

78. Remember all Thy church, O Lord, with all their families, and all their immediate connections, with all their sick and afflicted ones, with all the poor and meek of the earth.

79. Holy Father and Holy Mother, we know that Thou hast appointed unto Zion other stakes besides this one, that the gathering of Thy people may roll on in great power and majesty, that Thy Work may be cut short in righteousness.

80. Remember thou, O Lord, Thy servants who do lead the other churches of the Restoration. Strengthen them. Uphold them in their stewardships, each in their respective portions of Thy vineyard. Yea, be with and sustain the members of all these churches and their families that each may fulfill that which thou hast called them to do, that the kingdom which thou hast set up without hands may become a great mountain and fill the whole earth;

81. That all Thy churches of the Restoration, under the direction of Thy Holy Priesthood, may come forth out of the wilderness of darkness, and shine forth, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners;

82. And be adorned as a bride for that day when thou shalt unveil the heavens, and cause the mountains to flow down at Thy presence, and the valleys to be exalted, and the rough places made smooth; that Thy glory may fill the earth;

83. That when the trump shall sound for the dead we shall be caught up in the cloud to meet thee, that we may ever be with the Lord;

84. That our garments may be pure, that we may be clothed upon with robes of righteousness, with palms in our hands, and crowns of glory upon our heads, shouts of praise in our mouths, and reap eternal joy for all our sufferings.

85. O Lord God Almighty, hear us in these our petitions, and answer us from heaven, Thy holy habitation, where thou sittest enthroned, with glory, honor, power, majesty, might, dominion, truth, justice, judgment, mercy, and an infinity of fullness, from everlasting to everlasting.

86. O hear, O hear, O hear us, O Lord! And answer these petitions, and accept the dedication of this house unto thee: the framework, the walls, the space contained therein, the furnishings which belong thereto, the veil, the holy altar, this, the work of our hands, which we have built unto Thy Name;

87. And also this church, to put upon it Thy Name. And help us by the power of Thy Spirit, that we may mingle our voices with those bright shining seraphs around Thy throne, with acclamations of praise, singing Hosanna to God and the Lamb!

88. And let these, Thine Anointed Ones, be clothed with salvation, and Thy saints shout aloud for joy. Amen and Amen.


On July 11, 1986, after doing all that had been directed by the Lord to do in preparation for the excursion to Salt Lake City, Utah for the dedication of the Temple Enclosure and for the administration of the full Temple Endowment ceremony on behalf of the majority of the newly baptized members of the Church, President Antonio A. Feliz did as instructed and returned to the Lord in solemn prayer and waited upon the Lord for further direction. Continuing the revealed direction and hidden knowledge which had already been given in the preceding revelations, the Lord than gave through President Feliz additional knowledge on July 15, 1986. Both directives from God are herein presented as one:

1. My Apostles - even unto you in whom I have placed My Holy Name and unto those of the High Priesthood and My Saints who do assemble yourselves in The House of The Lord - Listen ye together and receive the Voice of God unto you:

2. Apostles are as My ancient high priests - one apostle for each tribe in the New Covenant, that the Law of Adoption may be administered in the Holy Order of God.

3. For, here is wisdom, an apostle is one who seals; yea, one who binds with the Holy Spirit of Promise; for, the Holy Spirit of Promise is charged from all eternity to seal whatsoever apostles seal and to loose whatsoever these loose.

4. Verily, this is that which makes their witness a Special Witness of My Name; for, it is bound and sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise in all the world. In this, an apostle differs from others of the High Priesthood - Nevertheless, all high priests must attain unto this power to seal-up their words. For, in eternity, all high priests must become as apostles in this power of priesthood; for, herein is The Holy Order of God.

5. Behold, an apostle is as a redeemer in Israel through the Power of My Name and, thus, ye are. For, My Name have I placed upon you both. Yea, this shall now continue on even until Twelve are called, chosen and also receive this power.

6. Therefore, these are - through Me - Redeemers of Israel, even Judges; and this, through the Power of My Name.

7. The Twelve are called to lead out in this, even as Melchizedek, Noah, Abraham, and Enoch; for, ye are called to raise-up unto Me a new society - a chosen generation - a Kingdom of Holy Ones, of Kings and Queens and Priests and Priestesses of The Most High.

8. Yea, these, whom I have chosen by an holy anointing are to call out from Babylon and her cities those who sold their body for a shelter - those who ate from the table of their users - those who lay as with love but, find they lay not in love but only use their bodies in the taking of that which is meant to be otherwise given.

9. Even these, ye must lead and guide in the ways of The Fathers as well as one another.

10. Therefore, as ye are My Special Witnesses, ye shall see that those of the Holy Priesthood teach that one who is espoused with another - and they both are become of The Holy Order (or in other words, they are endowed with the ordinances of the House of The Lord) must needs live the Laws of Chastity and The Gospel. In these Laws they manifest their oneness and unity and singleness of heart with one another; and, thus, the Laws of Consecration and Stewardship may apply unto them in all things.

11. For, unless this be so, those united in their love are not espoused with one another in My Father's Kingdom. Verily, this is the manner in which these are raised unto a new society - even through their strict keeping of these two Laws; for, in these are the rites, laws and ordinances of The New and Everlasting Covenant found.

12. Therefore, all who have a hope unto salvation in the Presence of the Eloheim, must exercise faith unto exaltation through these laws - yea, this is the way of the Fathers.

13. And, whosoever is espoused and given unto one another in this New and Everlasting Covenant as companions for all eternity, that they may have eternal increase in the Order of the Fathers, must keep themselves only unto one another in this covenant and unto none else.

14. For, if any of these shall lay in union with another who is not of this union or espoused of The New and Everlasting Covenant, which has been sealed upon these by him who is anointed unto this power, shall have transgressed the covenant; for, this other one is not of this sealed union and - God shall not be mocked in these things!

15. Remember, ye who enter into this New and Everlasting Covenant which seals up unto eternity those united in their love one for another that they many have an increase in the eternities to come, are of a higher law than those who are not of this covenant; for, where much is given, much is required. Herein is the justice and benevolence of God manifest unto you.

16. Therefore, see that ye enter in this New and Everlasting Covenant in all soberness before Me, saith the Lord, your God. For if ye so do, ye shall be chosen as equals with The Fathers in spite of the wanderings of your mortal youth. Yea, and this, in spite of earth and hell.

17. Listen now, obey and reap exaltation ye who have been found in the deepest of a fallen world and ye shall be exalted above all in the eternities of your lives. It is for this purpose that ye have been created; for, as we counseled in the beginning, in this ye shall be brought back into the Presence of God, and with those of the Celestial Realm, partake of Eternal Life and be added-upon forever, worlds without. end.

18. Therefore, that ye may have claim on the power of mercy as ye grow into the endowment of these Laws, ye shall establish amongst you the Betrothal Sealing For Time; for, in such ye shall establish the intent of your hearts within the congregation of all the saints in this portion of the Restoration.

19. Verily, this is wisdom; for, justice must be satisfied and ye are not yet as perfected. In the Betrothal Sealing For Time, those who desire the sealing of the Holy Spirit of Promise on their union, that they may together be added-upon with eternal increase in the worlds to come, may live together so as to prepare for the time when they may be sealed for time and all eternity by one who is anointed unto this power as administered through him who is anointed unto such.

20. Without the Betrothal Sealing For Time, many shall fall by the way because of their weaknesses and follies of their youth - notwithstanding their sincere desire to do right and to act righteously. Remember that all things must be done in wisdom and in order; yea, My House is a house of order; for, it is verily The House of The Lord, saith the Lord your God. Evenso, amen.


This section contains a revelation given in three parts on three separate occasions. The first part came on the morning of July 1, 1986, when Elder John R. Crane felt the spirit very strongly and received a revelation from the Lord. He writes the following:

"As I read and pondered the words of the revelation, I was impressed by the Spirit with further meanings of these words. I was told not to elaborate upon that meaning because the Spirit meant it to be given only through the Spirit. I felt that these words applied to Tony and me in a special way."

Later that day, President Feliz showed him the revelation given as Section 28. Then both men realized that the two revelations were meant to bear witness to one another of the Will of the Lord for both of them.

The second part was revealed to President Feliz on March 3, 1986, but he was instructed by the Lord not to reveal it unto the Saints until prompted by the Spirit to do so. During Sacrament Meeting in Los Angeles, CA, on July 27, 1986, the Lord impressed him to break the seal on the revelation and read it to the congregation.

On July 25, 1986, President Feliz received the third part of this revelation, wherein the Lord commands His Witnesses to prepare themselves through fasting and prayer to bear witness of the Name of Christ before the people. The Lord promises that His Witnesses will be blessed with Gifts of the Spirit before the congregation of the Church, so that the people may witness for themselves that they are called of God. (See also Section 33.)

Elder Crane:

1. I was in the Spirit at 11:30 on the morning of July 1, 1986, and the Voice of the Lord came unto me saying:

2. Harken unto the Lord thy God, for Endless is My Name, yea Eternal is My Name, even The Man of Holiness, and again, Man of Counsel is My Name.

3. Therefore, harken ye, all eternity, unto the Lord of Hosts, even the Lord of All.

4. Blessed unto all eternity are they who take upon them My Name, for verily they have not chosen Me, but I have chosen them and it is I, Myself, who do place My Name upon them.

5. Therefore, harken ye, all eternity, unto My Name. Amen.

Elder Feliz:

6. Here is wisdom: My Holy Spirit shall direct thee to know when this shall be revealed unto the Church. The time is not yet but is close at hand:

7. For, verily, the day shall come when the President of the High Priesthood shall be given unto the priesthood of this portion of the Restoration to be sustained, ordained, and set-apart an Apostle of the Lord - Jesus Christ; yea, even a Special Witness of the Name of Christ the Lord unto all those under thy charge in all the world.

8. Remember, my son, it is I who have called and chosen, wherefore the Church shall receive The President as their Prophet, Seer, and Revelator; for, thus shall it be. Behold, art thou not anointed to rule and reign in the House of Israel with all the rights, blessings, and authorities for the building up of the Kingdom of God on the earth? Verily, thou hast not chosen Me but, I have called and elected thee; yea, thou art now consecrated a prophet unto those of thy kind among the nations of the earth. Amen.

Elder Feliz:

9. Harken, ye who are Mine Apostles: Shall ye not stand before the congregation of my people and declare unto them the Word and Will of the Lord? Yea, ye both shall go before the Saints and in the spirit of fasting and prayer I shall see your offering and ye shall be given utterance in that prophecy and revelation and knowledge shall be given through you both - even as before.

10. For, are ye not My Witnesses? Yea, ye shall stand before the people and give unto them My Words; for, ye are My Prophets unto them. Bear witness of My Name and your tongues shall be loosed before them, saith the Lord your God.

11. For, my sons, ye have obtained the Voice of Jehovah; yea, even My Voice and, thus, power in your priesthood shall be made manifest unto the saints as ye speak before their very faces.

12. Behold now my son; yea, see now thou man of faith; for, it is thy faith that allows thee to receive My Voice - yea, even now: See the vision which I have before shown unto you; yea, see that what thou hast even these last days experienced, thou hast had heretofore revealed unto you in the vision. For, I will not be mocked in unholiness; yea, in that some blaspheme My Holy Name in sacred places.

13. For although a man may have many revelations, and have power to do many mighty works, yet if he boasts in his own strength, and sets at naught the counsels of God which are given him through Mine Anointed Ones; yea, I say if he then still follows after the dictates of his own will and the carnal desires of the world, he must fall and incur the vengeance of a just God upon him.

14. Therefore, see thou now how oft the man has transgressed the counsels and the laws of God which have been given unto him through ye who have been revelators unto him; yea, see how he has chosen to go on the persuasions of the manner of men rather than on the sweetness of the Counsels of God.

15. Antonio, be thou My Messenger unto this people in this matter that I may reign in your midst; for, herein is My Kingdom amongst you; for, it is even now established in My Witnesses. Do ye this thing as ye have so been impressed and I shall bless thy words with the power of My Spirit as ye bear witness unto the people. Bless, therefore, these - My Saints - and I AM with you all. Evenso amen.


In response to the revelation designated as Section 32, Presidents Feliz and Crane so prepared themselves. The following revelation was received through President Feliz on July 27, 1986, as he stood before the people and bore witness of the Name of Jesus Christ. (See also Sec. 34)

Pres. Feliz:

And so, I want to bear testimony, not only that the revelation is of God. I know that probably better than anybody can know because it came through me. And those in this room who have received revelation, who have truly received the Voice of Jehovah, as the Lord indicated know what I am speaking of when I say that I know that this came from God.

And I want to say: the Lord is Jesus Christ. He is our Savior. And the Name of Christ is the Name that we must carry throughout the world, to the Gay and Lesbian communities of all the world. That is our call. That is our mission. And we must seek out what that means to us individually. As...

1. Behold, there are many in this room, but there are only two in this room. For we all in humanity, saith the Lord, are two: those that add light, those that bring light, those that draw light from the Source of all Light; and those that can only reflect light from other sources for they have not light within.

2. Thus saith the Lord unto you: be ye even as those who desire to reflect light from the Source of all Light. Be not as those who darken their side to the light, the Source of all Light. Be ye as those in the heavens that reflect the light that comes from the Source of all Light.

3. For as the stars in the heavens that we see, so are all of humanity: those that reflect light and those that give light. For if ye have the witness of the Holy Spirit within you, light cometh from within and shineth on and on throughout eternity. But if ye are as those without light, ye can only reflect the light that cometh from a higher source. Yea from the Source of all Light.

4. Therefore, ye are called unto holiness. Being whole, reflect the light that cometh from light that is the Source of all Light. Be not as the moon that changeth and bringeth its dark side that reflecteth not light. Be not inconstant as those bodies of the celestial realm that will reflect only darkness from time to time. Be constant. Be united. And reflect the light that cometh from the Source of all Light.

5. Now, the Voice of the Lord is unto The Priesthood of the Church: Be ye one, for if ye are not one, ye are not mine.

6. And thus saith the Lord unto those who are not of The Priesthood of the Church: if ye seek those things that are given unto The Priesthood, seek ye to be one with The Priesthood, and as ye do so seek, ye shall not only reflect the light, but enjoy the light that cometh from within.

7. All beings in worlds that are and worlds that have been and worlds that are to come are translucent or they are indeed without light. They shine light that cometh from the Source of all Light even as if it were from within, or they reflect not the light for they turn their dark side to the light.

8. Even so, as I say to you, I say to all: those who are not of the Kingdom as those who are of the Kingdom, listen to the witness of the Lord's Witnesses and share from the light that they give forth, if you desire to become partakers of that Holy Light, and if ye so do, ye shall be filled with light, and your whole body shall give forth the light, for by and by, through the process of eternity, your light shall reflect unto others.

9. Yea and in fine, those who have received all the ordinances of My Holy House shall be added upon and, thus, shall receive a fullness of light. Yea, their bodies shall be light -- even sources of light that others not yet as they, may receive light also. Even so, Amen.


After President Feliz uttered the words of the revelation which he received in the eyes of all the people (See. Sect. 33.), he sat down and Elder Crane then stood up and taught and bore witness of this revelation through the gift and power of the Spirit. President Crane also bore witness of the mission and calling of President Feliz as the Lord's mouthpiece and testified that if the Church sustained him, he would be as a Moses unto them.

He also stated that the mission of apostles was to hold up the Light of Christ to the people both through their combined witness and through the ordinances of the temple.

He also bore testimony of the great love of the Savior for His Church and testified that there were two angelic witnesses -- one man and one woman -- attending the services and witnessing the proceedings.

Following this, President David Ewing, Presiding High Priest for the Central Los Angeles area, led the congregation as they arose and sustained President Feliz as President of the Church and the Lord's Mouthpiece to this people and sustained President Crane as the Lord's Second Witness.

Then Pres. Pamela Calkins, stood up and bore testimony to the callings of the two Brethren and also taught the principles of the revelation, bringing them down to the level where the weakest Saint could apply them.

Then, on July 28, 1986, President Crane writes:

"The following came to me as I was contemplating my calling as a Second President in the Church and also pondering the revelation dated July 1, wherein the Lord commanded us to consider the life and works of Melchizedek. I was very concerned, because of the contention in the Church, about whether the people would accept Pres. Feliz and me in our callings."

While addressed to President Crane, this revelation speaks to all those who are or will be called as Special Witnesses of the Name of Christ. This revelation is also included here because of its witness and further explanation of the revelation presented in Section 33. It is also included here because of the principles taught, the way in which the Lord teaches them, and the general applicability to all who are called to leadership roles in the Kingdom of God.

1. John, thou shalt be set as an head over my people, if they receive thee. -- And if they receive thee not, what is that to thee, for they have their agency and may choose for themselves.

2. Nevertheless, my judgments shall surely fall upon those who reject the words of my servants whom I have sent in My Name.

3. Verily, my sheep hear My Voice, even above the storm of wickedness which rages in this world. Verily, my sheep see their Master even through the clouds of ignorance and the darkness of the traditions of men.

4. Therefore, thou art called to gather my sheep and none other, even as many as will. Fear not, for the honest in heart will respond to thy testimony, if they hear My Voice through thee and if they see me through thine example.

5. Therefore, be thou a faithful witness and leave the remainder to God, yea the power of God which ruleth in the heavens and the light of God which lighteth the heart of every man that cometh into the world, which light leadeth even unto Me.

6. Fear not to exercise thine office in all holiness before me. Yea, thou shalt exercise thy presidency within the bounds given thee, acting under the direction of him who holds the fullness of the keys in directing this work.

7. Thou shalt exercise thine office -- or the office unto which I have called thee -- holding sacred the agency of those whom thou seekest to serve.

8. Be not as the world, for the rulers of the world seek dominion over the children of men after the manner of the flesh, even by virtue of their office, and by force and fear. Yea, such as these seek not to let the light of Christ flow and seek unto its own that the glory of God might be added upon, but they seek to establish their own way, yea they set themselves up as a light, even as Satan sought to do in the beginning. Wherefore they call darkness light and light darkness.

9. Yea, this is the reason why thou hast looked with derision upon those who have presumed to lead thee in the past, why thou hast at times harkened unto their words, but not in faith, and why thou hast shunned the titles and honors which men presume to bestow.

10. I now show unto thee a more excellent way.

11. Let not thine ignorance and inexperience in these matters be a stumbling block unto thee. Know that thou art as a child in these matters, and know also that thou canst come and drink freely of Me, the Fountain of Knowledge, even the one who descended below all things that I might be lifted up and draw all men unto me.

12. And how is it that I draw all men unto me? Yea, it is by love, even the Pure Love of Christ, even charity. For the light which preceedeth forth from me hath its answer. When my light, which is my love -- whose answer is the source of my power -- toucheth those of my creations who will harken unto me, yea it is born anew within them and it returneth unto me. And when men hide not the light which is within them, that light is also reflected unto others, who add their voices to those of all eternity who know and acknowledge Me as God.

13. And thus is our joy full, for we have both joy and rejoicing in each other.

14. And do not the scriptures, which I have given by this same power, not already testify of these things? Yea, they all testify of these things, according to the vessel through whom I reveal my love for my people Israel.

15. For can I ever forget thee, O My people? Can I ever cease to sing a new song of my love for those who seek after My Name? Can the poetry of mine heart not feel after the sheep that are yet lost unto Me. Can I not mourn for the loss of them that choose to be cast off forever?

16. O My Sons and My Daughters, with strong words will I command thee; with tender mercies will I call thee; and with patience will I wait for thine answer. Therefore, harken ye and answer while it is called today.

17. Yea, this love, even the love of God recognizes that men are agents unto themselves, for the power to choose is within them. And if they choose to do so, the power is within them to become even as I Am. But the power is also within them to choose darkness and captivity and ignorance, and thus they are trapped and enslaved by the chains of hell.

18. The natural man or woman, having chosen darkness, is in this state even now. But, I invite you to come unto the light.

19. Knowing this then, thou (and all those whom I have chosen to be Special Witnesses of My Name) are called to be a light unto this people, that the light within them may be attracted to the light which is within thee, for I Am the light which thou shalt hold up before this people, that their light may grow brighter and brighter until the perfect day when the Day Star ariseth in their hearts, no more to set except it be that they, having seen the brightness of the sun at noon day, reject it in favor of darkness and turn altogether therefrom.

20. Yea, with this knowledge, thou canst understand how those who having once received a fullness of this light, and having turned altogether therefrom do crucify the Son of God afresh and do put Him to an open shame.

21. These sayings are known and taught throughout the scriptures and many have tried in vain to use them in governing my people. The reason those who failed, have failed, is because they themselves did not seek for and live the Law of the Gospel: namely that they did not do all in the Name of the Son and they did not repent and call upon God in the Name of the Son forevermore.

22. As a result churches were established, churches which sought not the welfare of Zion and which held not up the Light of Christ. Yea, their leaders set themselves up as a light unto the people and this is what is meant by idolatry and priestcraft.

23. As has been stated in previous revelations, those who succeeded in building My Kingdom on the earth did so using the principles contained in the Law of the Gospel. Yea, they taught those principles, and even more importantly, they lived them with all their hearts.

24. Ye, meaning all those called to lead out in My Kingdom, are now called to do likewise. Ye are called to prepare a people to meet me. And Zion shall have no laws but My Laws when I come. Amen.

SECTION 34 (Addendum)

On Sunday, July 27, 1986, following Pres. Feliz' remarks, President Crane took the stand and, by the help and grace of God, gave the following address to the congregation, also in fulfillment of the revelation given on July 25, 1986, that each Apostle should stand and witness before the congregation and that the power and priesthood of each would be made manifest in the eyes of all the people.

On Dec. 18, 2010, while preparing a new print edition of Hidden Treasures & Promises, Elder Crane was impressed with the need to include the complete text of this testimony, along with the revelation which were both given in fulfillment of the revelation given on July 25. 1986.

1. Brothers and Sisters: I would like to add my witness to that which has already been borne.

2. We talked in Priesthood Meeting today about the army of Gideon and how they were going up against the Midianites. Three hundred men against 250,000. The Lord told His servant Gideon that He would deliver the Children of Israel from the Midianites. And He said: "By the three hundred I will save."

3. And each one of these men went up and surrounded the camp of the Midianites and each one of them had a pitcher, and inside that pitcher was a light. And each one of them also had a trumpet. And on the signal from Gideon, with instructions he had received from the Lord, each man was to break his pitcher and let his light shine.

4. And the light shone around the Midianites, and they were so confused and terrorized they killed each other. The Lord had His doing in this because He had so prepared the minds of the Midianites that they interpreted what happened in the way in which the Lord wished it to be interpreted.

5. The point is that each one of these people acted as if they were acting alone, yet they acted as one man. Each of them had a light within them, just as each of us in the Church have a light, whatever the source that light may be: whether it's borrowed or whether it's direct. We each have our light to shine.

6. God manifests Himself through each office in this Church. This is my testimony. This is the body of Christ. And when we sustain one another we only sustain ourselves, and we sustain the Lord. And when we tear one another down, we only tear down ourselves and we tear down the Lord.

7. If you read through any of the scriptures, great and glorious promises are given: fantastic promises. There's things written about us in our patriarchal blessings and in the scriptures. The Lord gives us these things so that we will have faith because we can attain unto these things if we want to.

8. And it is my testimony that this man Antonio A. Feliz can be to us as a Moses if we will but sustain him in that position. When LaMar and I set Tony apart as per instructions in the revelation, which we have in Hidden Treasures and Promises, I was appointed to be voice. And, I thought I saw the Savior standing in that circle, directly behind Tony with His hands on his head, and I was merely acting as voice to the Lord, saying those things which the Lord would have me say.

9. And I also saw a vision of the Lord speaking to Tony when I said in the prayer -- which I had not planned on saying -- but I said: "Thou shalt be even as Moses."

10. When you think of the works which Moses did in the Name of the Lord -- He taught and revealed Christ to the Children of Israel according to their own time, space, and their knowledge. He built the tabernacle in the wilderness and within that tabernacle were the ordinances of the priesthood revealed inasmuch as the people could accept and receive.

11. And in the ordinances of our tabernacle is the Name of Christ made manifest also.

12. If we manifest the same faith in our president that the Children of Israel manifested in Moses, we shall be blessed in a like manner.

13. The mission of Christ upon the earth was to reveal the Father unto the world. John uses the term: "He led Him out from behind the curtain and put Him on display." That was the light which the Lord was to hold up.

14. The Lord has commanded us, His Witnesses, to hold Him up before the world: to lead the Savior out from behind the curtain and put Him on display. That is the Light which we are to hold up.

15. The Lord has instructed me that all the instructions pertaining to the Apostles given throughout time pertain to us and are relevant to us in this day.

16. Brother Feliz and I have broken our pitchers today and let our light shine before you. And we have revealed the callings whereunto the Lord has called us. And these have been known unto us from this revelation given on the first of July, but they have been known unto us as individuals long before that.

17. If you will but have faith, you will have a Peter and a John walking amongst you today. And I daresay that there are James', and Matthews, Andrews, and Bartholomews and even Pauls waiting in the wings, preparing to come on the stage. And the reason I say this is because we need to have faith that this can happen and it will happen.

18. The Lord told us that we, His servants, will do many works in His Name, things such as have not been seen.

19. The Lord works through our free agency and He respects our free agency. We are told that in the last days that Satan will be bound because of the righteousness of the people, not because the Lord is going to come down and zap anybody. It will be because of the righteousness of the people.

20. And we are learning step by step how to do that. Hidden Treasures and Promises contains the information necessary to do that, but we can't do that without the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and without each person doing their part within the body of Christ and sustaining one another.

21. I have said it before. A person who does nothing more in this Church than pick up hymnbooks, and they do it diligently, and with all their heart, and as their calling, and they do it in the Name of Christ, they will be glorified to the same extent as an Apostle of the Lord who acts in his calling or her calling. Because each of us are acting in the office unto which God has called us, in the Name of God.

22. Jesus taught the following in Matthew 10:38-41:

23. "And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after Me, is not worthy of Me.

24. "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

25. "He that receiveth you receiveth Me, and he that receiveth Me receiveth him that sent Me.

26. "He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward."

27. He might just as well have added: "He that receiveth the Christ in the Name of Christ shall receive a Christ's reward."

28. I have seen how the Holy Ghost bears witness to us. I have not only felt it, but I have seen it. It's a manifestation of light. It's like waves of light. When the light touches our light, the two lights merge and thus we have feeling -- a testimony.

29. You cannot add light unto darkness, and that is why it is so essential to have free agency. If we establish the foundation of this Church and live the Gospel in darkness and coercion and then we try to add light to that it's not going to work.

30. I have a testimony of this Gospel and I have been called to bear witness of it and also of the Name of Jesus Christ. And I feel to say to you that if I were the last living man on this earth that believed in Christ, I would continue to bear that testimony.

31. Because this testimony does not come to me from Tony. It does not come to me from you. -- Although I will say that every time that we feel your faith and prayers and every time we sustain one another, it builds us up. All of us. I get built up. Tony gets built up. You all get built up.

32. But it's from the light which is within me, it speaks of its truth. And we are all called with the same calling. And the light which we should hold up is the Light of Christ.

33. I can see this light in our President. I saw it today as he spoke. We ought to sustain this man as our prophet and seer and revelator. And we ought to speak highly of him.

34. I would also like to bear witness that there have been two angelic witnesses in this room -- a man and a woman attending our service today.

35. Now I want to say that I love the members of the Church. The Lord loves you, and He wants to work with us. He wants to take us right where we are and deal with us if we will just take the steps that are necessary.

36. As has been taught to me, because God is who He is, it is necessary for us to take the first step, then God can take the next step, and then we'll take a step then God will take a step.

37. I want to leave this testimony with you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Late August 4, 1986 and in the early morning hours of August 5, 1986, President Antonio A. Feliz awoke and, not being able to sleep, felt the need to retire to the Temple of the Lord and seek direction from the Lord on several items which had come before him in the work of his calling. As he offered-up his prayer-offering at the alter, he was blessed with the following:

1. Thus saith the Lord unto you My Servant and listen all ye that assemble yourselves together from time to time within Holy Places to hear the Word of the Lord, your God:

2. It is meet that ye should gather yourselves together from time to time in the House of The Lord, even the Temple; this, ye shall so do as often as your circumstances shall permit; and, thus, ye shall be endowed with My Spirit as ye go.

3. Listen, My son: It is not meet that ye should do any baptisms for your dead unless it is within an Holy Temple which has been dedicated unto that purpose; for, this is the Gateway Ordinance at which all must come. It is for an holy purpose that, for the dead, it must be done only within Zion and her stakes as heretofore revealed unto my servant Joseph Smith, Jun.

4. For, behold: There are now many baptismal fonts dedicated unto this work upon the earth upon which ye stand. This is an holy thing, my son, and ye shall do these things in all holiness before Me, saith the Lord your God.

5. Ye are a portion of the same Kingdom which is even now established from the days of Joseph Smith, Jun. Therefore, if ye seek to do baptisms for your dead, ye must follow the pattern which has been set within the revelation already given.

6. Yea, those who have loved ones for whom the baptisms should be performed, must deliver-up their names within the system now established within My Kingdom. For, ye are all - ye who have My House established amongst you - My Kingdom. Yea, even My House are ye; and My House is a house of order, saith the Lord of The House.

7. If the appointed stewards choose not to mind their stewardship in these matters, ye shall come unto Me through the medium of My Servant who holdeth the keys of these ordinances in this portion of My Kingdom.

8. Nevertheless, it behooveth thee to do the works of righteousness and, for this cause, ye shall follow the pattern that I have set in this thing. Behold, there is wisdom in this; for, I have spoken it.

9. Remember, this is the way that I have established this work, and the decree hath been declared and My Word shall be fulfilled, saith the Lord of Holiness unto you. Verily, I have suffered that the washings and anointings and endowment and even the sealings for your dead be performed amongst you that ye may do all that is necessary for the establishment of the Holy Apostleship amongst you; when ye have a baptismal font dedicated unto this work amongst you; when ye shall then be numbered with the stakes of Zion as I have heretofore promised you.

10. Unto my servants, the High Priests of the Church, I say: Ponder the Words which I have already given unto you through My Servant whom you have received as your President. Search them and gaze deeply into your own hearts.

11. There words are given unto you that ye may individually and collectively be especially prepared for the High and Holy Callings that await those who truly seek after My Face. For, unless ye do meditate upon these Words unto you in this Quorum of My Priesthood - that ye may be lifted-up unto Me - ye are spurning My Word and are as one who is scornful of My Sayings. Ye are not worthy of such; for, I know your hearts and ye are worthy of far greater; therefore, ponder ye and meditate upon My Words unto you.

12. Be ye as Brethren: Yea, be truly set upon your own course with an eye single to the glory of God. Yea, that I may be glorified through you - and even that you may be glorified, or filled with My Light in your work - that we all may glorify The Father and live as One.

13. Unto the Saints is the mission of leading their people unto the Fullness of the New and Everlasting Covenant of the Gospel. Yea, ye who have been warned must now warn your neighbor. Otherwise, ye are not mine and I am not your goodly Master.

14. Have I not spoken plainly in this matter? Verily, the field is white even now and it is ready to harvest. Therefore, do now as ye know is right and see that ye lay-up in store sufficient to cover a multitude of sins; yea, act now that your sins be blotted out.

15. Call out from Babylon those that are yours to call that you may be washed clean from the blood and sins of this generation. Verily, verily, thus saith the Lord: Unto him who knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to her it is sin.

16. Again, unto the residue of My Saints - even all - I say: Be ye faithful stewards and bring ye all your tithes unto the Bishop of My Church and unto his agents that I may pour out blessings upon you. Bring also your offerings that ye may be one and, thus, be blessed of My Father.

17. Verily, when ye do what I say, I am bound to bring upon you the blessing; nevertheless, when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise. Even as promised unto you from days gone past, this law is irrevocably decreed from before the foundation of the world.

18. Give ear, give ear, give ear and reap salvation to your souls: Stand ye steadfastly in all your various callings and ye shall be blessed. If ye forsake your callings, ye shall be damned, saith the Lord your God.

19. Unto those who faithfully call upon God in My Name I say: Ye have acknowledged Me and I shall acknowledge you; for, verily I say unto you - ye are the peaceable followers of Christ; for, ye strive to obey and keep the Law of The Gospel.

20. Unto those who have failed to raise up their voices unto Heaven I shall now say: Pray always that ye enter not into temptation. Children: If ye do not acknowledge Me, I shall not acknowledge you, saith the Lord. Therefore, that ye may more perfectly strive to be one and to come unto Me, get thyselves upon your knees that I may receive you.

21. Be ye humble and I shall yet send My angel to wait upon the righteous desires of your hearts; nevertheless, if ye do not, in the day of necessity and of fear, Mine Ears shall be as brass before your cries, saith the Lord, even the God of Israel.

22. Again, ponder and search over the words which I have given through Mine Apostles; for, that which I have given through My Servants ye shall receive as if from Mine Own Mouth. If ye do this, My Spirit will I then send to disburse the powers of darkness from before you; for, in this manner, ye shall unleash the witness of the angels in My Presence upon you and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.

23. Therefore, if ye seek more, receive that which I have already given unto you that I may endow you with knowledge and truth; yea, even further light that ye may be added-upon. Evenso. amen.


In the early morning hours of August 13, 1986, President Feliz was blessed with a dream wherein he saw a friend who had died because of A.I.D.S. He was overwhelmed with joy at the fact that he could be blessed with such a dream because he saw his friend as a healthy, youthful, and virile person that he was in life. His countenance was extremely pleasant and he did nothing but smile. When he awoke, President Feliz retired to the Temple where he prayed for an interpretation to the dream. Later that day, President John R. Crane called Pres. Feliz and said he had a feeling that Pres. Feliz had received a revelation and reported that he had a dream the same night where he also saw a man who had already died. The late N. E. Tanner was in the dream and indicated his pleasure at Pres. Crane's call to the office of Apostle. The following is the word of the Lord on this together with instructions to the Two Witnesses regarding the High Priests Quorum members:

1. Behold the work in which you have been called is going forward on the other side of the veil that separates. Yea, know that this work is far greater than any of you have it in your hearts to imagine. Therefore, give ye ear now unto the Voice of Jehovah; yea, be ye both now Watchmen upon the Towers of Zion in these matters:

2. The Keys of The Kingdom of God are those which were entrusted unto Peter, James, and John on the Holy Mount; yea, these were bestowed by those assigned unto these keys from all eternity and they act under Mine Own command, saith the Lord.

3. That which empowers in the ordinances of My Holy House is encompassed in what you have received as the sealing power of The Holy Priesthood; yea, even this is what is termed the Keys of The Kingdom and in the ordinances thereof are their power manifest, but only within the Realms of Holiness.

4. In you, My Witnesses, is now established My Kingdom; bring ye my church up unto it; nevertheless, ye are justified in that each within the church have their own agency and may choose not to become part of My Kingdom. Remember in all things those principles which rule the power of My Priesthood and ye shall be blessed in your mutual responsibilities with others in My Holy Priesthood.

5. Unto you, my son, I say that am well pleased with thine offering. For, thou hast chosen to forsake that which has been thy past and thou hast allowed that thou be purged and cleansed; therefore, hold steadfastly and I shall not forsake you.

6. Unto you, my beloved John, I say that I am well pleased with thine offering. Be thou constant and all that has been promised thee shall be fulfilled; yea, even that which is within thy heart for which thou hast yearned.

7. My servant Pamela is to be unto the daughters of Zion as a mother of women; for, this is her calling from all eternity. She shall be redeemed and shall in to wise loose her reward, if she remain faithful unto the end.

8. That my holy purposes shall be fulfilled, say unto my servant Robert that his sacrifice is accepted before me and the time cometh that all that has been promised unto him shall be fulfilled. For, I am well pleased with his offering and many shall arise and call him blessed.

9. Let my son David be constant that he fail not in this work. Yea, ye shall take him unto you one by one and teach him according to the principles of righteousness that ye are not found burdened with that which troubles him yourselves. Know that he is as David of old and hath need to understand that he is acceptable before me if he will but do the works of righteousness in The Holy Priesthood.

10. Ye shall release Aaron from the work which hath been given unto him; but first, ye shall both take him unto yourselves one by one that your garments may be clean.

11. Ye shall say unto Michael, my beloved, that he must return unto Me before the day turneth unto night; for, Satan desireth to sift him as wheat and lest he fall, he must now come unto Me, saith the Lord. Ye shall also take him unto yourselves, one by one and witness unto him of our love for him, that it is stronger than the bonds of death; yea, be ye as brethren unto him - yea, even all.

12. Take courage Brethren of the Quorum; for, ye are my stewards and the seeds of this work is now entrusted into your hands. Be constant; be believing; be ye therefore, My Witnesses that ye may be called unto holiness, yea even all who will. Evenso, amen.


On August 24, 1986, while making preparations for a High Priests Quorum Meeting, President Antonio A. Feliz was in prayer and asked the Lord how to proceed in the Quorum of High Priests with the apparent polarization of its members. In response to this question, the Lord mercifully gave instruction and knowledge with direction not to reveal this revelation to the members of the Quorum with whom he was to meet so that God could first "...reveal unto each of them according to their various circumstances..." and that they may begin to act as The Traveling High Council of The Church.

1. Harken and now be added-upon, O ye High Priests who assemble yourselves in council together; yea, give ear to the Voice from on high, for Counselor is My Name:

2. The time is now fully ripe when the High Council of My Church, even The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, is to be established that the foundations may be more perfectly put into place for the building up of the Kingdom of God in this portion of the Restoration.

3. Therefore, ye shall call and set-apart Robert McIntier as a member of the High Council together with the Presidency of the High Priests that they may now act as the Traveling High Council and Standing High Council of the Church. Yea, ye shall follow the pattern set forth in the book of Doctrine and Covenants which I, even the Great High Priest, caused to be established in days gone past.

4. Here is wisdom: As has been set upon your hearts, it is meet that ye be Brethren who dwell in unity and love that My Light may flow freely amongst you and in and through you that ye may act in Purity; for, herein is the manner of the Councils in ZION. Remember, it is ZION that ye seek and it must begin within the council or it shall not be found.

5. Therefore, let those who are members of the High Council be given directions as My Spirit shall reveal unto each of them according to their various circumstances; thus, ye shall truly act as a council of High Priests whose duty it is to preside independently in that sphere unto which each has been appointed.

6. Verily, this is the way of the Fathers; and, in this thing ye do follow Me; yea, follow now Me that I may lead you unto the Father.

7. The Quorum of High Priests is to stand as I have heretofore set-forth; for, it is for the qualification of those whose call it is to be presidents and for a time of growth that those called into it may - through their agency - qualify themselves unto the greater.

8. Thus saith the Lord unto the Church: Ye shall follow that which is given by the united voice of The Traveling High Council of this Church: for, these are My Apostles unto you and shall all, by and by, be crowned with the fullness of power and authority even as My Two Witnesses unto you have so been endowed. Harken unto their united voice and ye shall be blessed; for, I Am with them and they are with Me, saith the Lord your God. Evenso, amen.


On Sunday morning, August 24, 1986, the Presidency of the High Priests Quorum met with Elder Robert McIntier in his home in Salt Lake City. Also present was Executive Secretary Eduardo Muldong, acting as clerk. During the course of the meeting, President Crane kept receiving the impression that this was a Council in Zion and that the body thus met was truly functioning as the Lord intended. He did not mention this to anyone. At the end of the meeting President Feliz asked the group to consider the proposition of establishing that group, drawn from members of the High Priests Quorum, as a High Council to preside over the affairs of the Church.

Pursuant to this request, President Crane gave the matter prayerful consideration and on August 29, 1986, received the following:

1. Unto you My Council which sitteth upon the mountains in Zion - yea unto My servants Antonio, John, Pamela, Robert, and those whom I shall yet name.

2. Have I not promised that I would give unto the Church according to the gifts that are in each of you? Have I not promised that mine anointing should be upon him or her whom I deign to call into my service? Have I not spoken peace to each of you concerning this matter? Have I not spoken what where two or three are gathered in My Name, there will I be also?

3. Therefore, ye shall present this as a proposal before the Annual Conference assembled in that place where ye first sat in council together, yea even that place where I deign to establish the Apostleship among you, for this is yet another step in establishing that quorum in your midst.

4. Let this council be a council of love - both love for one another and for those whom ye are called to serve, for are ye not laying the foundation of Zion in My Name, in which Name ye shall do all the business of the Council, yea in the spirit of revelation as it shall be given to the body of the Council from time to time.

5. As it was in the Beginning, and anciently upon this earth, the business of Zion was conducted in Holy Councils such as the one ye are now called to establish in My Name. Search My words unto my servant Joseph, for truly he wrote by my power concerning how the business of this Council is to be conducted.

6. Verily, he or she that hath been called and who answereth that call with all their heart shall be empowered to do all that I have called them to do. Yea, I will speak unto him or her and give understanding according to their faith and desires - even great wisdom and understanding, before which the mighty of the earth shall bow as all men acknowledge the majesty and wisdom and virtue of My Zion.

7. O ye slow of hearing! Have ye not seen it in times past as the Presidency has met and heard matters pertaining to My Kingdom?

8. The Quorum of High Priests shall continue to function in its original purpose, namely that of qualifying its members for further ministry in My Name.

9. This Council shall function as both a Traveling High Council and as a Standing High Council until the Church is further organized and shall attend to the duties associated with both bodies according to My Word spoken to my prophet Joseph Smith, Jun.

10. As ye prepare for the Annual Conference, harken to the words of My servant Antonio, for to him is given discernment and the keys of the kingdom. Therefore, he it is who is charged with protecting the rights of all the Saints and seeing that in all the dealings of the Church that the agency of man is protected.

11. And he is to be supported and sustained in all things by my Second Witness and by all the members of this Council, according to the Law of the Priesthood.

12. Ye shall continue to meet from time to time in My Name that Our love may grow in your hearts and that ye may further sanctify yourselves, for to the extant that ye receive me, I AM in you and ye are in Me, and thus it is that we become one with one another.

13. Remember, all the experiences that ye pass through are for your individual and collective good that ye might develop your love and commitment one for another and grow together in Me.

14. Fear not Little Flock. Let earth and hell combine against you, for this is allowed for a wise purpose in me. Know that ye are built upon My Rock, and if ye continue as ye have begun, ye shall be with Me in My Kingdom, for ye are of those whom the Father hath given unto Me.

15. There is more, but ye must each obtain this knowledge for yourselves. For I will speak to each in a way that he or she can understand. And you will each know that it is I who have spoken and it is thou to whom I have spoken. Amen.


On September 23, 1986, at 1:00 A.M., President Antonio A. Feliz knelt at the Altar in the Temple to thank the Lord for the great unity and love experienced by all who attended the First Annual General Conference of The Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. The First Apostles and Patriarchs had been sustained by the Priesthood Quorums and the body of the Church in this portion of the Restoration. In response to the question: "How shall we now proceed?", the Lord gives additional direction for the work of the Church and the work of the Kingdom in the following:

1. Thus saith the Lord unto My Servant who waiteth upon Me in My Holy House: Receive the Word of the Lord unto My Kingdom and unto My Church in this part of the Restoration. For, I reveal unto My Prophets, Seers, and Revelations things which have been kept hidden, even from the foundation of the world.

2. Behold, what ye have done in conference assembled is good and pleasing unto the Fathers. Yea, ye have established the foundation stones of My Spiritual Temple in that there are now four apostles set in their place. These shall be added unto, until the full Council of The Twelve is completed in this portion of the Restoration.

3. After these first two come the Counselors in The First Presidency, The Presiding Bishop and the Counselors and the other members of The Twelve who shall, together with thee lead-out in the work of restoration unto those of thy kind upon the earth.

4. These are sacred sayings. Be somber and ponder these words in your hearts. As ye do so, My Spirit shall reveal the deep significance of their meaning unto you who are called as Special Witness of My Name in all the earth.

5. For, a Special Witness is one with a witness especially empowered of Me; for, whatsoever this witness testifies is empowered by The Holy Spirit of Promise unto those to whom the witness is given. Yea, even I have assigned angels to record in heaven the testimony of a Special Witness of My Name.

6. Verily, one who is such is empowered through The Holy Priesthood in that the Sacred Sealing Power is activated in his Witness that those unto whom she testifies receive an additional testament from angels and spirits of just men made perfect. For, none such testimony goes without the additional witness of those from the other side also.

7. Additionally, my son, ye who are apostles are Mine Eyes and Ears upon the earth; for, ye are My Witnesses - even Special Witnesses of My Name - for, the Fathers through Me have need of Eyewitnesses upon the world in which ye are called to preside that, through you, We reign in your midst. Thus, ye verify that which is done upon the earth.

8. In this work, therefore, ye are able to be Watchmen upon the Towers of ZION; for, ye are Eyewitnesses of God keeping watch. For, judgment and justice shall be given of Me through you who are Eyewitnesses because ye are My Watchmen. Watch, therefore, and magnify the call.

9. Ye must now take great care to see that all is done that this Gospel - even the Gospel of The Kingdom - is preached unto your people in their communities worldwide. Therefore, ye shall call a special missionary conference of the Apostles and missionaries of this Church. This should be done at the earliest possible time.

10. Whatsoever city that ye enter hereafter - where there is a great number of your people - ye shall dedicate unto the preaching of this Gospel according to the manner already given. Verily, ye shall assemble yourselves upon a spot that I shall direct through thee and, there ye shall dedicate the city of San Francisco for this purpose.

11. Evenso, wherever that My Servant Robert McIntier shall hereafter travel - where there is a sizable group of your people - he shall likewise dedicate unto the preaching of this Gospel as indicated.

12. In all these things, see that an accurate record is maintained of the same; for, unless such is the case, it shall not be recorded in heaven. For, the works of Mine Apostles requires that a correct record of the same is made and maintained that the purposes of God shall be made manifest.

13. Behold, I show unto thee again what thou hast heretofore seen in the vision: See now that the right and duty of the Twelve Apostles is to ordain those called unto the Office and Priesthood of Patriarch in the Church and Kingdom of God. Unto none other is this privilege given; for, these alone hold the Keys and Power of administering this for the blessing of the Saints of God.

14. Therefore, do as thou hast been shown and complete now the work that I have required at thy hand. And, as ye do this, the heavens shall rejoice; for, the work of restoration unto those of thy kind shall have been brought unto the place of the promise and covenant.

15. Nevertheless, thou shalt be rewarded in righteousness and thou shalt take upon thy shoulders the duties of the other who was removed from out of his promised place. See now the omniscience and foresight of God. For, My son, thou hast received a renewal of thy body that thou mayest now do as he was free to choose to do.

16. All the promises and pronouncements given of My Holy Priesthood upon his head are now confirmed upon thine. Therefore, get thee up and lead thy people unto their glorious future; for, the power is within you all and the call is unto those who choose to do right. Be ye, therefore, My Witnesses - even My Special Witnesses - that the Kingdom of God may go forth, that the Kingdom of Heaven may come!

17. Say unto the others unto whom has come this call: Search the many sayings on the work of taking this Gospel unto all of your people which I have given in the revelations; yea, search Hidden Treasures and Promises and I shall reveal hidden meanings and knowledge unto you that the work of this ministry may go forth. Evenso, amen.


On September 24, 1986, President Feliz was praying at his normal time on behalf of the Church and was overtaken by a sweetness and was blessed with a recurrence of the vision which he had received months earlier. This vision of the progress of the Church is mentioned in several of the previous revelations. The Lord gives direction and knowledge in the following:

1. Thus saith the Lord unto those who strive to magnify the calling in which they have been placed in My Holy Priesthood; yea, stand ye in holy places and ye shall even be magnified also. Give ear now and listen to the Voice of your Master and your Lord:

2. You have been entrusted with the Order of The Fathers; yea, ye have been endowed with that which is governed by covenants and promises. For, holy covenant and promise was made from before the foundation of this world and ye are of the Covenant.

3. The Spirit and Power of Elias has been given unto you. The Spirit and power of Elijah has also been revealed in your midst. As ye prepare yourselves, ye shall - by and by - be made ready to receive the Spirit and Power of Messiah. Ye are not all ready; for, there is much for ye all to do both collectively and individually before that day may come unto you.

4. Therefore, that ye may be more perfectly prepared, taught, and endowed, ye shall now function within the offices and priesthood unto which I have called you. My Servant Antonio shall be received in all his generations as the Presiding High Priest and Presiding Patriarch; even The Prophet, Seer, and Revelator of My Church and Kingdom in this portion of the Restoration.

5. My Servant John shall henceforth be received in all his generations as the Patriarch to the Church and as the Presiding Evangelist unto her; yea, as a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator of the same. Both of these are My Witnesses and Apostles unto those who have been rejected by The Twelve in whom I have placed My Name also.

6. The Patriarch manifesteth the Fathers within the Kingdom of God; for, in the office of Evangelist is the Mother made manifest and in the office of Patriarch is the Father made manifest unto those who are of the House of Israel. Verily, here is wisdom: These are called to minister unto those of My House only and not unto those who are yet to be of Israel through the baptism of My burial.

7. Nevertheless, the Witnesses and Apostles are indeed sent unto all who will receive them as My Messengers; yea, even all; for, theirs is the call to bring out from Babylon those who will hear My Voice and come unto Me through their word and witness. Those who are of Israel shall hear the call in the words of My Witnesses and the call shall be a familiar sound unto them.

8. The day shall come when he that is The Presiding Bishop shall be revealed unto you all and thenceforth he shall be received as the President of the Aaronic Priesthood and Presiding High Priest in the same within the Church and Kingdom in this portion of the Restoration.

9. Thus, the Keys, Spirit, and Power of Elias shall have truly been placed within your midst. From thence, the temporal affairs of My Little Flock shall become firmly established and shall roll forth and none shall be able to stay them from that which awaits any who are thus founded upon My Holy Priesthood.

10. Those of the Traveling High Council; yea, ye who are Apostles - even Special Witnesses of My Name - shall listen now to He who hath established the holy apostleship amongst you: The work of an apostle is to lead-out; yea, it is that which prepares the way for the others of My Priesthood leadership that they may do after the doors have been opened by the ones holding the Keys - and who holdeth those keys if it is not The Twelve?

11. Therefore, ye shall henceforth see that the work of the standing ministers is left unto the Presiding Elders of My Church; for, these are the standing ministers of the Same. ye - ye are My Special Witnesses and I have a greater work for you to do that shall occupy the time with which I have blessed you and ye shall not do it if ye are occupied with the work of others.

12. None other office in the Church can do the work of an apostle. Therefore, do ye this work.

13. Ye who are Elders in My Kingdom and in The Church: Feed My sheep. Ye are the Shepherds of The Flock and My sheep have need of your shepherding. Care for these, My little ones, for they are mine and I cannot be with them. Teach them of Me and cause them to love Me in that they behold Me through your works of righteousness - yea, manifest ye Me unto them in your shepherding of them.

14. Unto those of the Aaronic Priesthood I say: Prepare, prepare, prepare! Learn, love, and lighten; for, first ye must learn and then together with your love, your learning can lighten the burden of others.

15. See that ye do no sealings for the dead until such time as ye are able to solemnize such in a permanent Temple which is dedicated unto such. Also, ye shall not exercise any other sealings other than that which has already been authorized through My Servant who holdeth the Keys of this Power amongst you. For, these other sealings pertain to My Holy Houses which are dedicated as Windows of Heaven whereby The Holy Order of God is allowed to commune as one - whether on the earth or in heaven, it is the same.

16. There is more, but ye must now do as I have commanded. When ye have manifest your collective faith through obedience to My Word, ye shall receive more. For, unto you shall be given grace for grace, evenso. Amen.


On September 27, 1986, while in the Temple, President Antonio Feliz knelt at the altar and asked the Lord to confirm to him what had been impressed upon his mind while in Utah as he spoke with Elder Michael Howard about the question: "What about those of the Eastern Religions who seem to have developed great powers over mind, and matter, and how does this fit into the Keys of The Kingdom and the Sacred Sealing Power of The Holy Priesthood?" The Lord provided answers to be given only in the Temple and in this:

1. Listen to the Voice of God, even the Light and Life of the World unto you My son Antonio: Know and understand that the true nature of man - as ye have supposed - is light; yea, even intelligence.

2. Verily, as heretofore said unto My Servants of old: My work and My glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man; for, man is made such that he can become a vessel from all eternity to all eternity.

3. Man is light, spirit, and flesh; yea, man is mind, heart, and body. I am the Light and ye are My temples; therefore, I have made man that I may be in and through man that she may be in and through Me. For, holiness is that which man must become; yea, even spirit and body empowered by the light.

4. Ye have been taught that man is that he might have joy. I say unto you that this is the manner in which she receives the end and measure of his creation: In that the Spirit and body are become inseparably connected - or sealed - for, therein can man receive a fullness of joy.

5. And: How is this to be done without it be by faith? Remember, My son, it is by faith that all that is, that was, or ever shall be is, was, and shall be created. For, faith is the power of God from all eternity to all eternity. Thus, it is for man to develop this power called faith while in the mortal state.

6. Verily, herein is a mystery revealed unto you: It is given unto some in mortality to develop faith beginning with the intelligence or the mind of man. It is given unto others to develop faith in mortality beginning with the spirit.

7. Those who have mastered the spirit have kept their first estate and are made heirs of the endowment of Charity while in mortality. Those who have mastered the mind or the intelligence of man while in the mortal state must also have this love of Christ; otherwise, these cannot be added upon, worlds without end.

8. Verily, those who have mastered both the mind and the spirit need only to take upon themselves a tabernacle of flesh; for, these are already heirs of all that the Father hath from before the foundations of the world.

9. Behold: in order to become one with the Fathers, man must come to a unity of intelligence, spirit, and body, and herein is the necessity of the earthly tabernacle made known unto you: By and by, as ye progress in the realm of the mortal state, ye each do master those three one by one and it is the power of faith that is developed thereby.

10. Unto those of My Kingdom I say: Know ye now by these sayings that it is in the Keys of the Kingdom of God that ye may attain unto the faith necessary for the overcoming of the world that ye may come to a unity of mind, spirit, and body. Ye are now called unto holiness by your taking upon yourselves sufficient faith that ye may attain unto a unity of mind, spirit, and body.

11. Verily it is the principles of the Law of the Celestial Kingdom: Free Agency, Obedience, Sacrifice, Love, Consecration, and Stewardship that do empower unto faith sufficient unto life and salvation in the Celestial World.

12. Having thus been empowered, ye shall continue in the development of the principle of faith that ye may act and all things shall obey your command; for, these are things which are acted upon and, thus, ye shall become gods; for, all power will have been given unto you as also all knowledge whether in the sphere of the mind, the spirit, or that of the mortal body.

13. Verily, verily I say that it was for this purpose that the Fullness of My Holy Priesthood must needs have been restored unto you: For, it is the power which seals and inseparably connects the spirit and the body of two or more and, thus, they are qualified to dwell with the Fathers; for, they shall have become as They.

14. Ponder these sayings; for, they are sacred and come from the midst of eternity. Know by this that ye have been entrusted with things most holy and these are to be spoken of only within My Holy House.

15. Ye are now partakers of endowments of knowledge; it is for each of you to now develop the principle of faith day by day while in the mortal state through the exercise of the Principles of the Law of the Celestial Kingdom and, thus, ye shall become one with each other and one with the Fathers. Amen and amen.


On October 3, 1986, at 11:00 A.M., President Feliz was at the altar at his usual time and was inquiring as to the manner of preparations the missionaries of the Church should be making for their labors and received a revelation in the Spanish language. As he translated it on October 9, 1986, the Lord provided some additional encouragement and both revelations are together in this:

1. Listen now and give ear unto the Lord, The Almighty God: O ye that are called unto the ministry by God - see that the time hath been fulfilled and the hour hath now come in which the Gospel of The Kingdom shall be preached unto your people - even Your People who find themselves in places where the Spanish language is spoken.

2. I, the Lord, thy God, am laboring within those who are pure in heart here in this city as well as in those of the lands of the South.

3. Behold; the day shall come when thou, My Servant, shall stand before the congregations of those that speak the Spanish language and these shall listen and, thus, they shall unite themselves with My Church because of thy witness and the witness of thy fellows or Brethren of the Sacred Apostleship.

4. Thou shalt now see that all that is necessary is prepared so that the Marvelous Work and The Wonder may now be fulfilled among the places where the Spanish language is spoken.

5. Upon doing so, I shall sustain thee upon thy right hand and upon thy left hand, before thy face and behind thee with Mine Holy Angels, and thus, thou shalt be magnified in the eyes of My lost sheep who are in the midst of these places. Evenso, Amen.

6. Again I say unto you: Be not slothful but, rather, be believing; Be not as the moon which turneth its dark side unto the light but, rather, be ye clear vessels that the Light may shine forth through you unto My sheep who seek Me.

7. Verily, verily I say unto you again: If ye are filled with joy and happiness when ye ponder the wonders with which I have blessed you, how much greater shall be your joy in the knowledge with another that ye have brought him unto Me that I may bring you both unto the Father!

8. Therefore - Arise now O Israel! Take upon yourselves the whole armor of God! Put on thy beautiful garments and let thy light shine before those in the darkness that they may come out of Babylon and come unto ZION - even unto the unity of the Saints of God that love may increase amongst you. For, if ye do these things, so shall ye be blessed!

9. Wherefore, I AM the Lord and My Word shall be fulfilled in these things. Be ye now on Mine errand for I have given holy angels charge concerning you in this work. Be ye filled with faith and ye shall now see the power of Mine Arm. Act now, therefore; and be believing; for, even I AM with you all in this work. Evenso, Amen.


On October 22, 1986, President Antonio A. Feliz spent most of the night in the Temple. He had not slept the night before and could not sleep again. One of the members of the Church had been admitted to a hospital with AIDS and another had been diagnosed. A third member of the Church had tested positive as having the AIDS virus. In comfort and blessing, portions of the great vision of the previous May were again reviewed before him and he received direction for the furtherance of the work in this portion of the Restoration in this:

1. Thus saith the Lord unto you My Servant: The Voice of Jehovah, even that of your Lord and your Savior, Jesus Christ is now unto the Apostles and High Council of My Church through thee:

2. It is good that ye have taken steps to organize yourselves according to the laws of My Holy Priesthood in those places wherein you are now established as a Church.

3. See that all is done according to the Law of Common Consent that the Agency of Man may be exemplified in all that is done in the establishment of this Church.

4. For, by the actions of the leadership shall the new shepherds learn their lessons; yea, ye shall teach correct principles in your actions that the new shepherds may be able to, thus, govern themselves.

5. The harvest is great and the laborers are yet very few. Therefore, act now according to correct principles of priesthood government and those in your charge shall learn correctly.

6. Verily, for this cause, ye shall call the quarterly conferences of my Holy Priesthood within this Church faithfully; that the business of priesthood foundations may be fulfilled even as had already been commanded in days gone past.

7. And, as had been heretofore revealed unto you: Ye shall now proceed to organize the First Presidency of The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ with those already designated by Me as its members. It is meet that this be so now; for, ye shall then have other presidencies within My Holy Priesthood.

8. And, it is according to the Law of the Holy Priesthood that there be one of these that is designated by revelation as the First Presidency of them all. For, when there are presidencies governing the affairs of the Holy Priesthood who are presiding high priests, there must needs be a First Presidency made up of three presiding high priests.

9. Therefore, this ye shall do. Be ye careful to see that all My former commandments in these things are obeyed; even that ye shall call others to be as standing ministers to preside in these local presidencies. Verily, this must needs be, that the First Presidency is not encumbered with local priesthood duties.

10. Fear not but, rather, be believing. For, ye shall see that there are already those in preparation for these callings as high priests in this portion of My Kingdom upon the earth. And this shall be your pattern throughout the world wherein ye shall be established.

11. Therefore, when ye shall make your preparations for the Quarterly Conference, these shall be chosen according to your faith and through the gifts of the Holy Ghost within you all.

12. And the gifts and powers of the bishopric have been placed upon My Servant who waiteth upon the mountains. Thou shalt now do all that is necessary that his name is presented at the semi-annual conference of the Church as the Presiding Bishop of The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ.

13. Even now, shalt thou continue to work with him in this office and priesthood by calling him to be the First Counselor unto the Presiding Bishop in this portion of the Restoration. Verily, this high and holy calling is his, if he faint not.

14. Therefore, ye shall at the conclusion of that conference, have even completed the work of the establishment of the three grand priesthood presidencies in this portion of My Kingdom. This, that the fullness of the gospel might go forth and be for a blessing unto the people to whom you are called to be Ministers of My Kingdom.

15. Take heed that the work of the temporal affairs of this Church are not neglected. Appoint unto yourselves counselors - and even employing as circumstances require - that your working with the governments of states and nations is not forgotten.

16. Verily, verily, I say unto you: Be ye all in the world; even though ye are commanded to be not of the world.

17. For, those who are called to be standing ministers unto the Church shall henceforth accept the call to be such unto the Church which is not yet within the Kingdom who are in all the communities from which this portion of My Kingdom come.

18. Behold, this is the work of a Standing Minister: verily, she is one that is My Agent unto the communities of your people; yea, to give aid, to serve, to be an instrument in Mine Own Hand unto those not yet of this portion of My Kingdom. Even he is as one of My Holy Angels unto these yet in the world.

19. For, it is in the ministry of those telestial that ye shall be made ready for a greater glory. Therefore, bless ye My Sheep - even My lost sheep - that they may be nurtured and that their wounds may be dressed; that their woes and sorrows may have response through My Servants who ARE able; yea, even those of the Holy Priesthood. Be ye, therefore, responsible stewards and ye shall be added unto even as promised. Evenso, amen.


The following sections have been submitted to the body of the Priesthood and to the body of the Church in the March 1987 and June 1987 Conferences, but were not accepted as revelations by either the body of the Church or by the body of the Priesthood.


On October 21, 1986, President John R. Crane received the following from the Lord. Feeling it was personal counsel intended just for him, he did not present this revelation to the High Council at that time. However, during the ensuing months, he, like many others members and leaders of the Church, began to be disaffected. Wishing to solve this problem, he approached the Lord and was impressed that one of the personal revelations which he had recently received must be presented to the High Council. President Crane then went through his file of personal revelations and was impressed that this one should be shared with his brethren for the mutual benefit of all. After this revelation was presented to the High Council, Pres. Crane witnessed the return of a great spirit of unity between himself and Pres. Feliz.

Although this revelation was given at the same time as Section 43, and the two revelations should be read within the context of one another, this revelation was not presented to the High Council until February 17, 1987.

1. Hear, My Son, the words of thy Savior which speaketh to thee out of the midst of the darkness. The darkness - because thou canst not yet see Me, but as has been promised, the day speedily cometh when thou shalt both see Me and know that I Am.

2. A matter has come before me concerning the things which trouble thy soul. Trouble thyself no longer, for am I not with thee, to sustain and defend thee?

3. But, know this: where light is, there must also of necessity be darkness, else how shall they know to forsake the darkness and come unto the Light?

4. And how shall they which choose to reject the Light which is among them - or in the midst of them - or in other words: which is within them - flee from the Light and cleave unto darkness?

5. For, behold, I tell thee this for thy knowledge and edification and that thou mayest (if thou choose) come more fully unto the Light, that verily there must needs be an opposite in all things, and where the greater light is, there is also a comparable darkness.

6. As said before: where much is given, much is required, and what is required is much unity, much love, as more greatly endowed by the Holy Ghost, and all of this in opposition to, or in order to overcome, the greater darkness.

7. There must be a balance, otherwise there is no opportunity to exercise agency.

8. But, My Saints have I called to overcome the darkness which is in the world, by their faith; and she that overcometh by faith, will I confirm upon him even that which My Father hath confirmed upon Me.

9. Whenever My Servants embark on a work of righteousness, the forces of evil do awaken themselves in opposition. The enemy doth suppose that he can weaken and suppress My Cause, but I say that My Strength is perfected in weakness and to her that overcometh the world by faith on My Name, will I confirm upon him the promises of eternity according to the Revelation which I gave to My Beloved John through his fellow Servant...

10. ...Behold, I tell thee all this that thou mayest not faint in the day of trial, but be strong. Let thy right arm be strong in wielding the sword of justice in My defense. Let thy mouth be quick to chasten and to reprove as well as to encourage.

11. And, above all, let thy bowels be full of compassion and thine heart be drawn out in mercy continually for thy fellow beings.

12. Hear, O Man, for I, the Lord thy God, have spoken it. Thou shalt harken to My Voice as it speaketh to thee and to none else. Let this be thy walk until I come. Amen.


On November 30, 1986, and December 1, 1986, Presidents Antonio Feliz and John Crane, in response to concerns about the commitment of members and the economic demands together with the missionary requirements of the work, received in Salt Lake City, UT, the following:

Elder Feliz:

1. THUS SAITH THE LORD unto you, My Servant, Antonio: Thou shalt speak unto the Church and watch until she obeys. For thou art, indeed, he of whom My Servants have both written and prophesied. Yea, speak unto those who do carry the burden of restoration with thee:

2. I am well pleased; for ye do sacrifice unto faith. Verily, ye sacrifice according to the promptings of My Holy Spirit, and not because of your weakness. Continue on and ye shall be blessed.

3. Thus saith the Lord unto all: Behold, any offering which is given for any reason other than that which is of My Holy Spirit is given out of weakness and not out of hope; thus, it will not suffice as sacrifice unto faith.

4. Therefore, I say unto those who take not the Holy Spirit for their Guide and do sacrifice in My Name: "Why call ye Me 'Lord, Lord' - and do not the things which I say?"

5. Verily, say unto these: Ye esteem that which has been given unto you more than He who has been your Giver. Nevertheless, ye shall repent and come unto Me, and I shall remember your sins no more.

6. Nevertheless, unto those who repent not, say: Those gifts given unto you shall be taken; for the Lord is He who giveth, Who taketh away, and Who giveth again. Shall ye not sacrifice even as ye have made covenant so to do?

7. Remember, My Son, the agency of man is sacred unto the Fathers and unto Me. Evenso, thou shalt instruct and watch until thou art obeyed. For, unless others in this work do also sacrifice unto faith, they are not with thee in holiness -- indeed, there is not a consecration.

8. For consecration is the product of effectual sacrifice in more than one; yea, it is more than one creating unity out of love through a mutual yielding unto My Holy Spirit. Verily, in this, these are holiness indeed; even unto the Lord.

Elder Crane:

9. I say unto you that the Law of the Gospel applies not only to sexual relations but to the joining together of all earthly things as a pattern for the joining together of heavenly things, for this is even as the flesh is after the pattern of the spirit. As stated before, ye must be equal in obtaining earthly things that ye might be equal in obtaining heavenly things.

10. Again, ye must do all that ye do in My Name, for how come ye unto the Father except it be through Me? Behold, I am the Way, or in other words, the pattern, for I came not to glorify myself, but to glorify Him that sent Me. This was My walk throughout My earthly ministry, and this is how I overcame the world and obtained the crown over the kingdom, yea a place in My Father's House. Go ye and do likewise.

11. Seek not to establish your own way or to hold up your own light, for this is the way of darkness and captivity. Behold, I am the way which ye should tread, and I am the Light which ye should receive -- and not only receive, but reflect unto others.

12. Behold, all that the Father hath is mine to bestow on whom I will, and how is it that the Father hath placed all things in mine hands? Yea, it is because I sacrificed My all unto the Father, reserving nothing unto Myself, not even My body or My eternal place with the Father.

13. As My Servant Joseph taught, exaltation comes on no other basis, for as I offer you all that I or the Father have, so must ye offer all ye both individually and collectively have unto Me for the building up of the Kingdom of God and for the establishment of Zion.

14. As ye individually and collectively prepare yourselves to live this principle, so I prepare for you each a place in My Father's House.

Elder Feliz:

15. Therefore, all who have truly taken the Holy Spirit for their Guide and do sacrifice an effectual offering, even unto faith are now called unto holiness.

16. Yea, those of the Church who are thus prepared shall now gather themselves together unto one place that they may grow unto that which has herein been revealed unto you.

17. Be ye careful now in these things, My Children, for, ye are not all yet at the same place and ye must wait who are afar -- that those yet growing may come up to where ye are.

18. In this, ye who are My Watchmen must stand and be standards as ye do watch until thine own come up unto thine own place that ye may all be consecrated; yea, even as I have spoken.

19. For, while some may be ordained as Mine Apostles, ye are not all at thine appointed time to be members of the Quorum of the Twelve. Thus, ye who are Watchmen must watch now and report unto Me, saith the Lord.

20. Therefore, know that ye shall have in this portion of My Kingdom seven High Priest Apostles -- that day is not yet -- it shall be when there are seven who have consecrated indeed because of their mutual effectual offering according to the Law of the Holy Priesthood.

21. Now go -- spread forth the Kingdom unto all who will receive. Spare not anything at all in this thing; for,it is the building up of the Kingdom that will allow for the establishment of ZION amongst you.

22. Yea, those of the Kingdom are henceforth called to gather together in one place as My Spirit shall prompt them. Thus, these shall follow in My footsteps by their mutual sacrifice unto faith which shall allow for consecration. Evenso, Amen.


On December 10, 1986, while responding to a decision of the High Council meeting of the night before through solemn prayer and fasting, President Antonio Feliz began to pore over the revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants and in Hidden Treasures and Promises to follow his own counsel to "seek the Lord's will in the Scriptures." While thus employed, he received the following:

1. Hear now and harken unto the Voice of your Redeemer and Lord, even Jesus Christ; yea, He who is thy Head and King: Be ye careful to do two things which ye have understood within your minds but, ye have failed to comprehend within your hearts -

2. Ye must all continue unto diligence in seeking My Holy Spirit by your pondering the words which I have given you; for, unless ye do this, ye shall not be able to receive that which is yet to be given.

3. As My Holy Spirit speaks unto your souls, be ye obedient unto that Voice and ye shall be added-upon in wisdom, knowledge, and virtue. Yea, as ye diligently continue in doing these two things, ye shall be blessed in unity, love, and power.

4. My son, see that the habitation of the community of your people in the city of Sacramento is dedicated and consecrated unto the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom even where I have shown unto you. Ye shall do it upon that spot; for, it is the center of the people.

5. Thou shalt also be careful to preside over the affairs of My Holy House in all righteousness. Therefore, it is expedient that this Holy Place be founded in only one place until I shall authorize you to establish another.

6. Verily, the day shall come when ye shall be called to erect an holy edifice; even one that has not known the feet of man. Yea, a place that shall be for you a window of heaven, indeed. Until then, see that ye now establish the Holy Altar in one place with a steward to oversee The House.

7. It is good that ye have chosen to ask regarding the requirements of the offices which allow for the Bishopric to be established amongst you. Verily, thou art an ordained bishop and, until such time as thou art succeeded in this office, there is no need for another to be thus ordained.

8. Nevertheless, it is meet that ye continue as ye have agreed that the work of this presidency be not held back when the day comes for the ordinations as ye have now planned. Do as ye shall be directed of the High Council; for, herein is the manner of its function:

9. Thus saith the Lord - whatsoever the councils of presidency in the Holy Priesthood shall agree upon shall be taken unto the established quorums of the Holy Priesthood before it is presented unto the Church. Herein is the order of the work of the councils and quorums, which is to preserve the agency of the membership while still leading the people righteously; for, ye are my stewards and I am your Lord and King.

10. Again I say unto you: Ponder; yea, search the words which I have heretofore given unto you both in days gone past as well as through those whom I have set before you as Revelators of My Word unto My Church and unto My Kingdom in this portion of the Restoration.

11. Unto those who have received the call to gather together in one place I say: be not hasteful in your gathering but, be ye wise and discerning in these things that ye be not overcome by the Evil One who lurketh by the way only waiting for his time to fall upon you. The call is unto some, but not unto all; listen therefore, even now.

12. Nevertheless, it is wise and good for you to assemble yourselves in council one with another and bind your hearts unto one another in these things that ye may work together unto unity both temporally and spiritually.

13. Therefore, let the Bishop of My Church in this part of the Kingdom now take the lead and establish a council of those who have expressed a desire to gather together in one place that ye may grow in unity, love, and in temporal resources unto consecration.

14. He, together with his council, shall preside and report unto this body what has been investigated on their behalf. In these meetings or councils, see that all is done according to the principles of Common Consent that ye may all grow together as one.

15. In this manner, some of the Church may be sustained by My Holy Spirit in their efforts unto unity through the spirit of cooperation and equality in all earthly things. For, ye shall be blessed of Me if ye follow the principles of My counsels in days gone past; otherwise, ye shall fail - for, I will not sustain you in any other way.

16. In all things, seek My Holy Spirit; for, unless ye are blessed of My Holy Spirit, ye have no promise unto that which ye seek. Evenso, Amen.


On December 25, 1986, President John R. Crane and Elder Thomas L. Gibby were praying together in the Temple structure, which had been set up in Los Angeles. The greatest concerns of the Saints at this time were how to respond to previous revelations which spoke of a "gathering" and also how to deal with a perceived lack of unity and love among members of the High Council. Following the prayer. President Crane received the following:

1. O Hear, O Hear, O Hear! For My Voice is unto the ends of the earth. Look unto Me in every thought and in the intents of thine heart. Thou must capture and enchant the hearts of the children of men with this one thought: ZION. They must sing of it, pray for it, yearn for it.

2. Therefore, proclaim the glories of ZION and sing of the glories of ZION. Be an example of the glories of ZION. For it is ZION ye seek...

3. ...For, I shall reveal unto each individual what My Will is for them as regards to gathering. Let those who harken not unto My Will, neither know My Voice also remain in this place until they can be made strong, then they too, shall hear My Voice and shall be likewise gathered.

4. As to your Sabbath services, it mattereth not what ye do so long as ye do remember Me with the emblems of My Sacrifice and do all that ye do in My Name.

5. Behold, here is wisdom: ye shall adopt your local worship service as best suits local needs and circumstances, as to whether ye meet together in a large building or in the homes of the Saints, so long as ye gather together oft in My Name.

6. Ye shall teach and edify one another as has already been taught in the revelations. Ye, as a temporal body or church have already received sufficient instructions for your need in this matter.

7. See that ye counsel in My Wisdom and not after the wisdom of the world. Yea, this applies to all of your dealings.

8. I, the Lord, delight in the pure offerings of the heart and where much is given of My faithful Saints, much may be required at the hands of your Goodly Lord. Unto some, but not all, I say: ask of me what thou wilt. For I say unto them: behold it shall be given thee. Evenso, amen.


President John R. Crane had been very concerned by the continued lack of unity and love among members of the High Council. Unable to obtain an answer from the Lord, he couldn't sleep for several nights. At length, the Lord counseled him to place the matter in the Lord's hands, which President Crane did. On the following evening, January 2, 1987, in Seattle, Washington, he was blessed with the following revelation which calls the entire High Council to unity and love.

1. Behold, thus saith the Lord unto My Servant John: unto him to whom the Keys are given, is there no difficulty in obtaining My Word and My Will, yea even a knowledge of Eternity.

2. I know thy concerns for thy brethren at this time and also thy concerns for the other stewardships whereunto I have called thee.

3. Yea, know as surely as I have called thee to be My Second Witness, yea not a Witness of man, nor of men, nor any office of priesthood, nor the Church, nor even the Kingdom of God, but of Me - for all these things are given of Me - yet thou art a Witness of Him that is the Giver of all these - yea, Him that loveth thee and all those like unto thee - for ye are My Sheep, ye are those of the Kingdom.

4. Go thou and improve upon the talents which have been given thee.

5. Behold, the time has fully come when the leading councils of the Church shall hear My Words unto them through My Second Witness as well as through My First Witness.

6. I have words to utter through the Voice given unto thee. Not words of power, but words of love.

7. For, even as there is an opposition in all things, there must be words of love as well as words of power.

8. For power alone, without love also tends to fear and abuses of Priesthood power. It does not lead to unity.

9. And love, alone, without power or organization, does not lead to charity. Love must have as its object, a common object or goal. Without this, love cannot be sustained or nurtured.

10. Thus charity and unity cannot exist alone, but must be developed, nurtured, and taught together.

11. But, without the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, love becomes feigned love and unity becomes enforced agreement.

12. But seek ye continually the Words of Christ - which words speak of both power and love - through the Witness of the Holy Ghost and through the testimony of My Living Witnesses - for they do not contradict one another but one testimony adding to the other: starting with unity, to unity adding love, to love adding Oneness of Mind, to Oneness of Mind adding Oneness of Heart or Charity. And then comes the fullness of the Witness of the Holy Ghost, which leadeth unto Me.

13. Therefore, My High Council, do all that ye do in unity and love and by the Power of the Spirit. For ye have been called to be examples unto this people, even as Melchizedek was an example unto his people in his time.

14. I, the Lord, need not elaborate unto you the ways in which this Council has sinned against Me in not fulfilling your calling in holiness.

15. I stand ready to forgive if ye will repent and henceforth act in holiness before Me. Yea, seek the Spirit in all your dealings and rely not on the arm of flesh, neither logic or reasoning, but by My Spirit shall ye act in faith, as My Spirit teaches each of you.

16. Yea, ye shall be honest in all your dealings one with another.

17. Ye shall keep promises made one to another.

18. Ye shall make your decisions in council with the consent or knowledge of all members of the Council, whether present or not.

19. Council members shall share important items of knowledge or information with one another, whether it be knowledge of Me or knowledge of the status of the Church, or its members, or knowledge of matters external to the Church which nevertheless affect the Church.

20. Remember that My Commandments are but two, but following the above counsel, given for your wisdom and profit, manifests your unity and love one for another as brethren.

21. Had ye truly followed My Spirit, these instructions would be unnecessary, but instead of trusting My Spirit, ye sought occasion against one another and dug pits for your neighbor.

22. Ye are now called to holiness, yea even all. Amen.


On Sunday January 11 and on Monday January 12, 1987, President Antonio Feliz was praying about the economic conditions then existing among the members of the Church and about several proposals which had been placed before him to consider. The Lord mercifully responded in the following:

1. BEHOLD, THUS SAITH THE LORD unto all who consider themselves of My Church in this portion of My Kingdom; yea, hear ye all together who have made solemn covenant with one another that ye may grow unto an holy nation - even a royal priesthood:

2. I am well pleased with some; for, these even now do strive unto that which they have made covenant to do. Nevertheless, I am not pleased with those of this church who do walk after the arm of the flesh still. Am I not your God? Whom seek ye to obey?

3. Verily, I say unto you all: It is pleasing unto the Fathers and unto Me that ye should worship together as ye have been taught from your youth. In this thing, ye do keep the covenant. Continue ye in this thing that ye may be added unto according to the promises which I have made; for, I have spoken it.

4. I Am the Lord of the Sabbath and inasmuch as ye maintain your sacramental meetings such that these are familiar unto those of the Restoration, they shall find you and feel to become a part of this little flock and, thus, ye shall be added unto. Nevertheless, ye shall continue to do as heretofore commanded:

5. Indeed, ye must conduct all your meetings according to the promptings of My Holy Spirit in the one who is presiding therein. Verily, here is wisdom -

6. Ye shall now see that all those throughout the width and breadth of this portion of My Kingdom meet together often and partake of the emblems of My Body and My Blood; that they may also bear witness regularly unto one another of their progress in the work and in the establishment of Zion.

7. Again, it is wisdom that ye shall see that all in these meetings is done in an orderly and organized manner yielding to the guidance of My Holy Spirit; without the adornment of much scripture reading except as it is given by My Holy Spirit through the gift of prophecy as one is exhorting the church.

8. For, unless ye do this, I cannot preside in your meetings; verily am I not the King of this Kingdom? Let My Holy Spirit guide you and I shall, thus, reign in your midst!

9. Let music in these worship times be sacred and holy unto Me and unto the Fathers in that these are songs of ZION and that they are for teachers unto the flock of the marvelous work which I have caused to come upon the children of men upon the earth; even a marvelous work and a wonder!

10. Yea, in this ye shall sing the songs of ZION and your hymning shall be praises unto My Holy Name; for, they shall be sweetness unto Me and unto the Fathers. Praise ye the Name of the Lord and the angels shall rejoice and join your beautiful song; for, wonderful shall be the sound thereof.

11. Nevertheless, remember that all glory, honor and majesty is unto the Father; therefore, praise ye all The Lord - and none other - lest ye blaspheme that which ye have taken upon yourselves in holy places.

12. Ye shall remember that I AM the Lord of The Sabbath and ye shall assemble yourselves together upon this, My Holy Day that ye may more perfectly walk in My Ways and that ye may be in My Paths.

13. Verily, even as the Law of Tithing and the Law of The Fast do result in the pouring out of temporal and spiritual blessings upon the heads of My Saints, so it is with the Law of The Sabbath - therefore, Why do ye rob God?

14. Keep ye My Law and ye shall prosper upon the land and all that has been promised shall be fulfilled; for I have spoken it.

15. Let those of My Kingdom now take great care to perform the ordinances of My Holy House as I have directed through him unto whom I have given the keys of this ministry; for, him shall I direct in these matters that the President of The High Priesthood may function in the office and priesthood of My Holy House.

16. Again, let those of My Holy Priesthood also take great care to perform the other ordinances which are of a saving nature in the church as I have already revealed them through My servant Joseph Smith, Jun. and his companions. Search the revelations and ye shall know whereof I speak.

17. Thus saith the Lord: The saving ordinances of My Holy Priesthood are set that ye may all receive as equals with the Fathers every thing that the Eloheim have bestowed upon mankind in all generations of time, worlds without end. Otherwise, there would be no equality among those of this nature and God would cease to be God.

18. Let my servant Antonio now take upon himself the work of translation with all the energy of heart that the work of your ministry may go forth unto those whom I have prepared who stand ready for your word through the preaching of My Word.

19. Let none other thing hinder him in this work except as is necessary because of his callings in the administration of My Holy Priesthood; for, these my children must needs receive My Voice in their own language according to their own understanding.

20. Let the First Presidency now take the lead in the establishment of the work in this portion of My Kingdom within the great city of San Francisco. Verily, I have many souls ready for the work in that city who shall unite themselves with you and some will join with you in the leading out of the work.

21. Therefore, let all work unto worshipfullness in prayer, in song and in word; let all work unto exactness in the laws of temporal and spiritual prosperity; let all work unto completeness in the ordinances of My Holy Priesthood; and let all work in their calling and priesthood that the Gospel of The Kingdom may go forward.

22. The keys of the Kingdom have been committed unto man upon the earth and now shall go forward until they have filled every nation, kindred, tongue and every people; for, I the Lord your God have spoken it. Evenso, amen.


On the evening of February 12 and 13, 1987, President Antonio A. Feliz was unable to sleep. Arising just prior to 4:00 A.M., he sought the Lord's will assuming that a manifestation was possible. He was blessed with a review of the vision which he had received on January 2, 1987. Then, mercifully, he received the following:

1. THUS SAITH THE LORD UNTO THE CHURCH and more specifically unto the Priesthood: Be ye one; for, ye must learn unity and love - or, I cannot empower with My Holy Spirit. For, ye are now called. Shall ye not now prepare to be chosen also?

2. Behold: He that hath ears to hear, let her now listen unto The Christ that he may know more fully what he worships in that she is able to see and even experience how she worships. As it is written: Ye shall be gods, yea, ye believe that ye are the children of God - Why do ye not see that ye are also gods?

3. For, holiness is unity - or union - and love - or charity - empowered by My Holy Spirit. As individuals, your mind, spirit, and body must all become united in love and filled with light.

4. As ye strive unto holiness, ye must do so collectively also. Know that it is the salvation of mankind that is an individual process through the infinite suffering and expiation that has been completed in your behalf. Nevertheless, ye cannot enter up unto your exaltation unless ye are one with one another.

5. Verily, it is in the ordinances of My Holy House that ye do this. For, are ye not together learning these principles in these ordinances? Yea, it is in your societal worship that true communion is attained; for, the power is within you all - Why do ye therefore seek not My Holy Spirit that ye may be as one?

6. I say unto you that it is decreed from all eternity that those who receive the fullness of My Holy Priesthood are prepared to receive the fullness of My Glory. These are they who are anointed and ordained unto this unity, love, and glory with the Fathers. Otherwise, where My Father is, they cannot come. They may enter into another, but that is the end of their exaltation.

7. A mystery is known in this thing: Time is given unto men and women in the flesh that the telestial may be for them as a probationary state; otherwise, how could there be a judgement or decision made?

8. Now, unto God, time is not. Thus, all beings can - in the Spirit - know past, present, and future; for, in the Spirit, time is not. Shall ye not now prepare to rise above the probation of mankind? Indeed, many are now called.

9. Unto you, it is given to know that God - if you will - that authored the very exaltation of all who will be exalted whether ye be man or woman it mattereth not. This, through the power of godliness as revealed only in My Holy House.

10. Therefore, it is expedient that ye now place My Holy House permanently in Salt Lake City. It is for a wise purpose unto Me that ye must now do this; for, I have suffered that ye have this Holy Place that the Apostleship is established until an Holy Temple can be erected unto My Name by your collective union.

11. For, the ordinances of The Holy Priesthood are a language. And, as men and women become familiar through their frequent repetition, their language becomes fluent and the angels and spirits of the just are, thus, allowed - or empowered - to do. Therefore, knowledge is power.

12. True faith - or power in the Holy Priesthood - is the effectual or consecrated invocation of the power of all entities, whether in this existence or in the eternity, who have, do, or shall yet hold the Holy Priesthood. Has it not been revealed unto you, my son, that My Holy Priesthood is not divided?

13. Verily, it is the basic integrating force of all individual and social life in all spheres of existence. Behold: I have shown unto you that it is by My Power that the very existence and workings of the universe are held together by this - even by My Word.

14. Know ye now that all else is merely a use of a dissociated force for the mere attainment of limited and personal ends; for, exaltation is a social process from all eternity to all eternity. Indeed, it is attained only through the complete or inseparable union heretofore spoken of.

15. Ye Saints who seek to be of My Kingdom: Come ye out from Babylon and put on thy beautiful garments; for, ye are called unto holiness. Verily, it is to be attained in none other way except that ye partake of the marriage feast - even as the wives of the Bridegroom must become one in order that they may be found acceptable unto the Husband.

16. Nevertheless, know that the ordinances themselves are not the power and must not become the object of worship in My Holy Temple; the power of My Name is invoked thereby. Have ye not taken sacred covenant upon yourselves to take upon yourselves My Name; therefore, respond now to the oath in which ye are called.

17. My Sons and My Daughters: Can ye not see by these sayings that ye are about sacred errands? Be ye, therefore, somber and bold your reverence before Me in these things. Verily, inasmuch as ye seek My Holy Spirit, ye are acknowledging that ye know of their sacredness and ye are, thus, somber and reverent before me, saith the Lord.

18. My son Antonio, teach the Church these principles - even the principles of exaltation - for, the time is now at hand for this understanding to be declared by thee unto all who will receive. Verily, if they receive it not, they cannot come unto the Celestial, worlds without end.

19. Even now, My Holy Spirit is moving upon the people of the earth in these things; for it is by My Holy Spirit that they know of the need to seek to begin their path of exaltation unto the Terrestrial. Be thou, therefore - together with those of My Holy Priesthood who will join with thee - as one with the spirit and calling of Elias - even My messenger - unto them. Evenso, amen.


On the evening of February 20, 1987, President Antonio A. Feliz was again unable to sleep. He was very concerned about conversations with members of the High Council held the previous three nights. As is his normal practice, he asked the Lord in prayer what it was that he needed to know. In response, the Lord graciously gave the following: (For scriptural references, please read all of Isaiah Chapter 28 and Alma 12:9-11.)

1. THE VOICE OF THE LORD is unto ye that assemble yourselves as if ye were brethren - even the High Council of this Church: yea, give ear now unto the Voice of He Who Presides through your collective union in obedience to My Voice.

2. Verily I Am an High Priest forever after the order which is called Melchizedek; for, I Am the Great High Priest and ye are Mine, if ye do what I say; for, if ye do not what I say, ye are not Mine, nor are ye of Me.

3. Indeed, if ye are not one, ye are not Mine, saith the Lord your God.

4. It is I who have called you and ordained you through the medium of Mine Anointed; even My Servant Antonio Feliz. For, him have I chosen to be for you a Mouthpiece that ye may receive My Word according to the promises and prophecies concerning your work.

5. Be not as the priests and prophets of the times of my Servant Isaiah; for, they were swallowed up in their material wealth and in their own statutes. Be not as they or, your combined vision shall also be as without light, and ye also shall stumble in judgement.

6. And, if you, the High Council of My Church, receive not that which I have given unto you through the medium of Mine Anointed - even the Witnesses who have been established at your head - to whom shall I teach knowledge and whom shall I make to understand doctrine?

7. Have I not asked that ye spurn not My Words unto you?

8. Why do ye wonder that ye have not enough and that - with those of the days of Isaiah - your bed is shorter than ye have need and your covering is not sufficient for your coldness? Verily, listen to One that careth for the needs of His Own; yea, give ear and hear My Voice unto you:

9. Doth the plowman plow all day to sow? Doth he open and break the clods of the ground and yet sow not anything? Why are ye then a fearful and faithless people with that which I have given unto you?

10. For, in that ye act not upon My words which I have given through the Witnesses whom I have sent unto you, ye sow not but, remain plowing only all the day long. Such will reap you not a goodly harvest!

11. Be ye one, indeed; for, as heretofore declared unto you: otherwise, ye are not Mine and I am not thy Head.

12. I have spoken through My Servants from the beginning of time in this thing as I have spoken through Alma: It is given unto many to know the mysteries of God; nevertheless they are laid under a strict command that they shall not impart only according to the portion of His word which He doth grant unto the children of men, according to the heed and diligence which they give unto Him.

13. Therefore, if ye continue to harden your hearts, ye shall also receive the lesser portion of the Word; and those that will not harden their hearts, to them will be given the greater portion until they shall come to know all the mysteries of God; yea, even the fullness of His glory.

14. Seek ye not to counsel your God. I have commanded My Servant Antonio that he should continue in the writings with which he has labored and that he should also take upon himself the work of translation with all the energy of heart that the work of your combined ministry may go forth.

15. I have also given unto you instruction that he is to be supported and sustained in all things by My Second Witness and by all the members of this council according to the Law of The Holy Priesthood. Ye have chosen, through your common consent to so do. Why, therefore, do ye remain with your hands upon the plow and strive not to now sow thy seeds?

16. Verily, I have called this, My Servant to be a prophet unto this people and to minister without purse or scrip. Can ye not see how that what he is about qualifies him? Is not the laborer worthy of his hire amongst you?

17. Again, I say unto you all: Seek the Holy Spirit of God! For, with the Holy Ghost, ye shall be one and shall not fail. Nevertheless, ye are free agents, and I shall not always strive within this council. Strengthen ye, therefore, one another and support and sustain him whom I have called to do a work that none of you - even collectively - can do for yourselves.

18. Unto the members of the council individually, I say: Search out the disunity that exists within your private relationships and ye shall see why My Holy Spirit cannot be in and through you. For, do you not remember how that when Joseph and Emma were not in union with one another, I - God - could not dwell within him that the work of translation may have gone forth?

19. It is even so with you. Ye must care for the union within your private relationships before ye can hope to have union elsewhere - even within the High Council - and especially with My Holy Spirit.

20. O My children: Ye have dwelt too long upon the ideas of men and upon the plain of human understanding - as I have heretofore said unto one: Get ye now out of that plain and up unto My Holy Mountain. Therefore, call ye now a Solemn Assembly in conjunction with the forthcoming conference and seek to once again reunite yourselves with one another.

21. Ye shall do this without the gates of My Sanctuary that ye may meet near unto Me, saith the Lord your God. If ye do this with humility and long-suffering, I shall bless you with an outpouring of love toward another and ye shall prosper in the mission that is before you!

22. Go now, gather ye together at the gates of My Holy Presence where I shall meet with you by appointment. Evenso, amen.


INTEGRITY: An Epistle from Pres. Antonio A. Feliz and Pres. John R. Crane to Members of The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ and All Saints of the Most High God, written by Pres. John R. Crane

1. Dear fellow Saints: There are some things that we have wanted to express to you for a long time. The church has gone through some very trying circumstances recently. If anything good has come out of all this, it has been a chance for those who have chosen to remain to test our commitment to the Lord and to one another. In answer to our questions and concerns, the Lord has given us some revelations that we would not have received had we not asked. Also, we have felt very impressed to communicate our concerns, as the Lord has given them to us, to the body of the Saints.

2. Therefore, we send this epistle by way of counsel and greeting, and in the same spirit with which the ancient Apostles addressed the former day Saints.

3. We have talked a great deal lately in the Church about holiness. The reason we have talked so much about it is that the Lord in His revelations has talked so much about it. He also calls it wholeness. He breaks it down into three component parts: unity and love, both of which are fostered or empowered by the Holy Ghost.

4. He has also told us that man is composed of three parts: body, spirit, and mind. He has counseled us to become whole within one's own body, spirit, and mind. And, then, when this occurs, to seek to become one in body, spirit, and mind with another, then with others. The quality of the relationships we are to form has been described by the Lord as "The Law of the Gospel". (See Hidden Treasures and Promises Section 9.)

5. The ultimate aim of forming all these relationships is becoming perfect (or complete, or whole) even as the Father and the Son are perfect (or complete or whole). As They have revealed themselves to mankind, they have shown us the ideal relationship: that which they have one with another.

6. All of the above is the purpose for which we have come to earth in mortality. While we are taught that all this development is something which we must help one another with, it still ultimately begins with oneself. If we are not ourselves whole, how then can we hope to be whole with others - especially God?

7. To answer this need, I will share some thoughts on being whole within ourselves or, in other words, personal integrity.

Definition of Integrity

8. The reason we have not developed personal integrity in the past is the same reason most of you will want to tune out at this point: personal integrity has always been presented as a list of "do's" and "don't's". I submit that integrity is not something you DO, but something which you ARE. I, then, would like to describe the process of achieving personal integrity. The steps along the way do involve some doingness or action, but the ultimate essence of integrity is not doingness but beingness.

9. What is true for you is what you have observed yourself, and when you lose that you have lost everything. What you know is what you know. What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know - and having the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity. And there is no other integrity. Nothing is true for you unless you have observed it, and it is true according to your observation. That is all.

10. When Joseph Smith came out of what was later to become the Sacred Grove, that was all he was saying: "I had seen a vision and I knew it. And I knew that God knew it." In relating his story then as well as today, the only problem the prophets of God run into are those individuals who are not willing to grant to the prophets the power to observe what the prophets have observed and to know what the prophets know. Furthermore, these individuals refuse to observe for themselves. They lack personal integrity because they lack the courage to know. And since they refuse to know, they deny that some do know and prevent still others from ever knowing.

Levels of Observation

11. Looking, or observing, takes place on several levels. Unfortunately, many people are at the lowest level where they say that everything is a mystery and that "you can't know nothing no how". Further on up, people deal with life rather self-indulgently: purely on the basis of sex or food. Beyond this is the attempt to deal with symbols rather then look at life itself. It is much "easier" or "safer" to put labels on everything and deal with the labels instead of reality itself.

12. Still higher up are those who deal with life purely through thinkingness. They believe that logic and reasoning are the only valid means of obtaining truth. Above this is the area of effort. Those in this band try to solve life's problems by the belief that if they just work hard enough, things will work out and they will somehow be with God in the end. I call this the "Mormon mentality" or the "ready - fire - aim" syndrome. These are those who believe in a salvation of dead works.

13. Further up are those who deal strictly on the basis of feelings and emotions. They equate personal emotion with the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

14. Still further up are those who are willing to look life right in the face. They use all their physical appetites and senses to the max in experiencing and relating to life. They deal in symbols only when direct observation is not possible. They use logic and reason when appropriate, they put forth the right amount of effort in the right direction. They are not afraid of emotions, nor do they indulge in them, but they are free to express the appropriate emotions for the occasion: everything from fear to anger to enthusiasm.

14. Yet there is something still higher. Take everything in the last paragraph and empower it by the Holy Ghost or the infusion of pure intelligence as Joseph Smith called it. When developed to its ultimate degree, the individual has knowledge from the Source of all knowledge. In its ultimate state that person is one with God. He thinks what God thinks. She knows what God knows. He feels what God feels. She does what God does.

15. "'If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through the narrow chinks of his cavern,' speaks William Blake. But the doors of perception are hung with the cobwebs of thought, prejudice, cowardice and sloth. Eternity is with us now, inviting our contemplation perpetually. But we are too frightened, lazy, and suspicious to respond; too arrogant to still our thought and let divine sensation have its way." Evelyn Underhill

Violating our Individual Moral Codes

16. Integrity, then, can be defined as: (1) The condition of having no part or element taken away or wanting; undivided or unbroken state; wholeness. (2) The condition of not being marred or violated; unimpaired or uncorrupted condition; soundness. (3) Soundness of moral principle; the character of uncorrupted virtue, especially in relation to truth and fair dealing; uprightness, honesty, sincerity.

17. If it is true that, as stated above, the only truth a person knows it that which he has taken as his own personal truth, then the only moral code which a person truly lives by is that which he has, in the course of his lifetime, experienced as that code which best helps him get along in life.

18. Thus, we see that a person who acts against his own moral codes and the mores of any group which he belongs to, violates his integrity. He, thus, becomes less than whole or less than holy. This, and only this, is sin or a falling short of the mark.

19. A person, having committed such an act, and then withholding the fact that he has committed that act and withholding himself from committing further such acts will tend to isolate himself from the group. The group itself will then lose integrity as it becomes divided and lacks wholeness.

Confessing our Sins One to Another

20. What we need to do it to create an environment in which a person, within the reality of his own personal moral codes and those of the group, can reveal or confess these acts so that he no longer requires to withhold and so enhances his own integrity and that of the group. This principle is taught in D & C 59:12, James 5:16, 1 John 1:9, Mor. 6:5.

21. When boiled down to its pure elements, this is a true principle. Many people, however, realize that it has been literally butchered in the past. I am asking you to take a fresh look at it. I am not talking about witch hunts, or about rending accusations, or condemning individuals.

22. I am talking about an environment where we realize what sin truly is and that we all fall short of the mark. We are not administering punishment or dishing out condemnation. We are just giving people the space to be themselves and make a few mistakes, and then clean up those mistakes with the love and understanding of all concerned.

23. If the sin is against the group and its mores, it should be confessed to the group. If against an individual, it should be confessed in private. The discussion should center on what that person has done, not what others have done. Neither are we interested in why the person did it. The purpose is not to enforce public morals or administer punishment. It is simply to confess. Confession is the first step of repentance.

24. In the Book of Mormon church, the members met often to speak with one another concerning the welfare of their souls. Their church services were really support groups for those preparing to receive the Kingdom of God.

25. A good example of this is how A.A. works today. If you have never attended an A.A. meeting, I strongly suggest you attend, whether you drink or not. Just go to see what happens there. Stated in religious terms: the people gather regularly and, following a rather free format within some general guidelines, basically take turns speaking to one another recounting the fact that each person has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and evaluating their progress on the way to God. The people applaud and support one another in their progress. The atmosphere is that they are all sinners, but they don't waste time feeling sorry for each other or condemning one another. They just get on with the business of repenting and becoming closer to God.

The Early Saints

26. Actually this practice has its roots in early Christianity and Judaism as manifested in the rites of the Feast of the Passover and in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. The Sacrament has degenerated into a simple act of worship whereby you "get" something - a shot of spiritual STP to tune you up and help you get better mileage out of life and be more resistant to "sin".

27. The original practice was to recall the former live of slavery and contemplate the new life of freedom. It we lift the flaps on the tent of the first-century church we find that the people, through the power of the Holy Ghost, met together and pooled their knowledge which they had gained as a result of following the promptings of the Spirit. Out of this combined experience came a body of knowledge of how to grow in grace.

28. We cannot also forget the fact that the church had the benefit of the witness of living apostles and prophets who were commissioned to bear eyewitness of the resurrection of Christ and to manifest Christ to the people in the same way that Jesus manifested the Father unto them.

29. This was their message as recorded in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles: "O you men of an untoward generation ...", this might better be translated as: "O you men who aren't going anywhere in particular, put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved." The natural question one might ask is: "O yeah, be saved from what?" The answer is the same now as it was then: From the endless round of human existence, from the traditions of men which bind us to the plane of mortal probation. Come up unto the mountain of the Lord! You are a slave. Do you want to be a King? Come with us.

30. When the early saints met together, they also reenacted the Last Supper. They believed that through the breaking of the bread and the blessing of the cup, they would be agents by which their Lord would reenter human life. This was expected to be an upsetting and unsettling experience to say the least. In our present-day sophistication all this may strike us as naive, but, nevertheless, it was a reality to them ever since he had returned to them at the breaking of the bread on that first Easter night.

31. Those of us who understand the Temple ordinances realize that much more is taking place here, and that the symbolism of what the Sacrament really means is reflected on a higher level in the ordinances of the Temple.

Repentance: What to Repent Of

32. The D & C teaches that in order to become like God we must repent. Repentance consists of confessing our sins and forsaking them. A sin is defined as any act which brings us out of unity and love with ourselves or to any other person or group to which we owe allegiance. Unity is defined as a set of agreements or expectations between two parties in any kind of relationship. In reality each person has his or her own set of expectations for himself and others. This becomes the person's individual code of moral conduct. Thus, a sin is a violation of that code of conduct.

33. At this point, I would like to introduce two new terms: overt act or overt for short and motivator. I chose to use these words since the meaning of the word sin is clouded by centuries of tradition and misunderstanding.

34. An overt is an act by a person leading to the injury, reduction, or degradation of another or others in their beingness, person, possessions, associations, or relationships with their spouse, the church, fellow men, or God.

35. A motivator is an act received by a person. The only difference between overts and motivators is that overts are active or giving and motivators are passive or receiving. They are called motivators because they tend to evoke another overt as a response. That's like one little kid hitting another and justifying it because "he hit me first".

36. If a person commits an overt without first receiving a motivator, he tends to believe or assumes that a motivator actually took place.

37. Putting all this into our current framework. Let's say someone in the church violates one of the covenants taken at baptism. This is clearly an overt since it an act which detracts from the person's relationship with the church. It is also an overt act against the person himself since he violates his own standard of moral conduct.

Why People Get Upset in the Church

38. If this overt is withheld or swept under the rug, eventually the person falls out of full communion with the rest of the church, to say nothing of the Spirit of God. When this happens, the person tries to come up with a motivator or a reason to justify his improper conduct. Rather than take responsibility himself for the act, he blames others. He may than commit other overt acts against those persons or the church - anyone whom he supposes has done him wrong.

39. Eventually, the person subconsciously restrains himself and withholds himself from activity within the church so as not to commit any more overts. The reason for this is because man is basically good and does not want to continue hurting himself or his fellows.

40. Another manifestation is that the person tries to justify the overt act in an attempt to lessen the overt: he tries to put himself down, or he puts down the person receiving the injury, or he tries to minimize the seriousness of the act.

41. He makes excuses for himself and expects everybody else to feel sorry for him and excuse his actions as well. He says things as: "I'm just naturally a loser." or "What can you expect from a Gay person like me. I really have physical or psychological problems." or "Well, the church had it coming. I don't like President So-and-so and don't agree with anything (s)he does." or "What I did wasn't so bad. It happens all the time." or "Well, I have my point of view and that's that."

Becoming Like God: Taking Responsibility

42. The solution for this mess is to take responsibility for having committed the act. I said responsibility not blame. Blame gets us stuck in guilt. Guilt says you are a bad person and cannot change; therefore, you should be cut off from the group. Responsibility presumes free agency. Free agency says you can choose to do (or not to do) harmful things but you are not a bad person; you can change if you choose to; and you should keep in close communication with the group.

43. Responsibility says: "I am willing to assume cause for that effect". That is all. Many times we are not even willing to assume responsibility for the good effects which we cause.

44. God is the most responsible person in the universe because He is willing to assume cause for everything that occurs. Of Himself He says: "I am in all things and through all things." and "There is no end to My works neither to My words."

45. Second Nephi Chapter 2 says there are two types of things in the universe: things which act and things which are acted upon. To the degree that we are willing to assume responsibility for our actions, we are taken out of the category of things which are acted upon and become that which acts of itself. Two things happen: (1) Our free agency increases. (2) We become more like the God whom we worship.

46. This obviously doesn't happen all at once. We grow from grace to grace. According to D & C Section 93, this not only is how we worship, but what we worship. As Bruce R. McConkie says, the best way to worship God is to become more and more like Him. So, in taking more and more responsibility for our actions, we become more and more like God.

47. Contrast this idea to the typical idea that worshipping God is simply mouthing high-sounding praises to God and assigning cause for all things to God, assuming no responsibility ourselves, and asking Him to take over our lives and make us more than we really are. When we do that, which god are we really worshipping?

Why People Leave the Church

48. We often experience a sudden, and often angry, departure from a relationship or a group. People leave because of their own overts and whihholds. A man with a clean heart can't be hurt. The man or woman who must become a victim (and perceive themselves as receiving motivators) is departing because of his or her own overts and withholds. It doesn't matter whether a person is departing from a town, a job, or a church. The cause is the same.

49. Almost anyone, no matter what his position, can remedy a situation if he wants to. When the person no longer wants to remedy it, his own overt acts and withholds against others involved in the situation have lowered his ability to be responsible for it. Therefore he does not remedy it. Departure is the only answer. To justify the departure the person dreams up things done to him in an effort to minimize the overt by degrading those it was done to. The mechanics involved are quite simple.

50. It is a rather noble commentary on man that when a person finds himself, as he believes, incapable of restraining himself from injuring a benefactor he will defend the benefactor by leaving.


51. An understanding of these principles can help us grow in integrity and holiness and thus become closer to God. We can also prevent the continuing occurrence of the problems which have plagued most human organizations, including the church from which most of us have come, and which have plagued this church up to this point.

52. Our claim to the world is that we are not a human organization - or at least we claim to have been founded and established by no less than Jesus Christ. However, when we attempt to cover our sins (Please note that in Section 121, the Lord recognizes that we are going to sin, and that the only thing condemned is covering sins.) and gratify our pride, that we as individuals, and I would add as a church (a body of individuals), are left to our human devices and are without power or authority in the Priesthood.

53. A church without power in the Priesthood is the same as any other human organization. So, let's stop kidding ourselves. Let's stop hiding our sins for fear that we will be found out. Let's start taking real responsibility for our actions and for the shortcomings of others and grow together in unity and love.

54. It is my testimony that the origin of this church is more than just a claim. I am a witness that this work was founded on the same rock of which the Savior spoke to Peter: a living witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ. I also know that Christ is the Name which we must all take upon ourselves in order to be saved - or in other words - raised from the Telestial plain of human existence.

55. We must develop the kind of love that He had. He said: "I, the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance, but where men sin, there must be allowances made." What kind of allowances? Allowances for the individual to take responsibility; an allowance or space granted for repentance; and most of all: an allowance for love.

56. Christ loved us not because of who we were or even in spite of what we were. He loved us because of who he was.

57. If we are to be true "Christians", can we do less? But, remember this kind of love is not something you just "will" to happen or "strive after". Remember the scale of observation spoken of earlier in this letter? It is the same with this kind of love. It must be given as an endowment of the Holy Spirit.

58. I want to express my love and unity with the body of the Saints. There are some who perceive the strong way in which I express myself and my unbending attitude in terms of past experiences they have had with their families or with leaders in former churches. I am perceived as an angry and uncaring person who does not show love for the Saints.

59. Those closest to me, however, do not see that. They see me as a person who is literally filled with love, both for the Lord and for His Saints. They also see me with a strong sense of integrity; I must be true to what I know to be true; I must speak out in testimony for what I know to be true.

60. I wish you could all be close to me. Part of that is my fault because I have not taken the initiative to reach out. But, some of you need to take the risk and reach out too. My love is strong, but it is also very intimate and is best experienced on a one-to-one basis.

61. Next to the Savior, Himself, I have taken as my model John, the ancient Apostle and Evangelist. Known to many as the "Apostle of Love", the Lord called him "A Son of Thunder" because of his unbounded zeal and his strong position as a witness for the truth. Indeed, he spoke the truth in love. With the help of the Holy Spirit, someday I may become more perfect in these attributes. In the meantime, the Lord is still working on me. Maybe I should walk around with a bag over my head and a sign that says: "Still Under Construction".

62. Saints, we are all "Still Under Construction". We all need to make allowances for one another while we allow the Spirit and our fellow Saints to work with us and help perfect us for the work of the ministry. Indeed, we can do a great deal to help one another for, as the Proverb says: "As iron sharpens iron so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend".

63. Friends, I want you to know that I support you in all your righteous desires. I want to stick by you in your times of trouble and need. Not making excuses but making allowances. The biggest thrill I receive in working with this church is to see members sacrificing in faith and to see the growth that results from that. That's what we are all about. Let's just realize that and stick by each other while we are all growing and we'll turn out all right in the end.

64. Little Children, Love one another for love is of God.


John & Tony


On Mar 16, 1987, having received counsel from both Pres. Calkins and Crane, Pres. Feliz approached the Lord about scheduling temple worship at the forthcoming conference of the church. Several members had also requested their sealings be solemnized on that occasion. In answer to his prayer, Pres. Feliz received this:

1. Behold, have I not commanded that ye meet without the gates of My Holy Place? Therefore, see that no ordinances are performed until ye have reconciled in the Solemn Assembly then, continue as I shall direct through the President.

2. Hear the Voice of your Lord, even The Lord of the House of God: Trifle ye not with that which is sacred and cometh from Above. Therefore, see that all is done in wisdom and order.

3. Seek not to fill the vacancy in the Presidency of the High Priesthood at this time. Nevertheless, ye shall meet and conduct whatever business that shall justify My Church before the laws of the land.

4. Verily, those whom I have called are not yet recognized amongst you. These - as heretofore promised - shall be brought forth unto you as I shall move upon them by My Holy Spirit. Yea, My prophets and apostles are chosen already! From these, one shall take the place of him who chose not to sustain his president.

5. These, I shall reveal unto the Church through My Two Witnesses as promised; for, they shall see the power of My Name upon those whom I have already called into this high and holy ministry; for My Power shalt thou give them.

6. As heretofore given unto you, I now say again: It is given unto the President of The High Priesthood in this portion of The Kingdom to preside in the affairs of My Holy House - even all.

7. Therefore, until I shall direct further, he is to be the President of The House of God and none other. Yea, and I have charged already that ye return the Tabernacle - which I have allowed you to establish - unto Salt Lake City.

8. Behold, in this matter I have spoken. As ye obey My command, ye shall be witnesses of a marvelous work; for, the time of the covenant is at hand. Tarry ye no more, therefore, on this and ye shall be partakers of glory!

9. For the fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood consists in the Sealing Power which allows for the Spirit and Power of Elijah to function in your midst. This is an holy errand - be ye My Stewards and thy reward shall be yours of crowns and scepters. Evenso, amen.


On Sunday, March 22, 1987, while preparing for the Solemn Assembly later that morning, which had been called by the Lord through revelation, President Antonio Feliz was at the altar in the House of the Lord praying for a rich outpouring of the Holy Ghost in the following service. The Church had experienced a period of disunity as a result of the disaffection of two general officers. There was a rich and sweet reconciliation in the Solemn Assembly that followed the prayer that resulted by the Lord providing the following:

1. BEHOLD, THUS SAITH THE LORD unto the Church and, more specifically, unto the priesthood in this portion of My Kingdom: Ye shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, might, mind and strength and ye shall love your neighbor as yourselves.

2. For, shall ye not seek to receive of My Holy Spirit and follow My Voice? Is it not the Word of God alone that guides you through the mists of great darkness? Shall ye not hold fast to the Rod?

3. And, shall ye not seek unity one with another? For, how else can ye love Me and My Father with all of your strength? Indeed, unless ye each are of an eye single in your love of God, ye do not love with all thy heart, might, and mind.

4. My Little Flock: Ye are yet as children but, through the times of stress, ye do grow in power; for, when was anything ever strengthened without stress? Know that I AM with you as ye do come unto Me; for, I stand at the door and knock.

5. It is meet that Robert McIntier is released from all his callings in My Holy Priesthood. For, as ye have agreed, it is not according to the principles of common consent that one is sustained as a counselor who sustains not his president. For, such is not the order of heaven.

6. A promise I now give unto you all: As ye each sustain My Servant and Prophet unto you, I shall sustain you individually with My Holy Spirit; for, as long as ye pray unto The Fathers on his behalf, ye shall all be blessed in return.

7. Verily, as ye each lend your sustaining energies unto him and My Second Witness also, these shall be answered with equal sustaining forces or energies on your own behalf. For, My Children: Have I not already spoken it? Pray ye, therefore, for them!

8. Nevertheless, all things - whatsoever they may be - must be done according to the principles of the agency of man without restraint nor coercion on any part at all. In none other way can I, The God of Righteousness, sustain you.

9. I show unto you the manner of growth in that ye join Me now in My Holy Prayer; for, I pray unto My Father and Your Father; yea, even unto That God Who gave life unto you that ye may be as He:

10. "Holy Father, keep through Thine Own Name those whom Thou hast given Me, that they may be one as We are One. Those that Thou gavest Me, I have kept in Thy Name, and none of them is lost.

11. "Unto these - My Little Flock - I have given Thy Word. Sanctify them through Thy Truth: Thy Word is Truth. For, as Thou hast sent Me into the world, evenso send I them into the world.

12. "Yea, bless these that they may pray - through the power of Thy Name which I have put upon them - for those which shall believe on My Name through their word.

13. "That they may be one; as Thou Father art in Me, and I in Thee; that they may also be one in one another, that they may, thus, be one in Us; that the world may believe that Thou hast sent Me.

14. "That I may be in them, and Thou in Me, that they may be made perfect in One; that the world may know that Thou hast loved them, as Thou hast loved Me; that they may be with Me where I am. For these know that Thou hast sent Me." Yea, after this manner shall ye pray one for another in My Name.

15. Pray ye, therefore, all for one another that ye may abound in love one toward another. For, herein is the manner of growth in love, unity, and power - even heart, strength, and mind.

16. My Little Flock: There is much yet to do in the work of restoration. Be ye about this work in this manner and your labors shall bear much fruit - even an abundance to overflowing!

17. Sustain ye one another in the offices and callings whereunto ye have each been called. Let the translator translate, let the counselor counsel, let the president over families preside, let her who is called to teach, teach; yea, pray and bless ye one another in this work.

18. As ye do this, the angels and the spirits of the just shall surround you and sustain you, My beloved - yea, even ye who are of My Church - and the gates of hell shall not prevail over you.

19. Faint not. Be believing. Trust ye in My Holy Spirit and know that I am with you; for, as ye do, ye are Mine and I am God's. Therefore, come ye unto Me that I may take you up unto The Fathers. Evenso, amen.


On January 1, 1986, while in humble prayer before the Lord and in the attitude of resolution and beginning anew, the Spirit of God rested heavily upon President Antonio A. Feliz and he was chastised for some of the follies of his mind. The Lord followed-up this revelation with a rich manifestation of his love and increased confidence by giving President Feliz the order of the first meeting of the Quorum of The Twelve which will be organized in the future. That second revelation on this date was submitted to the Temporary Presidency for their approval on January 19, 1986, by President Feliz. The Lord instructed him, however, not to reveal to any this revelation until the ordinances of washing and anointing together with the placing of the marks of the Holy Priesthood could be restored unto those in this portion of the Restoration. This revelation was presented to the Church in May, 1987.

1. O thou child of change: Hear the word of the Lord - for thou hast removed thyself from the covenant unto which thou didst bind thyself in the beginning days of this work. O, how quick to falter and fickle art thou!

2. Nevertheless, if thou shalt repent and seek steadfastly the guidance of My Voice, thou shalt be forgiven of Me and thou shalt in no wise loose thy calling nor thy election...

3. My son, if thou wilt learn this one lesson: Thou art called to be an Holy Witness of My Name unto those who are like unto thee; it is thee that shall teach; the days of thy being taught have been fulfilled in these matters.

4. Am I not thine One God? Whom seekest thou to obey? Therefore, thou shalt proclaim My Words with boldness henceforth and thou shalt retain thy standing within My Holy Presence.

5. There are those who shall come yet unto thee who shall desire to change thy thinking from off the path upon which I, thy Father and thy God, have set thee. Listen not unto such; for, they are presented unto thee by the power of the Evil One.

6. Rather, listen to their reasoning and seek My Spirit that thy words may be for a witness unto them that they may see the folly of their ways and, thus, be converted also.

7. My son, there is much yet to do in the work of restoration unto those who are like unto thee. Be patient and long-suffering and My grace shall attend thee.

8. Forget not, nevertheless, to speak boldly unto all who may hear thy words; for, thou shalt do My bidding or be removed from out of thy place.

9. Thou hast been called and chosen ... to bear witness of these things:

10. Verily, the days come when mine anger and my wrath shall again be poured out without mixture upon all of humanity and the voice of Mine Apostles must break-forth as a sign before the end shall come. Yea, thou shalt teach the gospel of the Kingdom of God henceforth, even in persecutions.

11. Nevertheless, I shall prepare the way before you such that ye will be allowed to witness before multitudes and throngs of cave dwellers, thus, thwarting the plans of The Evil One in his work.

12. Go now; all that I have promised heretofore shall be fulfilled in this work, even as thou shalt step forth into the darkness. Thy faith hath made thee whole; be thou an example to the believers. Evenso, amen.


On April 2, 1987, in Carson City, NV., President Antonio A. Feliz was making preparations on legal matters important to the work of the Church. As he sought confirmation on the work completed on documents prepared to that point, he was directed by the Spirit to do certain things, including to seek a more complete insight into the spirit and message of the revelations known as Sections 12, 14, 24, and 26 in Hidden Treasures and Promises. Then, on April 3, 1987, as he pondered what had been revealed and also on April 6, 1987, as he typed that which had already been received, the Lord provided additional information which revealed direction for the work of the Church and Kingdom:

1. BEHOLD, it is right and good that thou shalt now take unto yourselves counselors in the affairs of the Church that the demands of the laws of the land in which ye are established may be met.

2. Therefore, take now - as ye have counseled - My servants Rand Laurent and Sandra McDonald that they may assist as counselors, in the legal matters before the Church, from time to time.

3. Nevertheless, thou shalt not fill the vacancies that currently exist in The Presidency of The High Priesthood and in The High Councils; for, as heretofore commanded unto you, I have already chosen whom I have chosen and ye shall not put another in place before her time.

4. For, the time is not yet - but, is nigh at hand - when ye shall be a stake of ZION; and, it shall be established unto you for a defense and for a refuge from The Storm. Then shall ye be shown those whom I have already chosen.

5. Yea, at that day, ye shall organize yourselves in quorums, indeed; and those not in any presidency who are of the office of high priest, ye shall count as brethren with the others who are elders of My Holy Priesthood, saith the Lord.

6. For, those of the offices of high priest and seventy shall, henceforth, be considered as of the quorums of elders in this portion of the Kingdom, unless they are actively laboring within the authority of their ordained calling.

7. In conjunction with this, thou shalt now take My servant Wayne Snider and ye shall ordain him unto the office of seventy in My Holy Priesthood; this, that he may fulfill the full measure of the callings that are his.

8. After ye have, thus ordained him, he shall be sent unto those of My Church who await the establishment of the work in the great city of San Francisco. There, he shall continue in the calling unto which he is currently called; nevertheless, he shall function under the direction of his senior, Rand Laurent in the mission unto those of that city.

9. For, thus saith the Lord unto all who will give ear and hear the word of the Lord which is unto all people through the mouths of My servants - even those of My Holy Priesthood:

10. The days of judgment are even now upon you; for, all that which has been prophesied of your times shall shortly come to pass. The voice of warning shall, therefore, go forward.

11. And, there is none that shall not be warned; for, there is no eye that shall not see and no ear that shall not hear on the cause of the establishment of My Kingdom once again upon the earth; yea, even amongst all peoples!

12. For this gospel - even the gospel of The Kingdom - shall now continue to be preached amongst all the peoples of the earth as a sign before the end shall come; for, I The Lord, have spoken it.

13. Verily, I AM God and I AM in and through all the elements of the earth, in the earth and above the earth, in the great deep and in the firmament above.

14. Yea, whether it be by the words of prophets, or the testimony of My servants of My Kingdom or whether it is by the thunderings, lightnings or whirlwinds of the heavens or whether it is by the testimony of earthquakes, it is the same.

15. For, all shall know that the Final Times are at hand and all must hear of it according to their own language and their own understanding. He who saith that I AM not in the clouds of the storm or that I AM not in the shaking of the earth beneath, knoweth Me not in those places.

16. Nevertheless, she that hath known Me in divers places and he that hath received My Voice in the elements of the telestial, shall both hear Me and see Me there, saith the Lord.

17. Come ye all, therefore, ye who are gathering even now according to the whisperings of My Holy Spirit. Gather ye, and the perils of the Times of Refreshing shall not destroy you.

18. Can you not see in these sayings, the need for you now to stand in holy places? Have I not called you out from Babylon many times? Have I not called you away from Egypt through My love for you as I do, even now? Yea, come ye now unto the Waters of Life!

19. Come ye now unto the Dayspring of Renewal that ye may partake of that which only My Kingdom offers; for, none other can provide you with the ability to become the Heirs of God, even of becoming Joint Heirs with Me, saith the Lord.

20. Take ye now upon yourselves My Holy Name, indeed. For, only in this way can ye truly magnify your calling whereunto ye are now called! For, my children, hear ye all together: How else can ye be chosen?

21. Understand that - indeed - many are called but, few are chosen. And, why are they not chosen? Think and ponder upon the words which I have already given on this question and ye shall know whereof ye are now called.

22. Give ear now and hear the word of the Lord that ye may not perish in the sins of your lives: Not many days hence and, I shall send you a sign and you shall know with a surety that I AM God and that it is I who speaketh unto you from the heavens through My Servants, The Prophets.

23. For, have I not given unto you the understanding of the various heavens which are called the degrees of glory amongst you? Evenso, the Keys of the Kingdom of God which are to be found only within My Holy House are those which allow for entrance into the glories of eternity.

24. As My Kingdom is established amongst you, the glories of the Seven Veils are revealed unto you: Yea, I say unto you, as there are three Kingdoms within the Celestial, evenso, are there also three Kingdoms in the Telestial - notwithstanding the many varied within them. And, this is, so that the purposes of God are fulfilled.

25. For, are not all who are within the Telestial so that they may go on unto the Celestial; for, all must have equal access to the blessings, or God would cease to be God.

26. I AM The Lord, Thy God and I have not changed, nor shall I. Come ye now, therefore, unto Me and I shall receive you unto Myself that I may take you unto the Fathers, even unto the Celestial.

27. I knock today; nevertheless, the time is at hand when I shall knock no more unto you. Give my knock, therefore, your response; for ye ARE able.

28. Verily, The Whirlwind is even now upon you; open yourselves unto My call while it is yet today. Gather ye now unto the shelter of My Holy House and I shall give you rest.

29. My Peace I give unto you; yea, even unto all who will come unto Me that I may lead you unto The Fathers; for, it is of The Fathers whereof you have come and, it is yours to choose to return unto Us.

30. Many are now called; yea, many are ye who are called. Shall ye not be chosen now also? Be ye now responsible stewards that I may choose you even as I choose My Disciples in My mission in the Telestial amongst you.

31. Hear My Voice, O Israel: In none other way are ye able to retain your second estate; even that which has already been added upon you from before.

32. For, unless ye are also Heirs, ye shall not receive with The Son, even The Firstborn, all that The Fathers have given unto Him. I AM He who speaketh, evenso, amen.


On April 26, 1987, after having passed through several days of reports of rumors of wrong-doings on the part of members of the Church in Salt Lake City and of persecutions upon a member of the Church, President Antonio A. Feliz felt the need to ask the Lord for direction. The first ordination of a seventy in this portion of the Restoration had taken place the night before in the Temple enclosure in Salt Lake City, and the Lord had instructed President Feliz to take the Temple to Salt Lake City for a special reason. A special meeting of missionaries was planned in Sacramento, California and Elders Rand Laurent and Wayne Snider were en route to that area in company of President Feliz when an important personal matter arose that had far-reaching impact on his availability for the work in the ensuing months. With these dilemmas in mind, President Feliz prayed in the Holy Temple and inquired of the Lord and received the following:

1. PEACE BE UNTO YOU. Behold, the Voice of Jehovah is unto you My Servant Antonio saying: I Am thy Deliverer and thy Staff - yea, am I not thy Shield and thy Rearguard? Therefore, let thy mind be calm for, I have prepared a way for your escape. Verily, the battle is mine, saith the Lord thy God.

2. As I have said in days gone past, verily, I say now unto you, even unto My Servant Antonio: When I give a commandment to any of the sons of men to do a work unto My Name, and those go with all their might and diligence and their enemies come upon them and hinder them from performing that work, behold, it behooveth me to require that work no more at the hands of those sons of men but, to accept of their offering in righteousness.

3. Evenso, is it with thee; for, thou shalt now wait for a small season to go and finish the work unto which I have called you in Salt Lake City. Nevertheless, the iniquity and the transgressions of My Holy Laws and commandments I will visit upon the heads of those who strive to hinder My Work. Yea, even unto the third and fourth generation.

4. Therefore, thou shalt go and do against them as I have heretofore shown unto you that there may be a testimonial of an Holy Apostle in My Holy House against such, so long as they repent not and hate Me, saith the Lord their God. This, thou shalt do in secret and not with much speaking; for, it is a sacred witness unto Mine Eyes, saith the Lord.

5. My Son, I have forewarned you through others and I even now warn you, My Servant Antonio, that there are those who lie in wait to destroy you and the Work unto which I have called you to do. Lean heavily on My Holy Spirit and I shall show unto you in a vision what thou shalt do; for, as I have spoken: I have prepared a way for you to escape.

6. Unless he speedily repent and take off from him the yoke that oppresses him, thou shalt see that Eduardo Muldong is removed from out of his place and let his calling be given unto another. Ye shall also see that Robert Mcintier is no longer held in remembrance amongst you as one of the Quorum of High Priests; for, he seeketh to control the powers of heaven through his priesthood.

7. Yea, did I not show this unto you, My son, in a dream? Wherefore, because the rights of the Priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled except upon the principles of righteousness, amen to the portion of power that thou hast conferred upon him.

8. Again, the day cometh when ye shall see that all those of the high priest's office of the Melchizedek Priesthood in this portion of the Kingdom are become members of the quorum of elders as is now the case with the seventy amongst you that carry not an active mission.

9. Yea, at that day, only those in councils and offices of presidency shall be a part of the quorum of high priests. Nevertheless, those who are actively within the call of presidency and those in councils of the High Priesthood are to remain in the quorum of high priests even as those of the active missions shall remain in that of the seventy.

10. Therefore, let now that Holy Thing which I have caused you to take up unto Salt Lake City be placed under the stewardship of My Servant Sandra McDonald, and ye shall lay your hands upon her and give unto her the high priesthood that she may act in that priesthood which rules in My Holy House, saith the Lord.

11. Also, inasmuch as My Servant John Crane is the Second President and he has been given an holy ordination wherewith he - together with thee - alone has been given the right to act in any and all offices of the Holy Priesthood in My Kingdom, from the least to the greatest, he shall be recognized as thy councilor in your dealings with the governments of the lands in which ye are established.

12. Verily, it is for this very purpose that I darkened your minds when ye sought to release him from that function with the legal establishments in this portion of My Kingdom. Therefore, see that he so takes upon himself that burden for a small season and after a little season, ye shall place it upon another.

13. The call is now even unto My servant Mark Wampler - if he choose - for, I have already called him by the Power of My Spirit. Therefore, let him now take upon him the call as a presiding elder to be over a family of the Church that he may grow in the work together with you, My Servant Antonio and, thus, prepare himself for the greater call that awaits him.

14. Let My servant Thomas Gibby now work with all diligence in the work of My Ministry in the Palm Springs Family. For, there is much to do in the establishment of The Kingdom in that area; yea, there are honest and just ones awaiting My Voice. Go ye, therefore, unto them with full energy of heart and they shall assist you in the rolling forth of this work.

15. Ye shall also do not all that ye have agreed in the establishment of the work in San Francisco and continue to firmly put down My cords in the city of Sacramento. Verily, ye shall meet as ye have agreed so that the preaching and teaching of the gospel of The Kingdom may continue with all the energy of heart in those places.

16. Let My saints who are the Peaceable Followers of Christ in Salt Lake City now continue to teach the gospel of The Kingdom that they may be strengthened in their Witness unto others. For, verily, there are those that shall be as prophets and seers unto you waiting still within that city who need to receive of your humble and true witness.

17. There are many who have need of your sustaining love and of your nurturing witness in the cities of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Therefore, let those who preside in those areas now continue on in diligence that My purposes may be accomplished in this ministry. Remember, be ye resourceful and My Holy Spirit shall guide you all in the manner in which ye should go.

18. Thus saith the Lord unto the Church and unto all who will give ear now and hear the Voice of Jehovah, even Jesus Christ: The days come that shall burn as an oven and there shall be much famine and pestilence and earthquakes that ye may know that the final times are with you. Behold, even I have decreed that ye shall receive a sign as of from Me that ye may know that I AM He Who Speaketh From The Heavens through My Holy Prophets unto you.

19. Stand ye, therefore, in holy places that ye may withstand the days of the Whirlwind. For, unless you are founded upon My Rock, ye shall fall when the Storm cometh upon you. Therefore, get ye up now unto My Holy House and ye shall be sheltered in from that which I have decreed shall befall all that will not flee from out of Babylon and her places.

20. Again, I have decreed that My Holy House shall remain permanently in Salt Lake City and this, ye shall see is done that the foundations of the Holy Apostleship may be accomplished as I have promised you. Nevertheless, the time is now at hand when I shall show unto you - through the medium of My Servant Antonio - the place where ye shall buildup unto My Name and unto The Lord God a Holy House.

21. Verily, ye shall put upon it HOLINESS TO THE LORD; for, it shall be, indeed, The House of The Lord - even the Temple of The Most High God; for, it shall be unto you all that go into it as a window of heaven. Yea, here is wisdom: It shall be established that I may, indeed, take you unto the Fathers; for, therein shall be My Name.

22. My Son Antonio, when this spot is revealed unto you, ye shall call unto all who will give ear and hear the call: Come ye now O Israel, that we may build up unto our God an Holy House; yea, that it shall be erected from the consecrations of the saints and, thus, we may become consecrated indeed, through the tithes and offerings in sacrifice.

23. Yea, say unto those of all the width and breadth of this portion of My Kingdom that it is time that they begin to think upon the manner in which they shall cause to have all those materials that shall be needed for the building of this Temple, even by tithes and offerings.

24. Therefore, that they may be ready for that day say unto them: Ye Saints of the latter days, begin today to store up your gold, your silver, and all your precious things that ye may bring up unto the house of the God of Jacob all those things that are of your holdings and those things that are those with which I have blessed you that ye may consecrate them unto the establishment of My Holy Temple.

25. Inasmuch as ye seek My Holy Spirit in the bringing together of these riches, ye shall be blessed of Me, saith the Lord your God. In this thing, ye shall be filled with the witness of My Holy Spirit and ye shall know that I am the Lord, for I shall be with you in the dreams of the night and in the visions of the day.

26. Verily, this is a day for the tithing of My People that they may now come up unto Me that I may take them unto the Father; yea, even that they may begin to live the principles of the Law of the Celestial Kingdom. In none other way can any be allowed to enter therein. Amen.


After having spent almost the entire evening without sleep, President Antonio A. Feliz spent most of the evening of May 28, 1987, in the Temple Structure. He was prayerfully concerned about many events which were transpiring in the Church: the disaffection of some of the members, preparations for the upcoming June Conference, and the requests of several members to receive a Betrothal Sealing for Time to a spouse who was not a baptized member of the Church. At daybreak on May 29, 1987, the Lord responded with the following:

1. LISTEN NOW and give ear to the Voice of The Lord, even He who cometh in the heavens; yea, receive ye the Word of the Lord of Hosts: I Am Jesus Christ, even, The Great High Priest, and I speak now unto My Two Witnesses and unto all My Holy Priesthood; verily I confirm now unto you that ye are even now in the Whirlwind of which I have spoken.

2. Nevertheless, some of you are within the peace of its eye and others are yet tossed to and fro by the winds of uncertainty. Some have even been shattered out into the world because they were not founded upon My Rock, which Rock is The Kingdom of God.

3. Ye shall now sustain My Servant John Crane as the First Counselor in the Presidency of the High Priesthood, and Sandra K. McDonald shall act for a time, as the Second Counselor unto My Servant Antonio A. Feliz, even the President of the High Priesthood. Again, I say unto you that those whom I have chosen shall yet come forth and take their places within this Presidency.

4. Inasmuch as Pamela Calkins has acted upon her agency, she may now continue to fill her mission unto those whom I have called her through the medium of My Servant, Antonio. For, she is yet one sent forth to teach the Gospel of the Kingdom, if she will. Verily, let none other work be her burden; for, as I have heretofore declared: She shall not be put in her place before her time.

5. Again, as I have clearly said in another commandment: My Spirit shall not always strive with the High Councils if they spurn My Words unto them. Therefore, The First Presidency of The Church and her attendant High Councils are henceforth dissolved according to the fulfillment of My Spirit as it has spoken unto you.

6. Remember, My Children: ZION cannot be established except it be by the principles of The Law of The Celestial Kingdom, otherwise, I cannot receive her unto Myself. Therefore, teach ye now the principles and administer the ordinances thereof, that My Saints may be comforted in their moment of suffering.

7. For, until ye have prepared a remnant productive of the fruit of This Law, ye shall wait and watch; for, ye are My Watchmen - even My Witnesses. Therefore, continue now in all diligence in searching out those whom I have chosen to assist in the leading forth of this Work. Fear not, My Little Flock; for, I AM with you.

8. Remember, priesthood is greater than any one church, and My Holy Priesthood is one and is not divided and is not limited to any one church or set of churches; and My Saints are members of many and need of the ministry My Holy Priesthood; yea, it mattereth not unto which church they come.

9. Inasmuch as ye have inquired to know My Will concerning your sealings which are called the Bethrothal Sealing For Time, harken now unto My Word, saith the Lord your God: Where two are agreed in their covenant to strive unto union of mind and spirit as well as union of their bodies, ye shall allow for the Betrothal Sealing For Time.

10. Verily, saith the Lord your God: The Covenants which are made in this union are meant to manifest a mutual intent to grow unto a consecrated union in the eternities. See that all is done in wisdom and order in such unions; for, it is not meet that any enter into such without first knowing the terms of a sealing for time and all eternity.

11. Therefore, let My Two Witnesses now take the lead and see that those of other churches which seek after My Name and strive to do My Will gain an understanding of The Kingdom of God. Verily, the time is at hand when this portion of My Kingdom shall be extended through the medium of My Anointed and none shall stay the hand of God in this work.

12. For, I shall bless My Witnesses, for they have the Keys of the Sealing Power in this part of My Kingdom, that it may now proceed to bless those unto whom ye have been called to call out from Babylon and her cities, for have I not promised that ye shall be assisted in these things by others? Therefore, The Keys of the Kingdom of God are committed unto you, My Two Witnesses, who also dwell upon the earth. From this time forth they are now to extend unto all peoples until My Kingdom is become as the stone which was cut out of the mountain without hands and it shall, indeed, fill the whole earth; for, I the Lord God of Israel have spoken it.

13. And for this cause shall ye all now continue to thrust in your sickle with your might that ye store up that which will wash you clean from the blood and sins of this generation. For the hour cometh, and is not far distant, when the perils of the pestilences and plagues shall cover the land as a sheet is put upon the dead. Yea, stand ye in holy places, - even all - through the labors of your warning voices unto those of your kind.

14. Bless ye now My Saints who still await your call and who are ready for My Words which I have given you in these commandments. For, in this manner, shall ye now take the Fullness of the Gospel of the Kingdom with all its attendant principles and ordinances unto those who are far off unto you and also unto those who have been rejected of others.

15. Be ye, therefore, My Shepherds; for, My Sheep have need of their guides and ye are theirs. Be ye unto these little ones as I was even unto the little ones in My Mortal Ministry and ye shall be blessed of My Father and, in this, ye shall cover a multitude of sins. Behold, I am the Lord thy God and shall not leave you. Be ye, therefore, My sons and My daughters that ye may come up unto Me that I may take you unto the Father of All.